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Hey ae mulak Kathiawad

Posted on: October 8, 2019

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Today’s song is from a historical film ” Woh Zamana “-47.

In India, importance is rarely given to history and to historical personalities born and bred in the local soil. The so called ‘ Historical Films’ made here are mostly on Mughal Kings or other invaders like Sikander or Changez Khan etc, who can not be called the sons of soil. Many of them came from out of India, stayed here till they benefited and left when they finished looting India. True sons of India or locals like Marathas, Rajputs, Gujars or Sikhs have been rare cases of subject matters for Hindi films.

Films on Vikramaditya, Chandragupta, Shivaji, Rana Pratap and brave kings from other states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bengal, Orissa, the UP and the southern states like Andhra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu or Kerala have been rare and can be counted on fingers. Very sad state of affairs indeed. This was the result of wanton and systematic planning by the Britishers in their, about 200 years of rule, to teach a distorted history to last about 5 to 6 generations. This was to suppress any patriotic feelings to rise against them. Our generations learnt only about the valour and generosity of the British and the Mughal kings, thereby totally blacking out the true history of original sons of soil leaders and kings, which was the true Indian History.

For example, can you name one king from any of these Indian kingdoms ? Mauryas, Saatwahans, Guptas, Pandyas, Cholas, Pallavas, Chalukyas, or Ahoms ? Ask any average educated Indian to name the kings of Mughal period (only 250 years) 99 out of 100 will name them in the sequence – Babar, Humayun, Akbar, Jehangir, Shahjehan and Aurangzeb. That is how ill-informed almost everyone is about Indian kings and dynasties. The so called Historical films have not helped either.

I have not seen film “Woh Zamana”, but I know that this film was based on the stories of bravery of a king of Kathiawad and how he saved his kingdom from the invaders from the Middle East. Kathiawad was the main part of Saurashtra, which comprised the districts of Junagadh, Amreli, Bhavnagar, Botad, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Morbi, Surendra nagar, Somnath and Dwaraka. After India’s Independence, the Nawab of Junagadh wanted to merge with Pakistan, but his subjects revolted and Sardar Patel merged Junagadh into India. The Nawab migrated to Pakistan with his entourage.

Film “Woh Zamana” was made by Ranjit Movietone. The owner of Ranjit – Sardar Chandulal Shah was from Kathiawad and so had a special interest in this film. Chandulal was keen that the then well known actor singer of Kathiawad, Rati kumar Vyas should act and sing in this film. Rati kumar declined acting in Hindi, but sang 1 duet (with Mohantara) and 1 solo song in this film. This was his only Hindi film. His duet song is already discussed on the Blog.

The lyricist was Pt. Indra and MD was Bulo C Rani, who had joined Ranjit after his Guru Khemchand left it. The cast of the film was Khurshid junior, Altaf, lalita Pawar, S N Tripathi, Pt. Iqbal, Padma Banerjee, Joshi, Kabuli etc.etc.

Khurshid Jr. – the film’s Heroine – was the eldest daughter of Master Ali Baksh, Music Director and Iqbal Begum, film artiste and one time a famous and popular stage artist of Madon, Alfred and other Drama companies in the Eastern India. The family actually belonged to Sargodha in Punjab, but Khurshid was born in Bombay on 10-4-1930. Being born in a filmi family, the atmosphere was very conducive for Khurshid to join films.

After getting school education upto 12 years of age, she entered films. Her first film was Zameen-43 as a side Heroine. Then came Minerva’s Dr. Kumar-44 and Naghma E Sehra-45 – in which she was the Heroine of Master Vithal. Due to her good acting skill, there was no shortage of film offers. She had to add Jr. to her name , as there was a more famous actress singer Khurshid Bano, already in film line, in the same period.

Khurshid’s younger sisters Baby Meena (later Meena kumari) and Baby Madhuri Later actress Madhu- Mehmood’s wife) were also working in films. Khurshid Jr. married her handsome co-star Altaf. who did few films as a Hero but then shifted to side roles soon. After Partition, the couple considered shifting to Pakistan, but decided to stay here as her both sisters were here and doing better.

