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Jai deva ho

Posted on: September 13, 2020

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Today’s song is from the film Baadbaan-1954.

This film has some history. After actress Devika Rani left Bombay Talkies in 1945, it was going downhill. The fall had actually started in 1940, after Himanshu Rai’s death. That is when Devika Rani took over the reigns of Bombay Talkies. From the day she was brought back from Calcutta (after the elopement), Devika Rani was not comfortable with Shashdhar Mukherjee. She had always suspected that he instigated the staff against her and they ridiculed her. She caught hold of Amiya Chakraborty in her group and there were clearly two groups in Bombay Talkies management.

As a result of continued friction, a big group of disgruntled staff of the company left Bombay Talkies and later formed Filmistan. Devika Rani was shattered, but the other loyalists helped her and the company continued till 1945. In this year, Devika Rani got married, sold her shares and left the company. The new management kept on making films sporadically, but except film Mahal-1949, no Hit film was made. Finally in 1952, the company was sold to Tolaram jalan, a businessman-not connected with films. In 1952, Bimal Roy made the film ‘Maa’ and Phani majumdar made the film ‘Tamasha ‘, but these too could not save Bombay Talkies.

As a last effort, the employees of Bombay Talkies got together and formed “Bombay Talkies workers’ Industrial Cooperative Society ” and made the film “Baadbaan “-54. As a help to the workers and as a gesture of gratitude, all the artistes of the film, like Dev Anand, Meena Kumari, Usha Kiran,Jairaj, Leela Chitnis etc etc, the director Phani Majumdar and the composers Timir Baran and S K Pal, along with all Technical staff worked free for this film.

In Spite of all this, the film Baadbaan flopped and finally the company was closed down in December-1954. That was the background history of the film Baadbaan. The meaning of this Title word is…Baad means Storm and Baan means Safeguard. The film is about the storm that comes in the life of the Hero and how his life changes after this.

The all-star cast of eleven top-rate players comprised of Dev Anand, Meena Kumari, Usha Kiron, Ashok Kumar, Bipin Gupta, Gope, Krishnakant, Jairaj, Leela Chitnis, Sheikh Mukhtar and Shivraj.The credit for handling this brilliant array or talent goes to Director Phani Mazumdar who also wrote the story and to Nabendu Ghosh whose compact screenplay and terse, but tell­ing, dialogue exploit both the stars and their well-written parts as well as the richly-interest­ing story.

A beautiful, very melodious music score composed by Timir Baran and S.K. Pal, lovely lyrics written by Indivar and Udhav Kumar and superbly choreographed dances designed by the brilliant exponent Shanti Bhardan and Parvati Kumar provide sparkling highlights in this engrossing film.

The picture depicts a story rich in incident and emotional conflict and centers on an orphaned child whose parents, fisher folk, are killed in a storm and who is adopted by a rich, kind and broad-minded philanthropist. The real drama sets in when the boy returns from Eng­land and falls in love with a lovely young so­cialite who reciprocates his love. On hearing of his true parentage, however, her father forbids the marriage but relents at seeing his daugh­ter’s unhappiness.The hero’s overwhelming passion for a beautiful fisher girl from the village of his birth to which he returns, bent on improving his peo­ple’s lot, and his love for his charming wife make for strong emotional power climaxed tragically by the latter’s death and given subtle meaning by his return to his own people and a girl of his own kind.The best performance comes from Usha Kiron who dominates the picture with her gloriously rich portrayal as the fisher girl Mohania. She literally lights up the screen with her brilliant, sympathetic acting.

