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Yug yug se anyaay ho raha hai naari ke saath

Posted on: January 18, 2018

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This is the 2800th song of Rafi Sb to be showcased on our blog.
‘Mera Suhaag’ (1961) is the 3800th film represented on our blog.

Blog Day : 3471 Post No. : 13936

Series of Rafi songs-Rafi with music directors
(Pal do pal ka saath)-MD composing just one Rafi song
Part I-Arun Raghavan
During his HFM career, Rafi worked with 14 music directors in more than 100 songs each. I describe them as Major music directors for Rafi or three figure music directors with Rafi. Then there were 45 music directors who composed between 11 to 99 songs with Rafi. We can call them semi major or two figure music directors with Rafi.

Major (viz three figure) music directors created 2743 song with Rafi, which is 53 % of all Rafi songs in HFM. The semi major (viz two figure) music directors created 1528 Rafi songs, viz 30 % of all Rafi songs in HFM. So we can say that the major and semi major music directors (59 in number) contributed a whopping 83% of all Rafi songs, which adds up to 4271 songs in all.

Then there were 170 music directors who worked with Rafi in less than 10 songs each. They were like the proverbial squirrels of Ramayan fame, who would carry a few grams of tiny pebbles each on their tiny paws while the giant vaanars would carry large boulders on their shoulders. The individual contributions of each of these music directors may be small in comparison to the major music directors, but the cumulative total of Rafi songs by these single figure music directors adds up to a figure of 503 ! This total is bigger than the career total of HFM songs sung by some well known playback singers, viz K L Saigal, Suraiyya, Talat Mehmood etc. And these songs contain quite a few wonderful songs as well.

I had discussed this fact while discussing a song on the occasion of Rafi’s birth anniversary. Raja, while commenting on that article had written –

“Just wondering if we have covered songs of all those 173 composers (1-9 songs category) here already? If not, that could be a project. Every composer who has used Rafisaab should be on the blog, even if the song being posted for that composer isn’t necessarily the Rafisaab one (if it is, of course better!).
That could be our way of showing our gratitude to that composer.”

I had taken note of Raja’s suggestion. And this writeup begins our series of articles about those music directors who were associated with Rafi in less than ten songs each. The name that I have chosen for this series is- pal do pal ka saath. This phrase is taken from that memorable qawwaali from “The Burning Train” (1981) containing this phrase.

In the beginning, I will discuss those music directors who have worked with Rafi in just one song each.

There are 48 such music directors. While most of them are small time less heard music directors, we have some rather well known names too in the list.

I decided to take up these names alphabetically. The first name that crop up in Alphabetical order is Aabid Hussain Khan who composed one Rafi-Zohrabai Ambalewaali duet in a 1949 movie called Last Message”(1949). While a few songs from this movie are available, the Rafi song , viz. “na thahar sake na tadap sake” does not seem to be available.

The next name that comes up alphabetically is Aparesh Lahiri (father of Bappi Lahiri). He has composed one Rafi song in a movie called “Subhash chandra” (1978). Since Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s birth anniversary is coming up next week, that would be the opportune time to cover this song.

The next name in the list of music directors is Arun Raghavan. He was a South Indian music director and he worked in just one Hindi movie. This movie, called “Mera Suhaag” (1961) was produced by Produced by N S R Mani and directed by H Krishnamoorthy for Secarts, Madras. The movie had Kanta Rao, Rajnala, Ramkrishna, K V S Sarma, A V subbarao, Balkrishna, Krisha Kumari, Girija, Rajshree, Hemlata etc. in it. In all likelihood, this movie was a remake of a south Indian movie where songs were re reccorded in Hindi. There were nine songs in the movie. Eight of these songs were sung by well known South Indian playback singers viz. P Susheela, S Janki and P B Srinivas.

But there was one song in the movie which was sung by Rafi. And that happens to be the one and only collaboration of Arun Raghavan as a music director with Rafi in a Hindi movie.

The song is penned by Vinod Sharma, who like the music director is an obscure name for this blog.

This song is a rare song. Only the audio of the song is available.

From the sounds of it, the song appears to be used as a background song in the movie.

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the movie as well as on the picturisation of this song.

So much discussion on a song which is a rare and obscure song. Most sites dealing with HFM will struggle to find anything to write on this song. But trust us in this blog to treat most songs in general and songs like this in particular with so much care and respect, and we are able to come up with so many special things to say about songs like this.

This song is special for us for the following reasons:

1. This is the only occasion when Rafi has sung a song under the music direction of Arun Raghavan and under the penmanship of Vinod Sharma.

2. This is the 2800th Rafi song in the blog. It was a conscious decision on our part to use a Rafi song from a less known music directors to emphasize that they too have contributed their mite in enriching HFM.

3. With this song, “Mera Suhaag”(1961) becomes the 3800th movie to get represented in the blog. The same reason as given above applies here as well for considering this movie for this honour.

Song-Yug yug se anyaay ho raha hai naari ke saath (Mera Suhaag)(1961) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Vinod Sharma, MD-Arun Raghvan


Yug yug se anyaay ho raha hai naari ke saath
kaun samajh paaya uska dukh uske man ki baat
Yug yug se anyaay ho raha hai naari ke saath

dharmraj ne drupad suta ko diya juye mein haar
harichandra ki raani taara bik gayi beech baazaar
bik gayi beech baazaaaar
Yug yug se anyaay ho raha hai naari ke saath
kaun samajh paaya uska dukh
uske man ki baat

Shakuntala ko raaja bhoola
jiska thha vishwaas kiya
chhoti si thhi baat
Raam ne
Seeta ko vanwaas diya
Seeta ko vanwaas diya
Seeta ko vanwaas diya

tujhko bhi vanwaas mila hai
teri karun kahaani
kul maryaada raah mein teri
?? deewaani
tera dharm piya ko paana
?? tujhko mil jaaye
?? tujhko mil jaaye
dukh ki kaali si raat kate
sukh ka sooraj muskaaye
tere man ka kamal khilaaye
tere man ka kamal khilaaye
tere man ka kamal khilaaye


4 Responses to "Yug yug se anyaay ho raha hai naari ke saath"

Atulji, you have started an Interesting series. All the stalwarts on the blog must be familiar with the lyricist and MD but few like me may have never heard about them.
Congratulations on covering three areas/categories with this post. Introducing lyricist, MD and movie with Rafi saab’s 2800th song! What a planning!

Missing words are –
Bhi aaye deewaani
pee tujh ko mil jaaye

confirmation needed.

Complements Atul bhai for starting this unique series, from a squirrel contributor to this Wonderful Musical Blog.

Thanks a lot, Atul, for taking up my request and starting this new series. I love the series name “pal do pal ka saath”.
Like you say, these composers might have been like squirrels compared to the Vaanar Sena, but in their own way they contributed too. A total of 503 songs – wow!

I’ve never heard of Arun Raghavan – am sure as the series progresses there will be many more I would not have heard of.

This is precisely the reason this series will be interesting (for me at least). I’ll get to know new composers – hopefully with Rafisaab songs (though not necessarily so). For the blog, its range of composers will increase dramatically – and why not? Every composer belongs here, whether he has composed one song or one thousand.

Nice to make this coincide with Rafisaab’s 2800th. And also this being the 3800th film on the blog. Multiple milestones.

Looking forward to more songs in this series. Thanks once again, Atul. 🙂

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