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Ham wafaadaar nahin tu bhi to dildaar nahin

Posted on: October 27, 2020

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This article is the 16000th post in the blog.

Blog Day :

4484 Post No. : 16000 Movie Count :


This blog regularly clocks centuries of songs. So it follows that the blog clocks thousand songs too after every ten centuries.

The blog has seen 15 instances of thousandth posts so far.

These were special occasions when special writeups are presented with special songs.

It is interesting to look back at the 15 instances of thousandth posts in the blog. Here are their details:-

Post number Date of posting Song Movie (year) Blog day Days taken for the thousandth post
1000 30 march 2009 Piya ham saat mulk ka paani Lootmaar (1980) 255 days 255 days
2000 27 September 2009 Dhakdhak karti chali jeewan ki rail re Dilruba (1950) 436 days 181 days
3000 20 september 2010 Maa mujhe apne aanchal mein chhupa le Chhota Bhai (1966) 794 days 358 days
4000 13 june 2011 Kya se kya ho gaya bewafa tere pyaar mein Guide (1965) 1060 days 266 days
5000 13 nov 2011 Hamen to loot liya mil ke husn waalon ne Al Hilal (1957) 1213 153 days
6000 23 May 2012 Geet kitne gaa chuki hoon Asha Bhonsle NFS 1405 days 192 days
7000 13 Nov 2012 Falak se utre zameen pe taare Rafi NFS 1579 days 174 days
8000 28 april 2013 Beautiful baby of Bombay Ek Phool Chaar Kaante (1960) 1745 days 166 days
9000 13 November 2013 Ankhiyaan sang ankhiyaan laagi aaj Bada Aadmi (1961) 1944 days 199 days
10000 20 July 2014 Phul rahin belariyaan dole Trapped (1931) 2193 days 249 days
11000 31 March 2015 Kaam ki dhun mein hain rawaan Gyaarah Hazaar Ladkiyaan(1962) 2447 days 254 days
12000 20 April 2016 Door desh se aane waale Gaja Bhau(1943) 2833 days 386 days
13000 4 March 2017 Dil tumse lagaaya kyun hamne Captain Aazaad (1964) 3151 days 318 days
14000 1 February 2018 Khayyam hai Allah waala Omar Khayyam (1946) 3485 days 334 days
15000 21 April 2019 Deepak jo gaaye so paaye gyaan dhyaan Sahhanshah Akbar (1943) 3929 days 444 days
16000 26 october 2020 4484 days 555 days

We can see from the above that there has been at least one Thousandth song post every year from 2009 onwards. 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013 saw two such posts, which means that the blog added nearly 2000 songs in these years.

All these songs were very very special songs in one way or the other. Some songs were iconic songs, some extremely rare, while some were popular in their times but had been forgotten with passage of time.

Some of these posts combined other major blog landmarks. For instance song post number 3000, a popular song, was Lata Mangeshkar’s 1000th post in the blog. Song post number 4000 , a popular songwas Rafi’s 1000th. 6000th post, a non film song was Asha Bhonsle’s 1000th post in the blog.

The 5000th song post, recognised Bulo C Rani, the less known music director of this iconic qawwaali, who completed his century in the blog with this song.

In the earlier days of the blog, regulars would eagerly look forward to the thousandth post and would try to guess the song. In some cases, for instance the 5000th post, people successfully guessed the song because we were posting far too many Bulo C Rani compositions in the blog those days to take him to his hundredth song in the blog. 🙂

Who could forget the leadup to the ten thousandth song in the blog ! Regulars, on those pre whatsapp days were keeping in touch with each other on e mail, sharing messages like, one more song posted, three to go. What song it is going to be, etc. The excitement, the eager anticipation, and finally the song getting posted, and the comments on the song post- those were heady days for the blog. Those who were part of those exciting days still fondly remember those days.

One can notice that the thousandth posts have been coming relatively slowly ever since. Song post 11000 took 254 days, whereas the next thousandth posts took over 300 days each to materialise.

