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Dil ka sahaara toda hai jisne

Posted on: December 10, 2017

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Comets regularly come visiting and humans have been noticing them for the last 2000 years since 240 BC. The fact that it was the same comet that appeared again and again was first discovered by Edmund Halley, making use of his friend Isaac Newton’s law of gravity. Making use of these laws, he postulated that the comets that was seen in 1531 (reported by Petras Apanus), 1607 (reported by Johannes Keplar) and 1682 were one and the same and it was visible from earth after every 76 years. This particular comet was named Halley’s comet in honour of Edmund Halley. This comet has been reported from 240 BC onwaards. It means that the Halley’s comet has visited us 30 times from 240 BC till now.

We in this blog also regularly see an event recurring. we call this event blog century. It occurs after every 100 songs, though the periodicity of this occurence varies. Sometimes it has recurred as fast as in 11 or 12 days and sometimes it has taken 40 days or even more to recur.

Today’s occasion is the 138th such occasion for this blog. This century, which took a leisurely 36 days take us to the figure of 13800 song posts in the blog.

We often tend to combine our blog centuries with some other occurences, for instance, individual centuries of artists. This occasion is no different. The 13800th song post of this blog happens to be the 100th song post in the blog for Pt Govindram as a music director.

Not much is known about Pt Govindram’s personal details, including his dates of birth and passing away. What is known is that he was one of the notable HFM music directors from Punjab during the earlier decades of HFM.

According to my research, Pt Govindram gave music in 32 movies between 1937 and 1955. His debut movie was “Jeewan jyoti”(1937) that had 15 songs, all penned by Wali Sahab. Neither the songs nor the details of singers of these songs are available. So these songs are now lost. Likewise, the songs of his second movie, viz “Khooni Jaadoogar”(1939) too are not available.

Pt Govindram began to taste success in 1940s beginning with “Himmat”(1941). The most well known song from this movie was Inhin logon ne le leenha dupatta mera. This song, which is a traditional song dating from the era before taklies has since been copied a few times, and most notably in “Paakeeza”, viz. Inhi logon ne le leenha dupatta mera (Paakeeza). In fact Pt Govindram himself reused this song again in “Aabroo”(1943) as Inhin logon ne le leenha dupatta mera.

Pt Govindram composed just over 300 songs in 32 Hindi movies. Details of quite a few of his compositions are unavailable/incomplete/incorrect. After braving through the lists of all these movies and songs, I find that Pt Govindram worked with about 30 lyricists and more than 44 singers.

He was associated with Ishwar Chand Kapoor for the most number of songs, viz more than 58 songs. Rammurty Chaturvedi comes second with 20 plus songs and Wali Sahad comes next with 15 songs. Bharat Vyas, Qamar Jalalabadi, Ramesh Gupta, Aziz Kashmiri, Prem Dhawan, D N Madhok and Hasrat Lucknowi are the other lyricists who worked with Pt Govindram in more than 10 songs each.

When it comes to playback singers, Pt Govindram used Shamshad Begam in as many as 84 songs, may be more. Lata comes a distant second with 22 songs, Zohrabai Ambalewaali sang 21 songs and Rafi sang 20 songs with Pt Govindram.

Here is the breakup of Pt Govindram’s career as a music director in Hindi movies.

S N Movie Year songs in the blog Songs in the movie Remarks
1 Jeewan Jyoti 1939 0 15
2 Khooni Jaadoogar 1939 0 7
3 Himmat 1941 1 10
4 Aabroo 1943 11 11
5 Pagli 1943 3 10
6 Sahaara 1943 1 11
7 Salma 1943 0 8
8 Chaalis Karod 1945 1 9 Same songs were later reused in “Sudhaar”
9 Hamaara Sansaar 1945 3 8
10 Laila Majnu 1945 2 11
11 Naseeb 1945 3 9
12 Parinde 1945 3 8
13 Ratnawali 1945 4 8
14 Rupa 1946 2 8
15 Sassi Punnu 1946 1 10
16 Do Dil 1947 11 11
17 Doosri Shaadi 1947 6 11
18 Ghar Ki Izzat 1948 8 11
19 Rangeen Zamaana 1948 2 9
20 Bholi 1949 2 10
21 Dil Ki Duniya 1949 4 10
22 Maa Ka Pyaar 1949 3 10
23 Nisbat 1949 4 8
24 Sudhaar 1949 0 9 Same songs as in “Chaalis Karod”
25 Chor 1950 4 10
26 Raaj Mukut 1950 3 11
27 Shaadi Ki Raat 1950 1 12
28 Sarkaar 1951 2 9
29 Jalpari 1952 5 9
30 Jeewan Nauka 1952 2 13
31 Raj Mahal 1953 1 7
32 Naqaab 1955 6 11
Total 99 314 305 if “Sudhaar” and “Chaalis Karod” songs are counted once