As long as Meena kumari was alive, they were comfortable, but after her demise, they became helpless and went down financially. They had to live in smaller tenement and roles also dwindled. Khurshid Jr. acted in 65 films. Her last film was Oh Bewafa-80. Altaf acted in just 21 films from Sipahi-41 to Pakiza-71. Even Khurshid had also acted in it.

One more name seems odd in the cast – Kabuli. Abdul Rehman Kabuli was from Afganistan. An expert stage artiste, he had his own Drama Company-Elphinston Theatre Company in Bombay. He sold the company, went to Calcutta and joined Madon Theatres/studios as an actor and director. He first acted in Shirin Farhad-31, Indrasabha-32,Guluru Zarina-32, Zahri saanp-33 etc etc, in all 39 films, both at Calcutta and Bombay, in the early era. Further he directed 12 films, starting with Shravan Kumar-32 up to Veer Bala-38. He wrote 55 songs in 6 films and sang 15 songs in 7 films. After Partition, he returned to his native country.

Today’s song is sung by Kathiawad’s well known actor singer Rati Kumar Vyas. He used to live in Ahmedabad, but was born in Gondal (Rajkot district) on 10-8-1921. Gondal was his maternal grandfather’s town. Due to his inclination towards singing, he was admitted in Vanita Ashram National School, by his father. He was also trained by Pt. Narayan rao Vyas and learnt Classical singing.

He worked as a Music Teacher in Bombay. He recorded his first song at A.I.R. Bombay on 7-2-1941 and got a fabulous amount of Rs. 5 as fees ! His record was brought out by Young India Record company. he acted and sang in several stage dramas. He got into Gujarati films too. His songs in film Allabeli (Good-Bye) were quite famous.

His role and songs in film Jogidas Khuman-48 and 62, both versions became popular and famous. He acted in films directed by Manhar Raskapoor. He was honoured by Delhi Gujarati Samaj and the Kaag Dhaam award also. Rati kumar Vyas died on 12-5-1991. ( Thanks for information, to shri Rajni kumar Pandya ji and Harish Raghuwanshi ji).

Today’s song is a typical Kathiawadi Folk Tune.

Song –Hey ae mulak Kathiyawad (Woh Zamaana)(1947) Singer – Rati Kumar Vyas, Lyricist – Pt. Indra, MD – Bulo C Rani


hey ae ae ae
ae ae ae ae
ae ae ae ae
ae ae ae
hey ae ae ae
ae ae ae ae
ae ae ae
ae ae ae de
ae de de
ae de de

ae mulak kathiawad
ae mulak kathiawad
dharti par doojo nahin
ae ae ae ae
jaise atal pahaaad
ae toote par na jhuke kabhi ee
ae jaise atal pahaad
ae toote par na jhuke kabhi ee
ae jagat raha gun gaaye
ae jagat raha gun gaaye
baghero ka raat din
hey ae ae ae
sheesh jaaye to jaaye
ae moonch rahe oonchi sada
dushman khele daanv
ae dushman khele daanv
peethh na dekhe mard ki
ae dushman khele daanv
peethh na dekhe mard ki
ae ae ae ae ??
haathhi ghaav
ae hans hans jhele soorma
ae jag mein miley na jod
ae jag mein miley na jod
maan ek kul teri kahi ee
hey ae ae ae ae
ae byaah adhoora chhod
ae mard jaaye rann mein lade
mulak kathiawaad
mulak kathiawaad
dharti par doojo nahin ee
hey ae ae jaise atal pahaad
ae toote par na jhuke kabhi

2 Responses to "Hey ae mulak Kathiawad"

Amazing Post.Can’t understand how someone can be so knowledgable about our such old films and details of actors , singers ,producers etc.We are blessed members of this platform.Thankyou so much for providing so much info and what a great song it was.Fantastic experience reading.


Ashok Mehta ji,
I am simply overwhelmed with your praise and appreciation. Thank you very much for acknowledging the efforts I take to make my posts informative with ‘nowhere to find’ information. Such comments are my rewards and an encouragement for continuing this work.


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