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Le lo jee paanch paanch aane

Posted on: November 19, 2020

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Bhaari bhaari meena kumari
ghar mein jaa ke maara maari

This was the sales pitch sh’air by some urchins in Mumbai local trains, selling small items like hairbands, hair clips, fancy earrings, finger rings and combs etc. I have had an highly educating experience of travelling in local trains on regular basis from 1988 to 1994, during peak hours, traversing the length and breadth of Mumbai on central, western and harbor lines. The sales pitch and the bol bachchan street seller’s ingenuity in using colourful simile’s, in the present song reminded me of the long forgotten ditty above. (bhaari means costly or rich in mumbaiyya)

I have a tendency of getting involved in different types of hobbies and activities if they catch my interest. I usually follow these interests for a while till something else occupies the space in my time. In school we had a learning topic of ‘home science’. They taught cooking, stitching, crocheting, embroidery etc. But I was only doing those things, to the extent necessary. But crocheting and embroidery had sort of caught my interest and I dabbled in them whenever the opportunity arose. If my mom was doing some knitting, then I would want to take up crochet and finish the wool which she brought to knit some sweater etc. I found the creativity there fascinating, especially in embroidery. Also crocheting and embroidery with wool is quicker.

Once I saw an advert in a magazine for a thread manufacturing co. The ad had a very colourfully embroidered one dimensional ‘charminar’. Not the cigarette box, but the actual ‘charminar’ of Hyderabad. It must have been early or late 80’s. I liked the colourful mural like look of it so much, that I wanted to make it immediately. I got hold of whatever new cloth piece I could find at home, which happened to be orange. I made a drawing of the charminar on a paper and traced it on to the cloth. Once basic work is done, then there is the need for the colourful silk thread, plus a big size ring to fix the cloth and needles. All the paraphernalia was arranged and I set to work, till it finished. It is one my treasured created things, along with one another similar whimsy design which was actually front portion of a small jacket. Many years later I had that embroidered ‘charminar’ framed. Now that frame is also broken, and the orange cloth is lying somewhere in a drawer, waiting reframing or whatever is its destiny.

It so happened that I visited Hyderabad city in April 2019. There was a wedding to attend and some business related visit. It was my second visit there, first being in 2008, which incidentally coincided with the annual “Numa’ish”. It is a traditional yearly event in Hyderabad, which is an exhibition cum sale, on a huge scale and an area is devoted to this “numa’ish”. Special buses are run from the outskirts and surrounding areas for people to travel to and fro, and all that razzmatazz. People came for this exhibition in droves. Now I don’t know if it is the same with all the changes, huge malls being more attractive. I myself found it easier to roam around alone at IKEA, while my husband attended to business.

The annual “Numaish” is held in the second half of january and the night prior to ‘republic day’ all govt. building were lit up with colourful lights. We visited the ‘charminar’ on the night of 25th January, to see it aglow with white lights. During that visit we couldn’t go inside the monument, which we rectified during the 2019 visit. A portion of it was closed even, as it was damaged during the previous monsoon. The huge complex of ‘chowmohalla palace’ is in close vicinity, but it is like an oasis of peace, if feels like another place altogether in total contrast to the area surrounding ‘charminar’. I think it must have been a walled city once upon a time with its multiple gates in all 4 directions, as was traditional for great cities.

Now of course, the city manages to hold in great contrasts, with all the commercial areas hosting huge multinationals office complexes.

After the 2019 visited, I looked and looked for a song featuring the city of Hyderabad to post. But I did not find any such songs. But yesterday I was looking for a good song composed by Sardar Malik, and found this Rafi solo, a sales pitch song, composed by Sardar Malik, written by Hasrat Jaipuri which is entirely shot in locations of Hyderabad old city. It is said that “dhoondne se khudaa miltaa hai”, so what is a song, how would it not be found. I found this song when I had given up finding such a song. The movie is “Mera ghar mere bachche”(1960) and the song is picturised on Charlie. The films cast included Sohrab Modi, Sulochana, Sudesh Kumar, Kumari Naaz, Balraj – I, Daisy Irani, Kavita, Nana Palsikar, Subbiraj, Sadhna Chowdhry, and S’aadat Ali, apart from Charlie. This movie is produced and directed by Sohrab Modi.

The rendition by Rafi Sahab is as usual the star of the show second only to the magnificent charminar filmed 60 years ago. The print is good, so some other historical buildings can also be seen in the song, like Safdarjung museum(ghanta ghar), the Chowmohalla palace entrance etc.

