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Ashqon ka gar hai maut kinaara jawaab do

Posted on: December 25, 2018

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Today, the December 25, 2018 is the Remembrance Day of music Director, Eric Roberts akka Vinod (22/05/1922 – 25/12/1959) who left for the heavenly abode on this day of 1959 at a prime age of 37. Vinod has been one of my favourite music directors who mostly followed the ‘Punjabi Ang’ of music, introduced in Hindi films by Pandit Amarnath. He composed top class melodies in Hindi and Punjabi films. His musical career started with ‘Khamosh Nighaaen’ (1946) and composed music for 28 Hindi films till his death in 1959.

Vinod came into prominence in his filmy musical career with his excellent song compositions in ‘Ek Thhi Ladki’ (1949). One of songs from this film laara lappa laara lappa laai rakhdaa became very popular. Both Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar sang for Vinod for the first time in this film. Despite this success, he had to share music direction in a few subsequent films with other music directors. Most of such films failed at the box office despite his good music. With this kind of his filmy career, he joined the list of talented music directors who could not sustain their successes to reach in the top bracket of the music directors.

In 1949, music director Shankar-Jaikishan made a successful debut in ‘Barsaat’ (1949). S D Burman had his first major success as a music director in ‘Shabnam’ (1949). Both these music directors consolidated their positions in the Hindi film industry after their first success. One of the main reasons for their long successful careers, in my view, was that both of them were selective in choosing the films, that too from the top banners. As against these, Vinod, after the success of ‘Ek Thhi Ladki’ (1949), continued to be mostly associated with ‘B’ grade film banners. Though a few of such films were moderately successful, it was not enough to attract attention from the top banners. In Hindi film industry, if one gets branded as a music director of ‘B’ grade films, it is very difficult to get entry into the top banners.

A few select songs among others composed by Viond are listed below as my favourite:

Song Singer(s) Movie (year)
badla nazar aata hai Satish Batra-Premlata ‘Taara’ (1949)
ye shokh sitaare Lata-Rafi ‘Ek Thhi Ladki’ (1949)
taare wohi hain chaand wohi hai Lata ‘Anmol Ratan’ (1950)
kaaga re jaa re jaa re Lata ‘Wafa’ (1950)
nighaahon ko jab aa gayaa musukuraana Sulochana Kadam ‘For Ladies Only’ (1951)
mere barbaadiyon per muskuraane aa gaya koi Lata ‘Sabzbaagh’ (1951)
chupke se na jaa o man ke raaja Asha Bhonsle ‘Aag Ka Dariya’ (1953)
mere dil jhoom zara S Balbir ‘Mumtaz Mahal’ (1957)

Among the male playback singers, who sang for Vinod, Mohammed Rafi topped the list with 33 songs. Among the female playback singers singing for him, Asha Bhonsle took the honour of singing the maximum songs (82).

As a tribute to music director, Vinod, I have selected one of my favourite songs ‘ashqon ka gar hai maut kinaara jawaab do’ rendered by Asha Bhonsle for the film ‘For Ladies Only’ (1951). The film seems to have got delayed as I remember to have seen an advertisement of this film in an old film magazine of 1949 as ‘Titlee’. Probably, at the time of the censor certification, the name of the film was changed to ‘For Ladies Only’. The film was directed by Vedi. The star cast included Kuldeep Kaur, Kamal Mehra, Satish, Sadhana Bose, Rupa Verman etc.

There were 8 songs in the film with 6 lyricists and 8 playback singers. The song under discussion was written in a ghazal format by ‘Sharma’ which I presume to be Buta Ram Sharma. Narendra Sharma never wrote ghazals for the films and Kidar Sharma rarely wrote lyrics for other banners.

Song-Ashqon ka gar hai maut kinaara jawaab do (For Ladies Only)(1951) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Butaram Sharma, MD-Vinod


ashqon ka gar hai maut kinaara jawaab do
ashqon ka gar hai maut kinaara jawaab do
ulfat ko phir hai kiska sahaara jawaab do
ashqon ka gar hai maut kinaara jawaab do

bulbul chaman ko chhod bayabaan jaa rahe
bayabaan mein jaa rahen
kaise karoge tum ye gawaara jawaab do
ashqon ka gar hai maut kinaara jawaab do

jinse thhi zindagi wo hi jab gair ho chale
jab gair ho chale
phir aur kaun hoga hamaara jawaab do
ashqon ka gar hai maut kinaara jawaab do

dil ro raha hai apni tasalli ke vaaste
tasalli ke vaaste
jaaye kahaan ye dard ka maara jawaab do
ashqon ka gar hai maut kinaara jawaab do

3 Responses to "Ashqon ka gar hai maut kinaara jawaab do"

A smsll correction:
It is NOT ‘Punjabi ang’. It IS ‘North Indian ang’
Give due respect to ‘North Indian ang.’


Bharat Bhai,

The classification of the style of semi-classical renditions like Thumri as ‘Punjabi Ang’ and ‘Purvi Ang’ has been in vogue since its introduction sometime in the 19th Century. There is no such thing as ‘North Indian Ang’ of music in the vocabulary of .Indian musicologists.

The Hindi film music since the start of the talkies has been broadly classified as those coming from Lahore School,(Pt. Amarnath, Ghulam Haider,etc), Maharashtra School (Master Krishnarao, Keshavrao Bhole etc.) and the Bengal School (R C Boral, Pankaj Mullick etc.). I have used the term ‘Punjabi Ang’ in the context of the Lahore School of film music whose music root is from the undivided Punjab..

If you do not like the classification ‘Punjabi Ang’, you may call it ‘Lahore School ‘ but I do NOT agree with you to call such film music as ‘North Indian Ang’.



Dear Sadanandji,

With no intention to rain on your parade as we all have our individual choices, but surely a write-up about VINOD cannot be complete without reference to these two songs, from “CHAMAN” and “ANMOL RATAN” respectively :

With warm regards



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