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Dil todne waale bata ke jaa

Posted on: January 16, 2019

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Today is the 93rd birth anniversary of O P Nayyar (16 january 1926- 28 january 2007).

According to my calculations, O P Nayyar worked in 73 movies and he composed 569 songs in these movies.

This blog has 472 songs from these movies. So, all 73 Hindi movies where O P Nayyar composed music are represented in the blog. 49 of these movies are already YIPPEED. 24 more of movies with O P Nayyar music are yet to be YIPPEED. In addition, one Non movie song composed by O P Nayyar has also been covered in the blog.

So, just under one hundred of O P Nayyar compositions remain to be covered.

Here is the filmography of O P Nayyar:-

Movie Year No of songs in the blog No of songs in the movie Remarks
Aasmaan 1952 8 8 YIPPEED
Chham Chhama Chham 1952 9 11
Baaz 1953 8 8 YIPPEED
Aar Paar 1954 8 8 YIPPEED
Mangu 1954 4 4 Md Shafi composed 3 other songs
Mehbooba 1954 5 5 Roshan composed 4 other songs
Baap Re Baap 1955 11 11 YIPPEED
Miss Coca Cola 1955 8 8 YIPPEED
Mr and Mrs 55 1955 8 8 YIPPEED
Musaafirkhaana 1955 8 8 YIPPEED
Sabse Bada Rupaiyya 1955 6 6 Naashaad composed 3 other songs
Bhaagam Bhaag 1956 10 10 YIPPEED
Chhoomantar 1956 10 10 YIPPEED
C I D 1956 7 7 YIPPEED
Dhaake ki Malmal 1956 7 7 One song by Robin Chatterji
Ham Sab Chor Hain 1956 9 9 YIPPEED
Mr Lambu 1956 8 8 YIPPEED
Naya Andaaz 1956 11 11 YIPPEED
Shrimati 420 1956 8 9 Tum to hamre man mein bhagwaan ban ke base ho- this balance song in untreceable as of now
Bade Sarkaar 1957 4 4 YIPPEED
Duniya Rang Rangeeli 1957 8 8 YIPPEED
Johny Walker 1957 6 6 YIPPEED
Maai Baap 1957 6 6 YIPPEED
Naya Daur 1957 9 9 YIPPEED
Qaidi 1957 5 8
Tumsa Nahin Dekha 1957 6 6 YIPPEED
Ustaad 1957 7 7 YIPPEED
12 o clock 1958 7 7 YIPPEED
Farishta 1958 6 6 YIPPEED
Howrah Bridge 1958 8 8 YIPPEED
Kabhi andhera Kabhi Ujaala 1958 5 9
Mr Qartoon MA 1958 5 8
Mujrim 1958 8 8 YIPPEED
Phagun 1958 11 11 YIPPEED
Raagini 1958 8 12 YIPPEED
Sone Ki Chidiya 1958 8 8 YIPPEED
Do Ustaad 1959 8 8 YIPPEED
Basant 1960 10 14
Jaali Note 1960 8 8 YIPPEED
Kalpana 1960 5 10
Mitti Mein Sona 1960 7 7 YIPPEED
Ek Musaafir Ek Haseena 1962 12 12 YIPPEED
Hongkong 1962 9 9 YIPPEED
Phir Wohi Dil Laaya Hoon 1963 9 9 YIPPEED
Kashmir Ki Kali 1964 9 9 YIPPEED
Mere Sanam 1965 9 9 YIPPEED
Akalmand 1966 7 9
Bahaaren Phir Bhi Aayengi 1966 6 6 YIPPEED
Do Dilon Ki Daastaan 1966 7 8
Love and Murder 1966 2 6
Mohabbat Zindagi Hai 1966 5 8
Saawan Ki Ghata 1966 8 8 YIPPEED
Ye Raat Phir Na Aayegi 1966 8 8 YIPPEED
CID 909 1967 6 6 YIPPEED
Naseehat 1967 3 6
Dil Aur Mohabbat 1968 6 6 YIPPEED
Hamsaaya 1968 7 7 YIPPEED
Kahin Din Kahin Raat 1968 7 7 YIPPEED
Kismat 1968 5 5 YIPPEED
Shrimaanji 1968 3 6
Sambandh 1969 5 12
The Killers 1969 1 6
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai 1971 1 4
Ek Baar Muskura Do 1972 8 8 YIPPEED
Pran Jaaye Per Vachan Na Jaaye 1973 6 6 YIPPEED
Taxi Driver 1973 6 6 YIPPEED
Khoon Ka Badla Khoon 1978 1 8
Bin Maa Ke Bachche 1979 1 6
Heera Moti 1979 3 6
Muqaddar Ki Baat (UR) 1983 1 8
Mangni 1992 1 8
Nishchai 1992 1 6
Zidd 1994 1 7
Total 473 569 YIPPEEED movies=49

As a tribute to O P Nayyar on the occasion of his birth anniversary, here is a song from “Raagini” (1958). This movie was produced by Ashok Kumar and Ganesh and directed by Rakhan for Ashok Productions, Bombay. This “social”movie had Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kuamr, Padmini, Jabeen, Baalam, Sundar, Nazeer Hussain, Achla Sachdev, Ameer Banu, Protima devi, Rajendra, Master Vinod, Baby Leela, Navmi, Ifthhikar, Jamal, Mirajkar, Kathana, < Bhardwaj, Narbada Shankar, Master Raja etc in it.

The movie had twelve songs in it. Eight of these songs have been covered.

Here is the ninth song from "Raagini"(1958) to appear in the blog. The song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Jaan Nisaar Akhtar is the lyricist. Music is composed buy O P Nayyar.

Only the audio of the song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

Song-Dil todne waale bata ke jaa (Raagini)(1958) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Jaan Nisaar Akhtar, MD-O P Nayyar


dil todne waale bata ke ja
dil todne waale bata ke ja
dil todne waale bata ke ja
maine tera kya kiya
oye maine tera kya kiya
maine tera kya kiya
oye maine tera kya kiya
dil todne waale bata ke ja
dil todne waale bata ke ja

aa aa
ro ro ke maine pukaara tujhe
toone chhoda magar besahaara mujhe
ro ro ke maine pukaara tujhe
tune chhoda magar besaahaara mujhe
mujhko rulaake kaha chal diya
dil todne waale bata ke ja
dil todne waale bata ke ja
maine tera kya kiya
oye maine tera kya kiya
maine tera kya kiya
oye maine tera kya kiya
dil todne waale bata ke ja
dil todne waale bata ke ja

ye sooni raahen andhera sama
ye sooni raahen andhera sama
ye sooni raahen andhera sama
is dil ko maia leke jaaun kahaan
is dil ko main leke jaaun kahaan
jaaun kahaan haaye jaaun kahaan
dil todne waale bata ke ja
dil todne wale bata ke ja
maine tera kya kiya
oye maine tera kya kiya
maine tera kya kiya
oye maine tera kya kiya
dil todne waale bata ke ja
dil todne waale bata ke ja


3 Responses to "Dil todne waale bata ke jaa"

@ Atul ji – many thanks for this detailed informative post about O.P. Nayyar ji and remembering him on his birth anniversary today !!!
Thanks for this song too !!


Hello Thanks for a wonderful compilation and the rare Ragini song Regards

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