For Pt Govindram’s 100th song in the blog, I have chosen a song from “Dil Ki Duniya”(1949). This movie was directed by Mazhar Khan for Noble Art Production, Bombay. The movie had Munnawwar Sultana, Mazhar Khan, Geeta Bali, Shrimati Suman, Jaswant, Madan Puri, Suraiyya Chaudhary, Aghajaan, Rajpal, Raj Adeeb, Robi, Abu Bakar etc in it.

HFGK mentions this song as sung by Mohantara Talpade. Zia Sarhadi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Pt Govindram.

I have seen a YT upload where this song is attributed to Rajkumari. I have listened to a few songs of Mohantara Talpade and I have some doubts whether it is her voice. At the same time, this voice cannot be called Rajkumari’s voice either as far as I am concerned. I request our knowledgeable readers to offer their remarks. I have gone with HFGK and I have credited Mohantara Talpade with this song.

There is no doubt about the identity of the music director though. Pt Govindram is the music director of this song and with this song, Pt Govindram joins the list of artists who have 100 songs or more in the blog. He becomes the 84th artist and 35th music director to achieve this feat in the blog. This century is especially satisfying because he is one artist who operated mostly in the earlier decades of HFM prior to the golden era. In fact, I was not aware of his name when I began this blog.

With this song, the blog touches the 13800th mark. We are now just 200 songs shy of the 14k mark. We should be reaching that figure sometime in January 2018. By that time the blog visitors count will also be touching 10 millions mark.

As usual, I take this opportunity to thank all our regulars, contributors, visitors and well wishers for their continous support and encouragements which has served as high quality ful for this musical bandwagon that is going on and on for the last nine years and more for 3432 days.

One can be rest assured that we will take fresh guard the next morning and we will then begin our march for the next century. We have many more centuries left in us, and they will keep coming again and again, much like Halley’s comet, that is for sure.

For now, let us enjoy this forgotten gem of a song as the 13800th post of this blog.

Song-Dil ka sahaara toda hai jisne (Dil Ki Duniya)(1949) Singer-Mohantara Talpade, Lyrics-Zia Sarhadi, MD-Pt Govindram


dil ka sahaara toda hai jisne
dil ka sahaara toda hai jisne
dil ko hai phir bhi usi ka sahaara
dil ko hai phir bhi usi ka sahaara
dil ka sahaara toda hai jisne
dil ka sahaara

tujh ko mubaarak mohabbat kisi ki
tujh ko mubaarak mohabbat kisi ki
kabhi dekh le aa ke haalat bhi meri
kabhi dekh le aa ke haalat bhi meri
ke din zindagi ka judaai mein teri
din zindagi ka judaai mein teri
mar mar ke kaata haaye
mar mar ke kaata haaye
ro ro guzaara
dil ka sahaara
toda hai jisne dil ka sahaara

jhoothhi tasalli
jhoothhi tasalli
de ke chala jaa
jhoothi tasalli
de ke chala jaa
bujhta diya dil ka
aa ke jala ja
aa aa aa
aa ke jala ja
bhoole se itna kabhi aa ke kah de
bhoole se itna kabhi aa ke kah de
ham hain tumhaare
ham hain tumhaare
tu hai hamaara
dil ka sahaara
toda hai jisne
dil ko hai phir bhi usi ka sahaara
dil ko hai phir bhi usi ka sahaara
dil ka sahaara
toda hai jisne
dil ka sahaara

4 Responses to "Dil ka sahaara toda hai jisne"

Congratulations Atul ji and the Team, on reaching 13800 song posts and 100 song posts for Pt. Gobindram ji.
The statistics for Gobindram ji are superb.


Heartiest Congratulations Atul ji and all associated with this blog !!!
Congratulations Atul ji on the blog now having 100 songs composed by Govindram ji. And salute to you on the efforts taken for compiling the statistics on Pandit Govindram ji’s carrier as ‘music director’ in Hindi movies.

Thanks again and with best wishes to all …!!!


Wonderful Atulbhai,
The Table of Pd Govindram’s filmography is worth preserving and I have done it. He is one of my favorite MDs and I also have a folder of Lataji’s 21 songs from his 8 films.




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