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Mujhe raat din bas mujhe chaahti ho

Posted on: October 15, 2020

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This is the last song and culmination of a short series of posts about inspired/copied songs. The team of creators of this song from Sangharsh(1999) is Jatin-Lalit, Sameer and Sonu Nigam. This inspiration behind this song is the OPN song from “Ek Musaafir Ek Hasina”.

This is the list of the five songs posted so far in this series:

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Before internet and Youtube, it may have been easy to simply copy or lift a song created by someone else and pass it off as your own. Lay persons who are not actually conversant with music and composition process would not be able to find a link.

There is the famed instance of Madan Mohan doing this sort of thing, and using the tune from Sajjad Hussain’s “Sangdil” song “Ye hawa ye raat ye chaandni”, for his song “Tujhe kya sunaaun main dilruba” in “Aakhri Daao” (1958). In fact Madan Mohan went on to use the same tune for the song “hai isi mein pyar ki aabroo” in Anpadh (1962).

In fact, the tune is also very similar for this ghazal rendition in Laal Qila.

Coming back to the song from Sangharsh(1999), the singer Sonu Nigam is trying to sing the style of Kishore Kumar, which he does in many songs, but here the precedent is a Rafi rendition. It appears to a deliberate attempt to make the song sound different from the “Ek Musafir Ek Haseena” song.

I have seen this movie on cable TV, so can try to give a bit of the background. It was about the horrors of ‘child sacrifice’ and black magic like issues that are a part of ancient dogmas prevalent in some parts. Practices like child sacrifice for attaining immortality. Ashutosh Rana played the character of the tantric/fanatic, which is looking to sacrifice a particular child of certain physical attributes, at a particular time and hour determined by some principles of black magic on a full moon night. The takeaway of the film was Ashutosh Rana’s performance as the tantric.

Priety Zinta is a police officers who is assigned to solve this case of case of saving the child kidnapped by the tantric.

Akshay Kumar is a professor in jail, the crime is unclear. Priety Zinta needs Akshay’s help to solve the case and save the child from being sacrificed.

The topic was certainly unique, never dealt before in hindi films. Priety Zinta visits Akshay Kumar in jail and he manages to spook her so much that she calls her friend Aman Verma in Delhi to share her fear and insecurity. Aman Verma is trying to reassure her divert her attention from her fears of past and present by singing this song on the phone.

So this is a phone song too. The funny part is Aman Verma’s phone goes dead while is song is still going on, he goes to a public phone booth to complete the song. Complete it does, with the donkeys surrounding the phone booth 🙂 🙂

Audio :

Video :

Song-Mujhe raat din bas mujhe chaahti ho (Sangharsh) (1999) Singer – Sonu Nigam, Lyricist – Sameer, Music Director – Jatin-Lalit


hmmm hmmm hmm
hey ae ae
La la la

mujhe raat din
bas mujhe ae
chaahti ho
mujhe raat din
bas mujhe ae
chaahti ho
kaho na kaho
mujh ko
sab kuchh pataa hai
karoon kya mujhe
tum bataati nahin ho
chhupaati ho mujh se yeh
tumhaari khataa hai
mujhe raat din
bas mujhe
chaahti ho

meri beqaraari ko
hadd se badhaana
tumhen khoob aata hai
baaten banaana
nigaahen milaa key yoon
mera chain lenaa
sataa ke mohabbat mein
yoon dard denaa
mujhe dekh ke
aise palken jhukaanaa
sharaarat nahin hai to
phir aur kya hai
mujhe raat din
bas mujhe
chaahti ho

la la la la la
la la la la la
la la la la la

tumhen neend aayegi
ab na mere bin
mujhe hai yaqeen
aisa aayegaa ek din
khuli teri zulfon mein
soyaa rahoongaa aa
tere hi khayaalon mein
khoyaa rahoongaa aa
kabhi gaur se
meri aankhon mein dekho
meri jaan tumhaara hi
chehra chhupaa hai
mujhe raat din
bas mujhe
chaahti ho
kaho na kaho
mujh ko
sab kuchh pataa hai
karoon kya mujhe
tum bataati nahin ho
chhupaati ho mujh se yeh
tumhaari khataa hai
mujhe raat din
bas mujhe
chaahti ho
hmmm mmm
hey he ae
la la laa aa

4 Responses to "Mujhe raat din bas mujhe chaahti ho"

The movie itself was loosely based on Silence of the Lambs where Jodie Foster has to get clues to another murderer from a fearsome cannibal played by Anthony Hopkins. I have often watched snatches of this film on the dreaded (by filmmakers) TV cable companies who played pirated versions of latest movies.

I like the song. Thank you for posting.


I too like this song. Loosely based on the ‘Silence of the Lambs” would be the correct connection. I dont like hollywood films with inhuman characters, so I avoid them.

Thanks for commenting.


Nahmji, thank you for showing the inspiration to this song. I ve heard it a number of times, but never connected to the ek musafir ek haseena song.


Record company audio


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