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Is duniya se hum nahin darega

Posted on: November 8, 2019

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Today’s song is from film Izzat-1952.

The title “Izzat” obviously carried lot of “Izzat” with producers, because I find this Title in 1937, 1952, 1968 and 1992. Further there was Izzat Aabroo-90 and Izzat Aabroo-2005 (I thought these words were synonyms), Izzat ka Rakhwala-2010, Izzat ke Lutere-90, Izzat ki Roti-93, and Izzatdaar-90. I am waiting for a title Izzat ka Falooda. In these days of strange Titles, this is not impossible.

The cast of the film Izzat-52 was Nirupa Roy, Amarnath, Manorama, Agha, Rajni, Jeevan, Veera, P.Kailash, Pesi Patel, Ramesh Thakur, Baby kalpana etc etc.The film was made by Taimur Art productions. Its owner Taimur Behram Shah was the Producer and also the director of this film. The music was by Bulo C Rani. There were two lyricists,namely Raja Mehedi Ali Khan (7 songs) and Butaram Sharma who wrote just 1 song. Taimur Behram Shah was earlier in Ranjit, working as an assistant director. He got opportunity to direct 2 films of Ranjit – Lakhon mein ek-47 and Bhool Bhulaiya-49. Then he started his own production house and made Izzat-52.

Film industry has a cycle, just like Nature. An actor comes, becomes a Hero, after few years works as a side Hero and then shifts to do character roles. There are some actors, who started as Heros, remained Heros and retired as Heros. Such cases are very few. Same applies to actresses too, There are more actresses who quit films, while they were still Heroines. The reasons are usually, marriage or getting children etc. I remember at least one actress, who was a popular Heroine in the late 30s and 40s-till 1947, but stopped acting in films, because her husband strictly forbade her from doing roles other than Heroine. Her name is Meenakshi Shirodkar.

From the cast, we can see that Nirupa Roy, Amarnath, Manorama, Jeevan, Veera, Agha and P.Kailash began as Lead actors and then became side Heroine/Hero and lastly settled for character roles. Some readers may be surprised about Agha being a Hero anytime. It is interesting to note that in film ” Jwar Bhata “-44, Agha was the Hero and Dilip Kumar had made his Debut in this film as a side Hero. While Agha’s Heroine was Shamim, Dilip’s Heroine was Mrudula – a Debutante herself.

Among the cast, the name of P.Kailash and his mention as a Hero in the past, may be a matter of surprise for some readers. For a long time, I was very curious about this actor. One day I was reading a book “Asli Nakli Chehre” ( असली नकली चेहरे ) by Vithal Pandya. In this book, he has given information about P.Kailash, who did the main role in film ” Jai Hanuman-48″, for which Pandya was an assistant Director. Vithal Pandya had spent over 30 years in film industry from the 30s and 40s. He worked with many directors and in many banners. He wrote 2 books in Gujarati/Hindi, which are highly informative with first hand knowledge. For example, he mentions that S N Tripathi, the Music Director was also an actor and was famous in the role of Hanuman in all Wadia movies. However in this film-Jai Hanuman-48, he had done the role of Ravan. Anyway, based on information in this book coupled with an article by M N Sardana ji, on Fb page ‘Voh din yaad karo’ about P.Kailash, here is some information on P.Kailash for our readers, first time. My thanks to both of them.

Mr P Kailash (Pandit Kailash Chandra Sharma),was born on 03 February 1924 at Multai , a small town in Distt Baitul ( Madhya Pradesh ) .After doing H.S.C., he did a stint of teaching in Akola. Bestowed with sharp features and deep voice, fair coloured P Kailash came to Bombay in 1946 to become an actor . He had not to wait for a long to have entry in the film line .

Seth Chandulal Shah gave him a chance in his mythological movie Jai Hanuman ,as hero opposite Nirupa Roy. The movie made under the banner of Ranjit Movietone was directed by Ram Chandra Thakur. Thereafter , Mr Kailash appeared in many mythological, fantasy and historical movies like Veer Durga Das, Sati Anusuiya, Maha Bharat, Prabhu Ki Mahima, Veer Arjun, Gopal Krishna, Nadir Shah, Thief Of Baghdad, Hercules ,Aab E Hayat, Gul E Bakawali etc. In 1953, he performed as a cop in Ranjit Mvietone’s Papi, along with Raj Kapoor. With Dilip Kumar, he did a role which had comic shades in Leader. Shirin Farhad ,made by veteran film maker Aspi Irani, was another movie in which his performance was much appreciated .

Mr P Kailash appeared in numerous movies made by Film makers like Shree Ram Bohra, B K Adarsh and Filmistan. Maine Jeena Seekh Liya, Hum Kahan Ja Rahe Hain, Picnic, Baba Sari Ladli (Rajasthani) ,Jekra Charnwa Mein Lagle Pranwa (Bhojpuri), Love and Murder, were the movies, Mr P Kailash did for the said film makers. Versatile director Krishan Chopra (May God Bless His Soul) ,who died before completing his second movie ,gave him a life time role of a tyrannical land lord in Heera Moti which was based upon the heart warming story Do Bailon Ki Katha, written by great writer Prem Chand . He brought alive the arrogant and heartless Zamindaar on the screen with his dynamic performance .

Krishan Chopra, impressed with the magnificent personality of Mr P Kailash, gave him an important role in his next movie Gaban ,which was completed by Hrishkesh Mukherjee ,after Mr Chopra passed away untimely. It was a sad coincidence ,that Mr P Kailash ,also did not live long. While on a visit to his birth place Multai, he suffered massive heart attack and left for his heavenly abode on 23 May 1967 . Payal Ki Jhankaar ,made by Filmistan and Thief of Baghdad by Mr Shree Ram Bohra were released later ,after he had gone forever in the young age of 43 years ,leaving his two daughters ,one son and wife .