Song post 15000 was the slowest. It took 444 days.

What about song post 16000 ? This gets posted today. It has taken 555 days !

444, 555. Such honky tonk numbers inadvertently and unnoticeably creep into the affairs of the blog. Who can forget the concidences involved while posting the “1” songs- viz song post numbers 1, 11, 111, 1111 and 11111 ! Those who have forgotten about the amazing coincidences noticed are requested to go though this article.

Another thing noticeable about these writeups is that they are penned by pillars of the blog, such as Raja, Sudhir Jee etc. Some of these writeups have been joint efforts, involving upto three contributors. Sudhir Jee’s contribution extends beyond the article writing. He would also dig up the song for the occasion, often a rare not yet on internet gem and upload that specially for the occasion. For instance, the 10000th song post was a song of 1931 (the earlist year for HFM) and it was especially uploaded by him minutes before that post was published on 20 July 2014 !

Selection of the song has been a matter of much speculation among the regulars of the blog, as discussed above. While some of these songs have been correctly guessed by them, guessing them has become difficult of late. That is because the person writing the article (that is often me) is not sure what song to pick. I myself manage to land an appropriate song often at the last moment. For example, I accidentally discovered the song for song post number 13000 and posted it for that occasion. When I was myself not clear about the song, how were others going to guess the song ! That way I feel like legendary leg spinner B S Chandrashekhar. He himself did not know what ball he was going to deliver next, so how was it possible for the batsman to anticipate his next delivery ! 🙂

In our whatsapp group of regulars, some of them have been guessing the song that would be the 16000th song for the blog. One guess is that it would be a Lata Mangeshkar song, alongwith her career records. That did not happen.

I was actually toying with such an idea. But then I realised that the songs that I could use with such an idea did not seem suited for an occasion like the 16000th song for the blog.

Just when it seemed that I was unable to find a suitable song, I stumbled upon this song which is being presented today. This song was discovered by me almost like how I discovered the 13000th song post song.

This song is as rare as they can be, from a movie that can be as rare as they come. The movie is “Toofaani Teerandaaz”(1959). The movie, a “stunt” movie, is produced and directed by A R Zameendaar for Navshakti Films, Bombay. The movie had Shanta Kumari, Deep Kumar, Tuntun, Sheikh, Habeeb, Shakeela Bano Bhopali, Ismail Azad, Sajjan, Goldstein, Daya Devi, Nazeer Kashmiri, Amir Ali, Sattar, Md Ali, Ghani, Azam, Haneef, Yunus, Nawab, Funtoosh, Baby Shahjahaan, Khan Habib, Khan Nusrat, Khan Atiq etc in it.

The movie had five songs in it. The movie is yet to make its debut in the blog.

The songs are rare, but they have been made available online thanks to the generosity of some well known HFM music collectots and sharers.

The song under discussion is a qawwaali. It is sung by Ismail Azad qawwaal and Sudha Malhotra,accompanied by male and female chorus. In all great qawwaalis, it is the lyricist who makes the qawwaali great.Farooque Kaiser is the lyricist of this fantastic qawwaali. Music is composed by Iqbal.

Only the audio of thd song is available. My guess is that this song was picturised on Ismail Azad (singing for himself) and Shakila Bano Bhopali, with others in the standard qawwaali set up so common in Hindi movies those days.

The song is in the same league as many iconic qawwaalis of Hindi movies. It is just that this song failed to get popular and so remained under the radar. With time, the song was forgotten. Thanks to music collecter Shri Girdharilal Vishwakarma, and the uploader shri Aditya Pant, we can enjoy this fantastic fantastic qawwaali. Our thanks to them.

The song, a nearly seven minute feast, starts with a long harmonium piece, followed by an interesting war of words between the two genders. Quite a remarkable song that will grow on the listeners if they listen to it a few times. I know it because I got tolisten to it quite a few times while trying to get the lyrics right.

