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Dekha hai tumhen kahin na kahin

Posted on: August 4, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

4th August. A day that is important for Kishore Kumar fans. He would have 91.

Almost as a ritual all channels will show some movie were we see the best side of KK. His wonderful singing, his comic timing. His weird dancing. We will be treated to either Padosan or Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi or any other popular movie. But we in this blog are unique, in the sense we dig out a new song for every occasion/ post. We also strive to find a different facet of the artist.

I had done a similar thing. I had written a full post and was taking down the lyrics of the song I had zeroed in on. For some reason I visited the blog’s “List of songs-moviewise” tab and searched for my selected song. And what do I find!!?? The song which I thought was not yet on the blog was already posted, only under a different movie. Which song was this? It was this song. I always thought it belonged to another famous movie. I wrote out everything about that song and then discovered the above link.

But there is nothing to worry. We still have a large library of songs to choose from. So here is a new song. New by the standards of this blog. I don’t know which was the last song of Kishore Kumar under Shankar-Jaikishen baton that was posted on this blog. Let us have one today.

“Chorni” (1981) was directed by Jyoti Swaroop and starred Neetu Singh with Jeetendra. The movie was about how a young maid (Neetu Singh) is exploited and harassed by the spoilt son of the family that has employed her. How, when she tries to save herself, she is framed and accused of being a thief. She is sent to a juvenile home and on coming out she is a changed person. But the judge (Dr. Shreeram Lagoo) who had sent her to the juvenile home takes her home to try and change her back into the loving soul that she was. The general physician (Jeetendra) of the judge’s family takes it on himself to groom her too and in the process falls in love. Today’s song is the doctor voicing his love to the girl.

This was one of the last movies with Shankar Jaikishan’s music I suppose. The song has all the elements of a S-J song, and could have been a tune that they would have used for a Shammi Kapoor song. Specially the closing of the song. It was written by Shailendra. This song is having Kishore Kumar giving playback to Jeetendra who is wooing a sweet and simple Neetu Singh. “Chorni” makes its debut on the blog on the occasion of Kishore Kumar’s 91st birthday.

My accomplishment in this post is I have managed to find a song where Kishore Kumar is not giving playback to Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan or Dev Anand and it is not by the standard team of Anand Bakshi- R.D.Burman or Laxmikant Pyarelal. Another achivement is I haven’t mentioned any known facts about KK- his birthplace, birth-name or lineage.

Remembering the singer behind many successful actors.

Ed notes: According to HFGK part 6, the lyricists of “Chprni”(181) were Shailly Shailendra, Hasrat Jaipuri, Veerendra and Singaar. Singaar is the lyricist of this song.



Song-Dekha hai tumhen kahin na kahin (Chorni)(1981) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Singaar, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


dekha hai tumhein
kahin na kahin
lekin kahaan
yaad aata nahin
dekha hai tumhein
kahin na kahin
lekin kahaan
yaad aata nahin
karta raha jiska main intezaar
kaho ke kahin tum wahi toh nahin
dekha hai tumhein
kahin na kahin
lekin kahaan
yaad aata nahin
karta raha jiska main intezaar
kaho ke kahin tum wahi toh nahin
arre dekha hai tumhein
kahin na kahin

kabhi tum humaare
kabhi tum humaare
khayaalon mein sharma rahi thhi
kabhi aasmaan ke sitaaron mein lehra rahi thhi
yeh jalwa
yeh nakhra
yeh jalwa yeh nakhra
inhen khoob main jaanta hoon
inhen zindagi maanta hoon
dekha hai tumhein kahin na kahin
lekin kahaan
yaad aata nahin
karta raha jiska main intezaar
kaho ke kahin tum wahi toh nahin
arre dekha hai tumhein
kahin na kahin

mile thhe
yahin par
mile thhe yahin par
laga ke gale se gale hum
khile phool banke inhin baadalon ke tale hum
humaara tumhaara
yeh sadiyon puraana hai bandhan
kahe jhoom ke dil ki dhadkan
dekha hai tumhein
kahin na kahin
lekin kahaan
yaad aata nahin
karta raha jiska main intezaar
kaho ke kahin tum wahi toh nahin
dekha hai tumhein
kahin na kahin
lekin kahaan yaad aata nahin
karta raha jiska main intezaar
kaho ke kahin tum wahi toh nahin
dekha hai tumhein kahin na kahin

11 Responses to "Dekha hai tumhen kahin na kahin"

Thanks God. Shankar Jaikishan fortunate enough to elicit attention. Otherwise be it HASRAT JAIPURI – JAIKISHAN – SHANKAR – SHAILENDRA OR ARTISTS associated with SJ – be it birth or death anniversary – SJ were not fortunate enough to get a post or remembrance. They are stuck at 970-975 posts for about a year now. So many movies of SJ are awaiting YIPPED for a quite long time.

Lyricist of the present song is – SHAILY SHAILENDRA AND NOT SHAILENDRA.


I checked up on HFGK part 6 and realised that this movie had four lyricists, including Shailly Shailendra. But this song is penned by Singaar. So the corrections have been made.

I am sure Shankar Jaikishan will be the first music directors to reach 1000 songs in the blog soon.


I might be wrong. Singaar is pseudonym for SHARDA – the singer.She also penned under the same name in film GARAM KHOON (1980) AND IT is irony that Lata had sung the song – Ek chehera dil ke kareeb hota hai.
But in present song, there seems to be some confusion. Shaily Shailendra has written quite a few songs for SJ.


Atul ji,
yes, indeed.
Singer Sharada has written this song under the name of Singaar.
She has said this in her interview, posted on Blog beetehuedin of Shishir krishna Sharma ji.
In film Garam Khoon, however, she wrote only one song ‘Pardesia, tere des mein’. This was not sung by Lata as claimed by Dave ji.


Thank you Daveji for pointing out the correct lyricist


I am a huge SJ fan.However this song is OK but nowhere near their top songs. Not finding fault with Shankar. When your best associates are no more, creativity is hit.
I understand ‘Chorni’ is a home production for Neetu Singh


This is news:- Chorni being Neetu Singh’s home production. Thank you for the input Shenoyji


The sparks of brilliance can be seen in songs of film SANYASI and Sohanlal Kanwar(Filmnagar) other films. Shankar”s creativity was hit after the demise of SHAILENDRA. His brilliance can be seen in sporadic songs like GEET GATA HOOM MAIN and other LAL PATHAR MOVIE songs as also hosts of movies post 1971 – Jaikishan death.


Peevesie’s Mom,

Dont you remember the title song on this movie :

chorni ……
chorni hoon main
meri soorat pe na jaana
apni jeb ko bachana
teer kha ke ham ne jaana
ye duniya kisi ki nahi…..

You have reminded me of a very good song.


of course i remember the title song of this movie. I am waiting to see it on the blog.
these were some songs which were popular when we were adolescents


Thanks for the post Peevesie’s Mom ji.
Nice song too. But I don’t remember to have listened to it more frequently.
Kishore Kumar was well there on the screen and in the music/songs before all the names you mentioned except Dev Anand. But yes his birth name, birthplace and lineage was there always.
Thanks for the post again,

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