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Tan prem ki raakh lagaa kar ke

Posted on: January 31, 2018

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Today’s song is from film Azaadi-35.

It is always a pleasure for me to write on films and songs of the 1930s and the 1940s. It is a different world altogether and traversing on the path of these decades is easy, for there is no crowd here. Not many writers are interested in discussing songs from the 1930s in details.

There are several reasons for this. First and foremost is lack of information. Considering what our love for recording history of old films and the artistes is, one has to be lucky to a great extent to have enough material to write about, in the first place. Secondly, most artistes of the 1930s and early 1940s were the lot carried forward or brought forward from the Silent Era. By the end of the first 10 years, most of these brought forward artistes went into oblivion and new force of artistes entered the film industry.

Most artistes of 1930s seem to be faceless, with only names to go by. No details, no biographies and no other informations are available for them. A select few, however, were well known with their details available, as they continued deep into the 1940s and some even into the 1950s. No information is available for most leading artistes and character artistes of 1930s. For example, artistes like, S.M.Hadi, Miss Khatoon, Miss Ameena, Kashinath, Tara, Armelin, Nayampally, Rampyari, Master Mohd., Shanta kumari, Shantarin, Vimla, Shareefa, Prabha shankar, Zebunnisa, Sultana, Shehzadi, Zillobai, Mushtari,Khalil, Jamshed ji, Chandrarao, Iqbal, Miss Kamla, Sorabji kerawala, Laxmi, Anwari, Shankarrao Bhosle, Shankarrao Vazare, Nimbalkar, Miss Leela, Madhav Kale, Jal Merchant, Sayani, Keki Adjania, Bhagwandas, Panna, Alaknanda, Hafiz, Sunalini,Sushila, Vasantrao Pehelwan, Marutirao Pehelwan, Zohra, M.Ismail…….the list is too long.

There are hundreds of such names about whom absolutely no information is available. This makes writing on old films/artistes a huge problem for students of film history ,like me. We have to be constantly on our toes to look for such information. Sometimes, Lady Luck blesses us and we come across heaps of information about an obscure name and our joy knows no bounds.

Something like this happened with me sometime back. I stumbled on an article in ” The Tribune” dated 26-5-2001, titled ” The Himachali who shone in Bollywood “, written by Ms. Anjali Mahajan. As soon as I started reading it, I realised that I was onto a discovery ! The article was based on an interview of Ms. Bimla, daughter of yesteryear actor-Hero Vijay kumar Pandit-whose song we are going to discuss today. I was not only overjoyed, but also I thanked my good luck. So, here is the information I gathered from this article as well as some other sources and HFGK of course.

As we all know, our Hindi film industry is full of Same Name Confusions. I know at least two more Vijay Kumars who acted in Hindi films. One of them was Johnny Walker’s brother, who was Hero in few films like Wanted-61 etc.

Vijay Kumar Pandit was born on 10-3-1905 in Shageen village in Shimla. His father, Kanshiram, was a rich and prominent person in the village. Brilliant Vijay Kumar matriculated from Shimla and did F.A. from Mahindra College, Patiala. While in school and college he was doing stage dramas. He did a role in Agha Hashra Kashmiri’s play “Asir-E-Hind”. He graduated from S.D.College, Lahore in 1930 and passed his M.A. M.O.L. from Lahore only in 1932.

Handsome Vijay Kumar joined as A.D.C. to Maharaja of Patiala. His love for acting continued and in one drama, even the Music Director/Singer S.D.Batish acted with him. Based on his recommendation, Vijay Kumar got Hero’s role in Premier Film Co.’s silent film,”Dukhtar-E-Zamana”. At Patiala, Vijay Kumar got married to Miss Tara, who was the sister-in-law (saali) of the maharaja of Patiala.

Then he moved to Bombay to enter films. His first film was Shakti Cinetone’s “Sajeev Moorti”-35, in which he was paired with Ashalata ( Mehrunnisa Bhagat-first wife of Anil Biswas). His wife Tara also acted in this film for the only time in her life. Then came film ‘Azaadi-35’ from same company. In this film he not only acted, he also wrote the script and gave Music. His next film was Mohan Bhavnani’s comedy film, “Shaadi ki Raat”-35, in which he was paired with actress Shareefa.

After this he moved to Calcutta, on the invitation of East India Film Co. for their film, “Sunehra Sansar”-36. Along with him Rampyari, Kamla Jharia and Menaka also acted i it. For this film, he wrote all its Lyrics also. Impressed with his performance, New Theatres called him for film, “Abhagin”-38, opposite Molina Devi and menaka.

Vijay Kumar returned to Bombay and acted in his last film,”Asha”-38, made by Film corporation of India. His Heroine was Kamlesh Kumari. After this film, he got intimation from Shimla about the illness of his father and he returned to Shimla to look after him. After doing 6 films as a Hero, due to the protracted illness of his father, Vijay Kumar could not return to Films ever. His father died in 1947 and all the responsibility of ancestral property fell on him.

All India Radio, Shimla invited him to work for them. He wrote and directed several dramas for Radio. Same time he acted in stage dramas in Gaiety Theatre of Shimla. According to his daughter, Raj Kapoor had invited him to work in the film Jaagte Raho, but he could not go. He stayed at Shimla till his death in 1977.

I was lucky to get information on this unknown hero, but there are hundreds of artistes without any face or information- only names.

Somehow,I seem to be lucky that some people from faraway countries contacted me and I got clues to get in touch with relatives of yesteryear actors, like Bhudo Advani, Indurani, Parshuram, Latika, Mirza Musharraf and few more. Recently, a gentleman from Dubai contacted me saying that he was the grandson of an obscure hero of over 20 films of 1930s and 1940s. I am in the process of meeting the son of that actor soon. So hopefully, we will know about yet one more old time actor and his career, sometime in coming months.

Today’s song is sung by Vijay Kumar. HFGK does not mention names of singers, Lyricist or the Composer of this film. However, this is one of the 6 songs Vijay Kumar sang for his films, since there was no Playback system in force that time. He sang a song even in New Theatre’s film Abhagin-38.

The uploader of this song on You Tube claims that the music is given by Mushtaq Hussain, HFGK thinks the composer may be Master Chhaila and the daughter of Vijay Kumar claims that HE was the Music Director for this film. Only Time will tell the truth.

Let us enjoy the song. With this song film Azaadi – 1935 makes its Debut on this Blog.

Song-Tan prem ki raakh laga kar ke (Aazaadi)(1935) Singer-Vijay Kumar Pandit


tan prem ki raakh lagaa kar ke
tan prem ki raakh lagaa kar ke
sukh prem ki dhooni ramaayenge
phir prem ki maala phira kar ke
phir prem ki maala phira kar ke
mukh prem ka ??? chadhaayenge
prem hi saadhan
prem hi poojan
prem hi saadhan

prem hi saadhan
prem hi poojan
prem se hi hai safal ye jeewan
prem mein hai (?) jagat mein
prem ki bansi bajaayenge
prem ki bansi bajaayenge

prem pujaari prem mandir mein
prem pujaari prem mandir mein
prem pujaari prem mandir mein
prem ke pushp chadhaayenge
prem ke pushp chadhaayenge
prem hi prem hai saare jagat mein
prem hi prem hai saare jagat mein
prem hi prem hi prem
prem hi prem hi prem

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Great post. Congratulations and thanks.


Hard-working researcher as well as Lucky You. !!


The harder one works, the luckier one gets.


Thank you for the great post, i am grand son of Pandit Vijay Kumar.


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