6 out of the 9 songs in the movie are already posted in the blog :

Song Date posted
Bahaaron se poochho mere pyaar ko tum 22 September 2009
Dil mera naache thunak thunak 4 September 2010
Chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani 11 March 2012
Wo hi oodi oodi ghataayen hain 1 July 2016
Zulm bhi karte hain aur kehte hain ke fariyaad na kar 19 June 2017
Peena haraam hai to nigaahen milaa ke pee 4 September 2020

The expressions in the song, like ‘sauda haathhon haathh hai’ , ‘muraaden dil ki bar aayen’, ‘andhere mein bahot kuchh soojh jaayegaa’, ‘aap ki munh mein ghee shakkar’,’ maare sharam ke phir gayaa paani’, so freely used are a refreshing reminder of a very civilized part of mumbaiyya dialect.

Video :

audio :

Song-Le lo jee paanch paanch aane (Mera Ghar Mere Bachche)(1960) Singer-Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Sardar Malik


Mud mud ke
har koyi dekhe
maal mein kuchh to baat hai
paise do aur maal utthaao
sauda haathhon haathh hai
le lo ji le lo
paanch paanch aane ae
aayenge phir na aa
aise zamaane
le lo ji le lo
paanch paanch aane ae
aayenge phir na aa
aise zamaane ae

yeh kangha leejiye
muraaden dil ki bhar aayen
koyi ganja
kare sar mein
to us ke baal aa jaayen
meraa surmaa
agar aise
ke ji andhaa lagaayegaa
to andhe ko
andhere mein
bahot kuchh soojh jaayegaa aa

ye surmaa kya hai jadoo mantar
aap ki munh mein ghee shakkar
jo bhi chaaho
le lo saayin
paise ki sab baat hai
paise do aur maal utthaao
sauda haathhon haathh hai
le lo ji le lo o
paanch paanch aane ae
aayenge phir na aa
aise zamaane
haan aane
le lo ji le lo o
paanch paanch aane ae
aayenge phir na aa
aise zamaane

ham ko London ka powder maangtaa hai
mem saab
idhar to India ka maal miltaa hai
haan khaalis hindustaani
chhee chhee chhee

hamaare desh ke har maal pe
duniyaa hai deewaani
videshi maal per
maare sharam ke
phir gayaa paani
lagaate hain nazar ham par
yeh cheeni aur japaani
chali aati hai lene maal
inglistaan ki naani
inglistaan ki naani eeee

tum letaa London se takkar
aap ke munh mein ghee shakkar
London waale laakh jalen
par uparwaala saathh hai
paise do aur maal utthaao
sauda haathhon haathh hai ae
le lo ji le lo
paanch paanch aane ae
aayenge phir na aa
aise zama..aane
haan aa
le lo ji le lo
paanch paanch aane ae
aayenge phir na aa
aise zamaane aewaah
le lo ji le lo
paanch paanch aane ae
aayenge phir na aa
aise zamaane

2 Responses to "Le lo jee paanch paanch aane"

Mrs.Nahm ji,
Thanks for your post and the song.
The whole thing together gave me a sense of Nostalgia.
I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. I spent first 24 years of my life in Hyderabad, before I left it in 1964, visiting it once in 2-3 years in later years.
The Numaish played an important part in our childhood. We used to visit it at least 10 to 12 times till it lasted. The Numaish starts on 1st January and ends on 10th February every year since its beginning till this year.
There are few songs shot in and around Hyderabad and some of them are already on our Blog.
The last time I visited Hyderabad was in mid January 2020, but nowadays,I do not visit the Numaish. The last I visited it was perhaps in about 10 years ago.
Thanks once again.



Some songs shot in Hyderabad must be posted in the blog, but in the absence of specific tags or a reference to location in the song posts, they are difficult to find.

I found the present song not yet posted, is just a lucky ‘ittefaq’. Even ‘Hyderabad blues’ has no songs filmed on locations, though the film is situated in Hyderabad.

The ‘Numaish’ was initiated in 1938, so it is 82 years old now. I recalled the visit to the ‘Numaish’ in january 2008, while writing this post. Hence, some forgotten memories are revived with this post for me also. It was like if you are in Hyderabad, while the ‘Numaish’ is on, you cant miss it. Even the roads were demarcated for the traffic to the location area in Namapally.

Thank you for sharing your experiences of the Numaish in the early years.

Thanks and regards.


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