“Toofaani Teerandaaz”(1959) makes its debut in the blog with this song.

Another thousandth song post done ! I feel relieved and happy. It will be a while before I will have to worry about finding another suitable song for the occasion. 🙂

I take this opportunity to thank one and all. This set of thousand songs took 555 days to arrive at a rate of less that two songs per day, but what is important is that we are still on the move and we continue to add to an already rich collection of songs. I take this opportunity to thank one and all. I expect that we will continue to recive the same support, help, encouragement, contributions etc for one and all.

Song-Hum wafaadaar nahin tu bhi to dildaar nahin(Toofaani Teerandaaz)(1959) Singers-Ismail Azad, Sudha Malhotra, Lyrics-Farooque Kaiser, MD-Iqbal
Male chorus
Female chorus


Shukr kar hamne tujhe chaand si soorat de di
naaz kaliyon ka hawaaon ki nazaakat de di
teri zulfon ko ghataaon ki bhi rangat de di
loot kar saare zamaane ki muhabbat de di
phir bhi hamse ye gila hai ke wafaadaar nahin

ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

tu bhi to dildaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

ham na hote to bahaaron mein na rangat hoti
chaand mein noor na kaliyon mein nazaakat hoti
pad gayi jaan zamaane mein hamaare dam se
pyaar tum kisko jataate jo na aurat hoti
phir bhi hamse ye gila hai ke wafaadaar nahin
ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

tu bhi to dildaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

tujhko magroor kiya
keh ke haseena hamne
teri khaatir kiya
manzoor ye jeena hamne
banke majnu kahin laila pe huye hain qurbaan
cheer laaye pahaadon ka bhi seena hamne
phir bhi hamse ye gila hai ke wafaadaar nahin
ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

chaahe joban bhi
tera hukm na taala hamne
daali Mirza ke gale pyaar ki maala hamne
isko kehte hain muhabbat yahi hoti hai wafa
khud to girte bhi rahe
tujhko sambhaala hamne
phir bhi hamse ye gila hai ke wafaadaar nahin

ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

tu bhi to dildaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

le sahaara meri baahon ka zara ab to sambhal
do kadam raah e wafa mein tu mere saath to chal
teri ulfat ki nishaani nahin jag mein koi
mard ke pyaar ka wo dekh nishaan Tajmahal
phir bhi hamse ye gila hai ke wafaadaar nahin
ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

tu bhi to dildaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

pahle mumtaz ne ki jaan muhabbat mein nisaar
baad mein Tajmahal ka hai banaana bekaar
waqt ne phoonk diye kitne wafaaon ke charaag
beh gaye mauj mein kitni hi kumhaaran ke pyaar
aise hamse ye gila hai ke wafaadaar nahin

ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

zahar aankhon ka har ek jaam mein daala tumne
zulf ke parde mein hai saanp ko paala tumne
hashr(?) tak yaad rahega tera ye zulmo sitam
banke hawwa hamen jannat se nikaala tumne
phir bhi hamse ye gil hai ke wafaadaar nahin
ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

tu bhi to dildaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

taane sakhiyon ke sune
hamne hi Radha banke
pyaar mein ho gaye ruswa kahin Laila ban ke
Ram ka saath diya kisne museebat mein bata
kaun jungalon mein phira saath mein Seeta ban ke
phir bhi hamse ye gila hai ke wafaadaar nahin

ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin
ham wafaadaar nahin
tu bhi to dildaar nahin

jaa tere husn ka ab koi talabgaar nahin
dil hai aurat ka koi pyaar ka baazaar nahin
ham nahin ?? ke ab naaz uthhaane waale
aur aa jaayenge dil hampe lutaane waale
ham na honge to ye kya shaan rahegi baaqi
jaan jaayegi magar aan rahegi baaqi
kaun hai aap ki soorat se jo bedaar nahin
qatl kar denge tumhe haath mein talwaar nahin
?? naazuk mein ye taaqat meri sarkaar nahin
?? se nipatna koi dushwaar nahin
phir bhi hamse ye gila hai ke wafaadaar nahin

ham wo baazaar nahin tu bhi to dildaar nahin…

11 Responses to "Ham wafaadaar nahin tu bhi to dildaar nahin"

Heartiest Congratulations on reaching 16000 songs mark.
Best wishes for more milestones.