Dev Anand, as the hero, puts over a good role despite the fact that he tends to fall short in some of his scenes and is a trifle gauche throughout the film. Meena Kumari, as his ill- starred wife, turns in a quiet, polished role in a quite difficult part. Another subtle but telling performance comes from Ashok Kumar who plays her silent lover and the hero’s friend with the consummate ease of a veteran artist.Bipin Gupta and Krishnakant, as the hero’s foster-father and the heroine’s father, act im­peccably as usual. Jairaj, as Dev Anand’s fa­ther, does well in a small part and Leela Chitnis as his mother acts well and looks love­ly. The comedy is provided mainly by Gope who handles his comic and dramatic scenes very well. ( review adapted from Cineplot, with thanks.).

In Spite of all this, the film was not successful at the Box office. The reasons could be any and many, but the film industry is governed by superstitious notions. One of them is that the pair of Dev Anand- Meena Kumari can not bring out anything good. This pair had featured in 4 films. Their first film was ‘Sanam’-51. Of course Meena Kumari was not a Heroine in this film, but her presence in the film with Dev Anand, saw that the Love Birds- Suraiya-Dev Anand separated for ever in their lives, from this film. The director Nandlal Jaswantlal also began a bad patch in his life .

The second film was ‘Tamasha’-52, made by an already sinking Bombay talkies. This film not only failed, but Bombay Talkies also did not remain in a position to make another film. When the workers union made the film Baadbaan-54 -their 3rd film together- the film and the Union, together with Bombay Talkies sank so deep – never to get up again ! That was Curtains for Bombay Talkies !

For the fourth time Dev and Meena kumari came together again in film ‘Kinare Kinare’-63. Lyricist Nyay Sharma was the Producer. The film took 5 years to complete and after its release, flopped miserably, putting Nyay Sharma in the depth of debts ! Seeing this result, no Producer ever dared to bring Dev-Meena Kumari together again, Ever !

I would not believe such stories, but when I saw another example, I started believing this phenomenon. There was yet another pair- Waheeda-Rajendra Kumar- in films, which was called a “KIller Pair”. The first film of this pair was the film ‘Nirmala’ Made by Dalsukh Pancholi. During its making only, Pancholi died and the film went into cans. Second film was ‘Palki’-67, made by S U Sunny. During its making Sunny died on the sets. The film was completed by Mahesh Kaul, but on release it flopped. The third film was S S Vasan’s “Shatranj”-69. During its making Vasan died. Their fourth and last film together was “Dharati’-70, made by Director Shreedhar. During its making, the producer-Shreedhar’s mother died. After this film, no one dared to bring this pair together again, ever !

In our film industry, such stories of ‘Lucky” -“Unlucky” actors, directors and MDs are many. Maybe some more stories, some other time….

Here is the 6th song from the film Baadbaan-54. It is sung by Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle and chorus. The song’s duration is only 2.50minutes, but it’s prelude music runs for 1.18 minutes…one of the longest, maybe.

Song-Jai deva ho (Baadbaan)(1954) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Uddhav Kumar, MD-Timir Baran- S K Pal
Asha Bhonsle + Manna Dey + Chorus

jai deva ho
jai deva ho
jai deva jai deva jai deva ho

jai deva ho
jai deva ho
jai deva jai deva jai deva ho
jai deva ho jai deva ho
jai deva jai deva jai deva ho

humpe raakho mehar ki najariya najariya
jai deva ho
jai deva ho
jai deva jai deva jai deva ho

andhiyaari raat gayi bairan barsaat gayi
o o o
o o o

andhiyari raat gayi bairan barsat gayi
ho o o o

aayi hai bhor naye saal ki
aayi hai aayi hai aayi hai bhor naye saal ki
aao re deva baitho re deva
khaali hai ankhiyon ki paalki
ee ee ee
aayi hai bhor naye saal ki

jai deva ho jai deva ho
jai deva jai deva jai deva ho

1 Response to "Jai deva ho"

This is a very different sounding post.
A normal post by our in-house encyclopedia would contain information on lesser known artists.
The only info this post gives is about the superstitions that abound in the industry and its effects on Meena Kumari- Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman- Rajendra Kumar
I think both these pairs looked good on-screen


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