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Maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari

Posted on: March 13, 2017

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Hullo to all in Atuldom

A very Happy Holi (today on date 13 march 2017) to all who visit this blog.

Let there be lot of colour all around you; but not on your clothes??; makes washing difficult ??! And if there is a water shortage in your region please play dry holi- with only colours. Ideally the colours should be organic; they do less harm to the skin and eyes -this is what I have read I haven’t used them ever. I don’t even remember when and where was my last holi; possibly when I had just moved to Dahisar in Mumbai back in 2000. But I still love to see others forget themselves in this game of colours. And also, I love to think of all the famous delicacies that are made at Holi. I have heard of Ghujiyas and Kaanji Vadas, Thandaai and Bhaang. Another major attraction to Holi (for me) these days are the various songs that play on the Radio and TV channels. Enough to drive one down memory lane.

I remember there was a time when we used to, also, fill balloons with water and have them ready first thing in the morning to be used later in the day when we were through with playing colours, cleaned up had lunch or whatever meal was prepared. We used to throw these balloons at unsuspecting passers-by from the safety of our verandahs and balconies. Oh yes! I have done that in the 80s and got caught red-handed by some angry friends but never used them on unknown people- we had strict instructions from parents to be civil with people for whom Holi was not their festival. It was much later in my life that I understood that Holi was celebrated everywhere except South India.

We have had 9 holies (I know there can be no plural for Holi as it is not an English word; but so what?) for this blog. And going by the list on the right-hand side of the blog we find that we have had 41 or 50 songs related to this festival. (Why I put the figure as 41 or 50 is because the list on the right has “Holi songs” under the heads- Holi songs as well as Festival songs-Holi. This has confused me a bit.) But that doesn’t mean that we have run out of songs to be posted at Holi and as long as the festival is popular among Bollywood film makers we will have our dose of Holi songs for as long as we ourselves don’t tire of them. ??

I suppose the first time I enjoyed any song on Holi in my life was I was fascinated by Rajesh Khanna’s long pichkaari. And all the colour water that it spouted. Later on, I have loved many holi songs and love/ hate one particular song- the iconic song from Silsila, which was written by Harivanshrai Bachchan- a poet whose work I loved. It had my all-time favourites- Amitabh, Jaya, Rekha and Sanjeev Kumar. My favourite music compose duo- Shiv Hari. I have always liked the work of all the actors, director, writer & music composer involved with the song but I had a feeling back then that this was not their best (still don’t knbowq why I felt so).

That was then and we are in now 2017 – a new century, 17 years into the new millennium- and times have changed. But when it comes to choosing a song to post for this Holi I find myself going back in time to 1981. The movie was Dhanwaan which had Sohanlal Kanwar as producer and Surendra Mohan as director. It released a month before Yash Chopra’s Silsila- Silsila released in August and Dhanwaan in July.

Dhanwaan had Rajesh Khanna in a greyish character meaning he played a proud rich arrogant man who thinks money can buy anything. He harbors love for Asha (Reena Roy) who rejects him to marry an accounts clerk -Rakesh Roshan. Vijay (Rajesh Khanna) is involved in a car accident and loses his eyesight. His doctor advises eye transplant but says that it is difficult to find a donor and that eyes cannot be bought. This makes Vijay realise that money cannot buy everything. He eventually finds a donor and regains sight. On making inquiries it is revealed that his donor is none other than Anil (Rakesh Roshan) who was Asha’s husband. Further it is disclosed that Anil has been executed after being falsely implicated in some theft case. Vijay takes it upon himself to protect Asha, and find how Anil got into trouble and prove him innocent to the world. Enroute to this destination he befriends Asha’s son and tries to bring cheer in his life on the occasion of Holi.

This is then the Holi song with Rajesh Khanna and his favourite (mine too) pichkaari and almost same dance movements as in the “Kati Patang” song. Here too there is a widow in white; only when she joins the song she feels that she is with her husband and son (Master Vikas); hence she is joyful. The song is the work of Sahir and Hridaynath Mangeshkar. Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar have the job of giving playback.
P.S. the song also reminds us of the song from Dushman (1971) where Rajesh Khanna says.

sabne maaf kiyaa mujhko par
main hoon jiskaa doshi
kab tootegi uske ghaayal
honthon ki khaamoshi
wo bhi maaf kare to jaanoon
man ko saaf kare to jaanoon
insaaf kare to jaanoon to jaanoon

but as they say “Holi hai sab kadwa bhool ke tan rangloji aaj man rang lo
kyun ke Like they say in the movies—HOLI HAI!!!

Song-Maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari (Dhanwaan)(1981) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Usha Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Hridaynath Mangeshkar
Male chorus+ Female chorus
Female chorus


baras baras baad aati hai holi
aaj na kadwa bolo
humne man ke mail ko dhoya aa
tum bhi krodh ko dho lo

maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari
maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari
holi ka aa yahi matlab hai
holi ka yahi matlab hai
range ik rang duniya saari
range ek rang duniya saari
holi ka yahi matlab hai
maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari

aaj ke din yoon ghul-mil jaao
aaj ke din yoon ghul-mil jao
bair rahe na koyi ee
naya puraana agla pichhla
naya puraana agla pichhla
bair rahe na koyi ee
bair rahe na koyi ee
badhe pyaar ki
badhe pyaar ki saajhedaari
badhe pyaar ki sajhedaari
holi ka aa yahi matlab hai
holi ka yahi matlab hai
maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari
maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari

aangan aangan
aangan aangan dhoom machaati
aayi hai shubh bela
aayi hai shubh bela

aangan aangan dhoom machaati
aangan aangan dhoom machaati
aayi hai
aayi hai shubh bela aa

nas mein
nas nas mein aen aen
nas nas mein sangeet jagaaye
yeh rangon ka mela aa

nas nas mein sangeet jagaaye
yeh rangon ka mela

khile jeevan
khile jeevan ki phulwaari
khile jeevan ki phulwaari
holi ka aa yahi matlab hai

holi ka yahi matlab hai
maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa

jo bhi ham se bhool huyi ho o
jo bhi ham se bhool huyi ho
aaj usey bisraa do o o
paschaataap sazaa hai khud hi
paschaataap sazaa hai khud hi
aur na koyi sazaa do o
aur na koyi sazaa do o
bane dushman
bane dushman bhi aabhaari ee
bane dushman bhi aabhaari ee
holi ka aa yahi matlab hai
holi ka yahi matlab hai
maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari
maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari
maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari
maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari


7 Responses to "Maaro bhar bhar kar pichkaari"

Sent the lyrics to Atul ji in the year of 2014, lost the race……………

wish u a very happy holi Prakashchandraji

Madam ji

Aapko bhi “Holi ki Shubh Kaamnaayein”


Never drink community bhaang. If at all take one glass only and immediately go home as we do not know the potency of the bhang made.

@ Peevesie’s mom ji – thanks for the post !! 🙂 , I too had shared this song on 15.03.2014 to Atul ji (and shared the list with you on 18.04.2016) 🙂
We too enjoyed ‘holi’ while arranging the household at the new location as it had reached only on the day of ‘holi pooja’ here i.e. on Saturday 11/3,
Thanks again 🙂

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