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Shaam huyi chadhh aayi re badariyaa

Posted on: October 17, 2020

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“Aakhir Kyon”(1985) was produced and directed by J Omprakash. Now I realise why this movie title starts with the letter “A”. 🙂

The movie had Rajesh Khanna, Smita Patil, Rakesh Roshan, Tina Munim, Asrani, Sujit Kumar, Shubha Khote, Beena Bannerjee etc in it.

THe movie was a archtypical South Indian “social” movie. Peevesie’s mom, while discussing one earlier song from the movie had provided this summary of the story of the movie

That movie had a very topical theme of a wife (Smita Patil) being abandoned by her whimsical husband (Rakesh Roshan) for another girl (Tina Munim). The story goes on to show Smita becoming a TV anchor (she was one prior to coming into movies) and then graduating to a Novelist. Then it turns out that when her husband’s business falls in bad times he approaches her; requests her to write for him; so that he can get their daughter (whom had forcibly kept with himself at the time of separation) married decently. That is the gist of the movie. We also had a partly bald Rajesh Khanna playing a TV (DoorDarshan) cameraman who admires Smita for her rebounding power and is a support to her throughout.

This movie came at a time when DD was the only channel available and people used to have one TV in their drawing rooms. And whole families used to sit and watch whatever was dished out to them. Otherwise I cannot imagine an entire family sitting and watching this kind of a musical show on TV these days. Also those were the days when people used to quote Rani Jhansi in all their speeches. Also Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher were sources of inspiration.

The movie had five songs in it. Four songs have been covered so far, with the movie making its debut in the blog in 2008, the first year for the blog !
Here are the details of the song covered in the blog :-

Blog post number Song Date posted
422 Dushman na kare dost ne wo kaam kiya hai 21 December 2008
5603 Saat rang mein khel rahi hai 8 March 2012
9544 Komal hai kamzor nahin tu 8 March 2014
15696 Ek andhera laakh sitaare 2 July 2020

We can see from the table that second and third song from the movie were discussed on 8th march (2012 and 2014) on the occasion of Women’s day. It shows that the movie had some sort of “Women’s empowerment” message in the movie.

Today (17 october 2020) happens to be the birthday anniversary of Smita Patil (17 October 1955- 13 December 1986). On this occasion, here is the fifth and final song from “Aakhir Kyon”(1985) to appear in the blog.

This song is sung by Lata. Indeewar is the lyricist. Music is composed by Rajesh Roshan.

The song is picturised as a get together song where Smita Patil lip syncs this semi classocal song while others, including Tina Munim, Rakesh Roshan and others look on. Tina Munim also uses this opportunity to fantasise about Rakesh Roshan.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala.

With this song, all the five songs of “Aakhir Kyon”(1985) are covered in the blog and the movie joins the list of movies that have been YIPPEED in the blog. This movie took nearly 12 years (3753 days to be precise) to get YIPPEED.

This song is the 3600th song of Lata Mangeshkar as a playback singer in the blog.



Song-Shaam huyi chadhh aayi re badariya (Aakhir Kyon)(1985) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Rajesh Roshan

Lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
Hoon hoon hoon
Hoon hoon

Shaam Huyee
Chadh Aayee Re Badariyaa
Shaam Huyee
Chadh Aayee Re Badariyaa
Abahoon Naa Aaye
More Shyaama Sanwaariyaa
Shaam Huyee
Chadh Aayee Re Badariyaa

Abahoon Naa Aaye
More Shyaama Sanwaariyaa
Shaam Huyee
Chadh Aayee Re Badariyaa
Shaam Huyee
Chadh Aayee Re Badariyaa

O o o
Aa aa aa

Anchhuye Honth Mere
Khoye Khoye Nain Mere
Goonjatey Hai Praanon Mein
Madhur Madhur Bol Tere
Mere Saath Bain Kare ae Ho o
Mere Saath Bain Kare
Moree Atariyaa
Shaam Huyee
Chadh Aayee Re Badariyaa
Shaam Huyee
Chadh Aayee Re Badariyaa

Solah Baras Beete
Gin Gein Ratiyaan
Pee Se Milan Chalee
Sang Kee Sakhiyaan
Ab to Le Lo Piyaa aa Ho o
Ab to Le Lo Piyaa
Aake khabariyaa
Shaam Huyee
Chadh Aayee Re Badariyaa

Paa ni saa re
Ni saa re
Ni saa re
Ni dha paa
Aa aa aa
Aa aa aa
Shaam Huyee
Chadh Aayee Re Badariyaa
Abahoon Naa Aaye
More Shyaama Sanwaariyaa
Shaam Huyee
Chadh Aayee Re Badariyaa
Shaam Huyee
Chadh Aayee Re Badariyaa

1 Response to "Shaam huyi chadhh aayi re badariyaa"

Our Tributes to Smita Patil on her birth anniversary !!
Thanks Atul ji for the post and congratulations on covering all songs of ‘Aakhir Kyon-1985’ and its joining to the ‘list of movies-all songs covered’.
Also congratulations on Lata Mangeshkar’s 3600th song posted on the blog. 🙂


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