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Bahutero samjhaayo ree laakhan baar

Posted on: September 30, 2020

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“Gopinath”(1948) was produced by Brij Kishore Agrawal and directed by Mahesh Kaul for Shanti Lok Chitra Production, Bombay. The movie had Raj Kapoor, Tripti Mitra, Nand Kishore, Latika, Sachin Ghosh, Anwari Bai, Feroz, Niranjan Tiwari, Mahesh Kaul, Randhir, Baby Zubeida etc in it.

This “social” movie had nine songs in it that were penned by three lyricists namely Soordas, Meerabai and Rammurty Chaturvedi. Two of the three “lyricists”, viz Soordas, Meerabai lived hundreds of years ago and their creations could be used without any need to pay any royalties to their descendants.

Three songs have been covered in the past.

Here is the fourth song from “Gopinath”(1948) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Shamshad Begam. Rammurthy Chaturvedi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ninu Majumdar.

Audio as well as video of the song is available. The video has the word Latika printed over it. I wonder if that tells us the name of the lady lip syncing the song. One can see a very young Raj Kapoor playing the patron of the lady.



Song-Bahutero samjhaaya ree laakhan baar(Gopinath)(1948) Singer-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Rammurty Chaturvedi, MD-Ninu Majumdar


aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aaaa
aa aa aa aa
bahutero samajhaayo ree laakhan baar
bahutero samajhaayo ree laakhan baar
ho laakhan baar
ho laakhan baar
laakhan baar
bahutero samajhaayo ree laakhan baar
bahutero samajhaayo ree laakhan baar

laakh kahi mori ee ee
laakh kahi mori
ek nahin maani
ek nahin maani
ek nahin maani
laakh kahi mori ek nahin maani
samajh samajh pachhataayo ree laakhan baar
samajh samajh pachhataayo ree
samajh pachhtaayo ree
samajh pachhtaayo ree
laakhan baar
bahutero samajhaayo ree laakhan baar
bahutero samajhaayo ree laakhan baar
ho laakhan baar
ho laakhan baar
laakhan baar

3 Responses to "Bahutero samjhaayo ree laakhan baar"

Dear Atulji,

Latika (real name Hungu-Lamou) was born in Darjeeling of a Tibetan mother and an Australian father. Whilst her father converted to Buddhism, Latika, due to her being influenced by the Missionaries, converted to Christianity.

The Film “GOPINATH” was written, co-produced and directed by MAHESH KAUL (1911-1972), a Kashmiri Pandit by birth but greatly influenced by Bengali Literature and Cinema. “Gopinath” starred one film old RAJ KAPOOR as the Hero, pitted against the talented and versatile star from the IPTA stable, TRIPTI MITRA (1925-1989 ). A highly unlikely combination, and never seen after. But, if you see the Film, Tripti sets the screen on fire with her histrionics, and surprisingly, a novice Raj Kapoor rises to the occasion, almost matching her, shot for shot !

The Film – a tragedy – centres around a Cinema Story Writer’s obsession for a Film Heroine who plays with the Writer’s emotions to extract the meatiest role for herself, and a destitute girl’s (played by Tripti) love for the Writer, in whose house she is given shelter by his mother. By the time the Writer realises his folly and returns to the hapless girl at home, it is too late – she loses her mind and is admitted to a Mental Asylum. You might say Devdas in reverse.

Some say that the Film is based on the life of Mahesh Kaul himself, who incidentally plays himself i.e. Mahesh Kaul, the Film Director in “Gopinath”.

The Film was the highest box office grosser of 1948, catapulted Raj Kapoor to fame ( sadly Tripti Mitra returned to Bengal to take up work related to BOHUROOPI along with her husband Shombhu Mitra, the well known Playwright, also of IPTA ). It was considered a Classic and is one of the few films stored in the National Archives at Delhi by the Govt.
( Most Films are stored in the National Film Archives at Pune ).

Actor GOPE fell in love with Latika and converted to Christianity to marry her in 1949. After he died on the sets of a cardiac arrest in 1957, Latika migrated to England to be with her relatives. She married again in the UK and, if alive, would be around 96 years old!

With warm regards



Thank you Partha ji for this much of rare information.




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