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Khuda se aarzoo meri

Posted on: May 21, 2020

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Hindi Songs in Malayalam Films – 1

Hullo Atuldom

Today’s post is thanks to my husband who brought a few things to my notice. We were seeing some movie on a Malayalam channel and we realized that they had lined up a few movies that star Mohanlal – one of the super-actors that every Malayali is a fan of; the other being Mammooty. And I proudly call myself a Malayali when I am seeing any movie that stars one of the two. I am an equal fan of both. The two have been around since the 70s and have been all-round entertainers.

Today we shall be focusing on Mohanlal Viswanathan who is mononymously credited as Mohanlal in the movies and is fondly addressed as Lalettan by his close associates and fans. (Ettan is the way an elder brother is addressed in Malayalam.) He made his debut as a teenager in 1978 but that movie had its theatrical release only 2005. His screen debut was in the 1980 release “Manjil Virinja Pookal” (roughly translating as “Flowers that bloom in the snow”) where he played a negative character. The films that followed saw him play antagonistic characters and gradually rising to supporting roles. He had worked himself to the level of being a bankable actor by the mid-80s and gained stardom after starring in a series of successful movies.

Late 80s, 1988 to be precise was the year that I took to seeing Malayalam movies and possibly the first Mohanlal movie that I saw was “Ente Mamattikkuttiammakku” (translating as “For my Mamattikkuttiamma”) Mamattikkutti being a kind of pet name for small kids. This was a 1983 release, that I saw in the open-air theatre (another first experience for me, seeing movies in an open-air theatre) of the colony we were staying in then. That movie had Mohanlal in a supporting role too. I have seen him in his comic element in many movies since then and must say every time I like him more.

1997 saw Lalettan star in his first non-Malayalam film “Iruvar”-a Tamil film which was directed by Mani Ratnam. 2002 saw him play Sreenivasan – a Mumbai Police officer in the Ram Gopal Verma directed, Ajay Devgan- Vivek Oberoi- Manisha Koirala starrer “Company”. Lalettan’s performance was well-recieved by the Hindi speaking audience. 2007 August saw him in his next Hindi movie, also directed by Ram Gopal Verma, “Aag” (also called “Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag”) touted as the remake of the Bollywood classic “Sholay” where he re-apprised the role played by Sanjeev Kumar in the original. I don’t think he has made an appearance in any Hindi movie since, but his Telugu debut movie “Janatha Garage” is seen often on the various satellite channels in its dubbed Hindi version.

Reader’s Digest India has, in 2004, described him as a “Jack of all Trades and master of many”. His directors describe him as “one of the finest actors of the country who can slip easily into any role.” 2010 saw him play Major Mahadevan in “Kandahar”, the third of the Major Mahadevan Series of films which also happened to be Amitabh Bachchan’s Malayalam debut.

Many of his movies have been remade in Hindi; for example Akshay Kumar starrer “Khatta Meetha” (2010) was a remake of Mohanlal’s 1988 release “Vellanakalude Nadu” (translated as “The land of white elephants”); Akshaye Khanna- Paresh Rawal starrer “Hungama” (2003) was a remake of the 1984 “Poochhakkoru Mookkuthi” (A Nose-ring for the cat). Even “Bhool Bhulaiya” starring Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan was a remake of Mohanlal’s 1993 ‘Manichitrathazhu” (the ornate lock). Mohanlal’s 1988 “Chitram” (translation: Picture) was remade as “Pyar Hua Chori Chori” starring Mithun Chakravarty and Gautami (of south). I can think of a few more remakes, an interesting point to note here is that Lalettan didn’t star in any of the Hindi remakes of his successful originals.

So we have two films of Mohanlal to choose from, with which he can make his debut on our blog. But I am presenting a Malayalam movie instead. Much before his foray into Bollywood he had lip synced to a song in Hindi written by Madhu and composed by Raveendran which had the legend K J Yesudas as the playback. Now, we on this blog don’t need any introduction to K J Yesudas. But Madhavan Raveendran (or Raveendran master as he was called) is a new name for us. He was a popular music composer in Tamil and Malayalam films. The only bit of information that I could gather about the lyrics writer is that the movie credit shows his name as Mohan (Bihar) which means that he may have been from Bihar.