P.Kailash acted in 43 films. His first film was Jai Hanuman-48 and the last released film was Irada-1971.

The Hero of film Izzat-52 was Amarnath. Amarnath (Bharadwaj) is one of the “same name confusions” victims. There were two Pt. Amarnath Music Directors, 1 actor Amar, 1 actor Amarnath and 1 actor/Director (K.) Amarnath. This Amarnath was born in Hafizabad, in Gujaranwala district of Punjab (Now in Pakistan) in 1922. He started acting in 1939 with Kidar Sharma’s “Dil hi to hai”. Graduating from doing small roles he was made the Leading Man in Dalsukh Pancholi’s film “Patjhad”, started in 1947 opposite Meena (Shorey). Pancholi had to flee Lahore due to Partition riots, but he carried the negatives of Patjhad. Though the film was censored in India in 1948, it seems it was never released.

Amarnath starred as Hero in many other films,like Naghma E Sehra-45, Papiha re-48, Barsat ki ek raat-48, Swayam sidha-49, Nai Bhabhi-50, Kamal ke phool-50, Sheesh Mahal-50, Jalte Deep-50, Johri-51, Nai zindagi-51 , Nirmohi-52, Nirmal-52, Izzat-52, Bahu Beti-53, Nav Durga-53, Toofan-54 etc. Then he switched over to side roles. In all, he worked in 81 films (CITWF data). His last film was Kaun ho tum-70.

The third uncommon name in the cast is that of Veera, about whom very few will be knowing. One time she was a very sensuous actress. Veera was from a Parsi family. Her full name was Veera Ankaleshwaria. Obviously, her family came from Ankaleshwar, a small industrial town(now), in Gujarat.

She started her career in films as a Heroine opposite Nasir khan in film Mazdoor-1945. Then came Shikari-46 and later Eight days-46, both had Ashok kumar as the Hero. Both the films were from Filmistan. Her last film as Heroine was Tohfa, opposite Rehman and Leela opposite Agha , both films from 1947. Then she stopped getting Heroine roles and shifted to side roles. In all she did 22 films.

Her other films were, Veena, Ziddi, Chanda ki Chandani- all 48, Sanwaria-49, Hamara Ghar and hamari beti- 1950, Hamari shaan, Ramjanma and Sagar-1951, Aasmaan, izzat, Moti mahal, Sanskar and Shin shinaki boobla boo-all 1952, Dana Pani-53, Boot polish and Sheeshe ki deewar both 1954.

She married Mohsin Abdulla, who had worked in Bombay Talkies as a writer. He was the younger brother of actress Renuka Devi ( Begum Mirza) and the First husband of actress Neena. After the marriage, both migrated to Pakistan in 1955. No news after that.

Today’s song is a duet sung by G M Durrani and Shamshad Begum. It is a typical song belonging to the 50’s music, influenced by C Ramchandra, O P Nayyar and Shankar Jaikishen. I liked this song. I am sure you too will like it.

Song- Iss duniya se hum nahin darega(Izzat)(1952) Singers- G M Durrani, Shamshad Begum, Lyrics- Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD- Bulo C Rani


Iss duniya se hum nahin darega
Iss duniya se hum nahin darega
karega karega karega
karega karega
tumse muhabbat karega
Iss duniya se hum nahin darega
karega karega karega
karega karega
tumse muhabbat karega

zara sambhal sambhal ke aana
ho zara sambhal sambhal ke aana
meri gali mein kahin na pit jaana
ho meri gali mein kahin na pit jaana
haay marenga marenga marenga

karega karega
tumse muhabbat karega

hamen chhedo na
haaye chhedo na
sab duniya dekhti
aaankhen sekti
dil phenkti
tamaasha dekhti

tere nain se nain mera ladega
tere nain se nain mera ladega
ladega ladega ladega
bhai ladega
karega karega tumse mohabbat karega

tere galey mein baahon ka
main haar daaloonga
toone roka
ya toka
to maar daaloonga
aisa karega to
aisa karega to dekh phaansi chadhenga
aisa karega to dekh phaansi chadhenga

chadhega chadhega chadhega
karega karega
tumse mohabbat karega

hum soch samajh ke baat karega
milo akele mein
tum hampe gadbad karte ho
kis bhare jhamele mein
kabhi chhup chhup mere paas aana
ho kabhi chhup chhup mere paas aana

paas aane se kya hoga samjhaana
paas aane se kya hoga samjhaana
karega karega karega
bhai karega
karega karega
tumse muhabbat karega

Is duniya se hum nahin darega
Is duniya se hum nahin darega
karega karega karega
bhai karega
karega karega
tumse muhabbat karega

3 Responses to "Is duniya se hum nahin darega"

Arun Ji,
Thanks for informative post.
One doubt. You seem to have stated that director Krishna Chopra, passed away during the making of ‘Gaban’ his second film ( after ‘heera Moti”).
Wasn’t ‘Char Diwari’ also by Krishan Chopra’?


Satish ji,
Krishan Chopra directed 4 films, namely

1.Lal Batti-57
2.Heera Moti-59
3.Char Diwari-61 and
4. Gaban-66.

His first film with Kailash was Heera Moti and second film with Kailash was Gaban,but during Gaban’s making Chopra died.
Please read the subsequent para also, which explains this.
” His second film” is, in connection with film with Kailash. First film with Kailash was Heera Moti.
I hope the matter is clear now.
Thanks for your comment.


Arun Ji, Thanks for the full info.


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