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Aaj khushi se jhoom raha saara pariwaar tera

Posted on: October 13, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

13th October happens to be the death anniversary of an actress who has played mother to all Bollywood actors and some actresses too.
Nirupa Roy. She was often called the “Queen of Misery” as she has portrayed characters that are forever in sorrow and tragedy. There are many jokes about how she was a careless mother and has been separated from her children in film after film. She was permanent mother to Amitabh Bachchan in movies made in the 70s and she has played his foster mother even in “Lal Badshah” which came in 1999, think that was her last release too.

In the interim Dharam, Shashi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Mehra and Khanna Rishi Kapoor etc have also been the apple of her eye. She made her debut in 1946 in a Gujarati film “Ranakdevi”. The same year saw her act in a Hindi Movie- “Amar Raj” with Trilok Kapur as hero. She was routinely cast in mythologicals in the ’40s and ’50s and it is said that people used to visit her home to get her blessings. “Do Bigha Zameen” (1953) was an important film of her career where she played the wife of Balraj Sahni the farmer who loses his land to industrialization. In later years, she co-starred Balraj Sahni as mother to three school-going children in “Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani” (1970) and a doting bhabhi to his brother Randhir Kapoor in “Jawaani Deewani” (1972). She was also the heroine to P.Jairaj, Ashok Kumar in many of the movies of the ’50s. In ’70s, when she began doing character roles she was still wife of Ashok Kumar or his bahu as in “Santaan” (1976) and “Anurodh” (1977).

Personally speaking I became aware of this mother only through “Deewar” (1975) and later “Amar Akbar Anthony” (1977). Subsequently I have seen a lot of movies where she was sometimes ‘strict and sweet at other times’ mother and loved her smile.

Today we remember this sweet mom of Bollywood with a song that sees her wishing her ‘ungrateful’ son and his family all the best in life at the birthday party of her grandson. It is from “Santaaan” which had this famous song.

One other multipart song from this movie is present on the blog. I have given a brief about this movie in the comments of this song. Here is the penultimate song of the movie which had music by Laxmi-Pyare. Verma Malik was the lyricist. This song is sung by Asha Bhosle

Audio (full)

Video (Happy version)

Video (Sad version)

Song-Aaj khushi se jhoom raha saaraa pariwaar tera (Santaan)(1976) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


deke duaayein mamta ki ee
main tera daaman bhar doon
apne jeewan ka ik ik pal
tujhko arpan kar doon

aaj khushi se jhoom raha saara pariwaar tera
saara pariwar tera
meri dua hai sada
meri dua hai sada
rahe sukh se sansaar tera
aaj khushi se jhoom raha saara pariwaar tera
saara pariwaar tera
meri dua hai sada
meri dua hai sada
rahe sukh se sansaar tera

meri baatein yaad rakhe
toh hai upkaar tera
toh hai upkaar tera
meri dua hai sada
meri dua hai sada
rahe sukh se sansaar tera

duniya ki phulwaari mein
tu ban ke phool khile
duniya ki phulwaari mein
tu ban ke phool khile
jo sukh mujhko mila nahin hai
woh sukh tujhko mile ae ae
teri khushiyaan mangoon itna hai adhikaar mera
itna hai adhikaar mera
meri dua hai sada
meri dua hai sada
rahe sukh se sansaar tera

maata pita ki sewa se ae
shri raamji bane mahaan
maata pita ki sewa se
shri raamji bane mahaan
duniya ne insaan se unko
bana diya bhagwaa aan
itni sewa karna jag mein
ho satkaar tera
jag mein ho satkaar tera
meri dua hai sada
meri dua hai sada
rahe sukh se sansaar tera

aaj khushi se jhoom raha sara pariwaar tera
sara pariwaar tera
meri dua hai sada
meri dua hai sada
rahe sukh se sansaar tera

kabhi jo aaye yaad meri
toh hona nahin udhaas
mann ki aankhon se dekho
rahoon sada tumhaare paas
phoolo phalo aur khushiyaan dekho
tum phool ho mere chaman ke
saath rahoongi main bhi thhandi
pawan ka jhonka ban ke
yug yug tak na bhool sake
mamta ko pyaar tera
mamta ko pyaar tera
meri dua hai sada
meri dua hai sada
rahe sukh se sansaar tera

5 Responses to "Aaj khushi se jhoom raha saara pariwaar tera"

Something more about Nirupa Roy….

She has been a Heroine in 110 films ( out of a total of 280 films ), a mother in over 50 films,has been a Goddess in 50 Mythological films, a suffering wife in over 30 films and a Stunt girl in about 10 films. She sang Bhajans, romantic songs, Comedy songs, qawalis, sad songs and peasant folk songs on the screen.

Trilok Kapoor was very famous for his portrayal of Shiv ji in Mythological films, in which he paired with Nirupa Roy as his consort-Parvati. He did 7 films in a row for this role and in all those films Nirupa Roy was Parvati. (However, no one could ever beat the divine pair of Ram and Seeta enacted by Shobhana Samarth and Prem Adib in Ram Rajya-1943).

It was rumoured that Trilok Kapoor wore a real snake around his neck during shootings. In the shooting of Har Har Mahadev-1950, Nirupa Roy was scared of the real snake and she could not do any scene with Trilok ji. Finally, he had to remove the real snake and wear an artificial snake for this shooting.

She changed her Heros like “Badalate huwe saathi”. She did 18 films with Trilok Kapoor ( 50-65), 12 films with Balraj Sahni ( 53-72), 16 films with P.Jairaj ( 53-78), and maximum – 21 films with Ashok Kumar ( 56-89). She was Amitabh’s mother in 12 films and stunt Girl in 8 films. She even wrote a popular film song for film Samrat Chandragupta-58 ( Mujhe dekh chaand sharmaye – Lata).


Thank you so much for the comment Guruji
I remember that you have mentioned in one of your posts about Nirupa Roy’s comedy songs and stunt film characters. I would have loved to give a link to that post in my write up. But this comment of yours more than makes up for it.
Thank you once again


Always !


It is Ashok Kumar’s birth Anniversary also on 13th October, and he is there in the sad version of the song. I looked for a KK song with Nirupa Roy, but all are posted it seems.

Good reminder of a screen mother. Not seen any films where she plays a goddess. She is there in ‘Pyar ka Mausam” song ‘Tum bin Jaaun kahan” KK version and Rafi sad version. She is seen in mothers bit roles after colour films started.


there will be some Ashok Kumar Nirupa Roy songs left to posted. We should look carefully


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