Today we shall have a song from the 1990 release “His Highness Abdullah”. This was the debut production of Mohanlal’s company ‘Pranavam Arts’ and was directed by Sibi Malayil (another new name for us). Will just say that Sibi Malayil is a director of many well-received movies in Malayalam. This movie had six songs of which one was a qawwali in Hindi as the character played by Lalettan is shown to be a Muslim Qawwali singer in Bombay (Mumbai). It shows Kim (of “Disco Dancer” fame) dancing to Lal’s singing. Mamukkoya the actor know for playing comic characters brings in Sreenivasan (another of the many versatile actors of Malayalam cinema) in the second stanza of the song to introduce him to the singer.

I am sure the regular followers of the blog would have guessed my sudden deviation into the Malayalam film world as also why the focus is on Mohanlal a.k.a Lalettan. Well today is an important date in his life. He turns 60. Let us wish him lots more years of entertaining us.

Song-Khuda se aarzoo meri (His Highness Abdullah)(Malayalam)(1990) Singer-Yesudas, Lyrics-Mohan (Bihar), MD-Raveendran


Khudaa se aarzoo meri
kabhie yeh raat na guzre
mohabbat kaa har ek lamha
haa aa
mohabbat kaa har ek lamha
teri baahon mein ab guzre

Tu badi maashallah kahe Abdullah
tera jalwa, subhanallah
kabhie shabnam kabhie shola
main majnu tu hai meri laila
de de dil ka pyaara nazraana…
tu badi mashallah kahe abdullah
tera jalwa subhaanallah
kabhie shabnam, kabhie shola
main majnu tu hai meri laila
de de dil ka pyara nazraana…

hum hain tere aashiq
kis baat ka sharmaana
kis baat ka sharmaana
tu seene se lagaa le
na chalega bahaana…
na chalega bahaana
husn la jawaab hain
husn la jawaab hain
khuli hui kitaab hain
khuli hui kitaab hain
pardha aaa sarkaana
jalwa aaa dikhlaana….
ham nahi begaane
mane ya na mane
hum tere deewane.
tu badi mashallah kahen abdullah
tera jalwa subhanallah
kabhie shabnam kabhie shola
main majnu tu hai meri laila
dede dilka pyara nazrana

jaam jawaani ka tu hothon se pilaa de
pilaa de
rang bhari mehefil main tu
gul naya khilaadhe aee
ye adaayein kamaal hai aee
ye hunar bemisaal hai aee
jaam jawaani ka tu hothon se pilaa de
tu hotonse pilaa de
rang bhari mehefil main
tu gul naya khila de
tu gul naya khila de
ye adaayein kamaal hain
ye adaayein kamaal hain
ye hunar bemisal hain
ye hunar bemisal hain
ye sama aa suhaana oo
armaa aaaa mitaana
hum nahi anjaane
maane ya na maane
hum tere mastaane
haan badi mashallah kahe abdullah
tera jalwa subhanallah
kabhie shabnam, kabhie shola
main majnu tu hai meri laila
dede dil ka pyaara nazraana

4 Responses to "Khuda se aarzoo meri"

Nalini Ji, thanks for an absorbing post on the theme as well as on Mohanlal.
Thanks to OTT I could enjoy many Malayalam movies.
Malayaalm movies, I find, come out with novel and interesting plots.
I would say, Good:Trash ratio is 2:1 :))
The song of the post is good.


Most of the Malayaalam films are counterpart of Bangla films and vice versa. Both rely on stories from their rich literatures.
Of late, both Bangla and Malayaalam films seem to be influenced by the concept of Bollywood Masala films to some extent.


Well written. It is kind of difficult to write in brief about great legends like MohanLal or Mammootty.
Some of my favorite Mohan Lal movies – Bharatam, Pavitram, Ravanaprabhu, Aaram thamburan, and of course dhrishyam 1 n 2. I can watch many of his movies multiple times.

Liked by 1 person

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