Heartiest Congratulations Atul ji, Sudhir ji and all respected team members of the blog on achieving the milestone of 16000 Songs on the blog !!!
Thanks Atul ji for the post !!!


Hearty congratulations to Atul ji and his bandwagon for one more milestone of 16000th song on the Blog.

13001-14000 –>334 days
14001-15000 –>444 days
15001-16000 –>555 days
16001 -17000 –>666 days?? No way. Let us hope that 555 days remain slowest for the Blog.

I heard this qawwali for the first time. It is rendered more in a traditional way than the filmy qawwalis with melodies. The lyrics by Farooq Qaiser are excellent for a qawwali.

It is a revelation to me that Farooq Qaiser had used the names of Radha and Seeta in this qawwali before Sahir Ludhianvi used them in ‘na to kaarwaan ki talaash hai….ye ishq ishq hai’ in ‘Barsaat Ki Raat’ (1960).


Hearty hearty congratulations from Peevesie’s family on reaching 16000. That is some feat of a passion for music. May we have many more. May there be a steady stream of yyiippeeee and debuts. May there be more personal centuries of artists. And may we never run out of resources


Hi all,

The blog masters are wafaadaar, dildaar and much more.
Hearty Congratulations to all.

And, once again a huge THANKS to the blog masters and frequent contributors.

20k is not far and will be a huge milestone.



Atul Ji, Congrats to you ,contributors and followers of the blog on this milestone event. I, for one, would prefer to walk the path slowly and steadily rather than at brisk pace. It gives more time to relish each post and song so that it lingers.
Nice to find a rare song.


Congratulations Atul ji and all the blog members for reaching 16000 ………


Heartiest congratulations to Atul ji, Sudhir ji and all Atulites for this wonderful milestone. Let’s keep sharing more music like this! Stay blessed!


!Dear Atulji and all team members Heartiest Congratulations on this achievement.. well deserved by all !💐 Let’s not get disheartened for taking more time per 1000 no.feast ! It’s an Herculean task and being carried on with  integrity and dedication. We always count on ‘Quality’ of work done and not ‘Quantity’! One-way it’s an encyclopedia of Hindi Film Songs history, so the accuracy is utmost important…And it’s being maintained…Seen by the research work from all of you..!👍 In fact we are fortunate to have such an invaluable treasure bestowed by all Lyricists,Music Composers, Musicians and Recordists..Including all technical/non-technical hands…Due to which we have been enjoying this Nostalgia day after day…Year after year. With today’s advanced technology it may be possible to record a song with more no.of tracks. But imagine a song like e.g.आ अब लौट चले…जिस देशमें गंगा बहती है…ORहै आग हमारे सीनेमे…*******”    *****”….. Same film. With huge cluster of Violenes…How SJ could have achieved the fantastic result what we enjoy today…?Hardwork.. Perseverance.. Loyalty towards work and Work Ethics is the only answer..😊 With warm regards! Dilip Pardeshi   PUNE

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


Hearty congrats, Atul, for this 16000th song.
And to other Atulites and readers too.
What a milestone!
Yes, it might have taken 555 days, but so what?
What is important is that the train is still moving.
Considering my current level of activity here, I’m quite embarrassed to be called a “pillar” of this blog, but thanks. 🙂
Loved the post as usual – had a chuckle when I read about Chandra. 🙂
Excellent choice of song too – never heard of the song, or the movie before.

Now onto 17,000. 🙂


Kind request to make correction…A slip of pen.. Dance director..’Gopi krishna’ in place of Gopi shanker !Thanks and regards! Dilip Pardeshi..PUNE

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


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