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Dil thhaa maasoom…ghabra na pyaar kar le

Posted on: July 22, 2017

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In Hindi films have a few commandments that are scrupulously followed by all movie makers.

The first commandment is:

1. There shall be song and dance.

As a blog dealing with songs, most of which are accompanied by dance, we can authentically claim to have vast experience and knowledge when it comes to talking about songs and dances in Hindi movies. 🙂

In this discussion, I will confine myself to a set piece situation in Hindi movie where a female sings and dances for the benefit of the hero.

No matter what is the genre of Hindi movies, Hindi movie makers can find this situation and fit in an appropriate song and dance.

Take mythological movies for instance, which were a very popular genre of movies, especially during the first few decades. These mythological movies were of indigenous origin as well as foreign origins.

If they were of indigenous origin, say based on Ramayan, Mahabharat or similar tales, then we would have an apsara singing or dancing to typically disturb the tapasya of our mythological hero.

In case of foreign origin tales, our movie makers would take liberal artistic licence and show females dancing infront of the hero in these movies as well. Arabian night tales are one popular foreign origin source for mythological movies. If the tale is of Alibaba, then you can be sure to find a few dances performed by Marzina in the movie.

One often finds liberal extrapolation of situations in Hindi movies. In some Hollywood movies of the past, the hero would find himself captured by some man eating Africa tribes. The hero would be tied up against a stack and / or put into a pot to boil while the tribals would sing and dance around that. This situation was so loved by Hindi movie makers that they began to use it with some modifications in all genres of movies. So, our hero would go to a tribal village and there the female dancers would sing and dance in the honour of the hero, with the pot bellied tribal chief, invariably the father of the main dancer, looking on.

If the hero is of the adventurer type, then it is easy to find a situation like this. For instance, Hatimtai the adventurer would invariably find himself in a song and dance situation like this, if his tale is told in a Hindi movie.

“Hatimtai Ki Beti”(1955) was produced and directed by Nanubhai Vakil for Vakil Productions, Bombay. This fartially colour fantasy movie had Chitra, Mahipal, Daljit, Krishnakumari, Kamal, Kammo, Kumkum, Helen, Heera Sawant, Roohi, Tuntun, Naaz, Maruti, Sundar, Kesari, Niranjan Sharma, Nadir Mota, Wazeer Mohammad Khan etc, with guest appearances by Hiralal, Ram Singh, Nandu Sarkar and Al Nasir.

The movie had ten songs in it, which were penned by Shewan Rizvi (8 songs) and Kaifi Azmi (two songs). Two songs from the movie have been discussed in the past.

Here is the third song from “Hatimtai Ki Beti”(1955) to appear in the blog. The picturisation shows Hatimtai (played by Mahipal) tied up against a stake while a lady (I am unable to identify her) and other ladies are singing and dancing around the hero. So you can say that it is an extrapolation of African tribals capturing American tourists in the jungle scenario into an Arabian tale situation.

Sudha Malhotra is the singer. Shewan Rizvi is the lyricist. Music is composed by a R Qureshy.

As mentioned above, I am unable to identify the lady lipsyncing in Sudha Malhotra’s voice. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify her.

Song-Dil thhaa maasoom…ghabra na pyaar kar le (Hatimtai Ki Beti)(1955) Singer-Sudha Malhotra, Lyrics-Shewan Rizvi, MD-A R Qureshy

dil thha maasoom
mohabbat ne gunahgaar kiya aa aa aa
fanske fande mein tere
tujhpe dil nisaar kiya
aa aa aa

ghabra na
pyaar kar le
ghabra na
pyaar kar le
pyar kar le
pyaar karle ae
ghabra na
pyaar kar le
pyaar kar le
pyaar kar le ae
ghabra na
pyaar kar le

ye bikhri bikhri zulfen
ye bikhari bikhari zulfen
ye bheeni bheeni khushbu
ye bheeni bheeni khushbu
jaaga hua hai jaadu
jaaga hua hai jadu
dil par nahin kaabu
dil par nahin kaabu
aankhon se pyar kar le ae
ghabra na pyaar karle
ghabra na pyar kar le
pyaar kar le
pyaar kar le ae
ghabra na
pyaar kar le

hasrat bata rahi hai ae
hasrat bata rahi hai
toofaan jaga rahi hai
toofaan jaga rahi hai
masti sikha rahi hai ae
masti sikha rahi hai
sharmaaye ja rahi hai ae
sharmaaye ja rahi hai
honthon pe hain taraane
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
honthon pe hain taraane
aankhon me sau bahaane
aankhon mein sau bahane
kyun dard dil na jaane, kyun dard dil na jaane
tujh par fida khazaane,
tujh par fida khazaaane
bas ek baar kar le
ghabra na
pyaar kar le
ghabra na
pyaar kar le
pyaar kar le
pyaar kar le ae
ghabra na
pyaar kar le

4 Responses to "Dil thhaa maasoom…ghabra na pyaar kar le"

The actress lip syncing for the song is a young KAMMO ???


prakash chandra ji,
she is kammo only.


Thanks Sir
for confirming Kammo`s Identification…


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