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Ho o o shaam aayi rangon mein rangi huyi

Posted on: November 29, 2020

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‘Jeena Yahaan’ (1979) haa an impressive list of actors of the new wave films but I do not recall having read or heard about this film. So, I recently watched this film on a video sharing platform. The story of the film was interesting and was in keeping with Basu Chatterjee’s favourite subject – the lives of middle-class people in urban setting.

‘Jeena Yahaan’ (1979) was produced under the banner of Jamu Productions and was directed by Basu Chatterjee. The star cast included Shabana Azmi, Shekhar Kapoor, Amol Palekar, Zarina Wahab, Dina Pathak, Kiran Vairale, Vidya Sinha, Devendra Khandelwal, Arvind Deshpande etc. The film was based on a short story written by a well-known Hindi writer, Mannu Bhandari. Incidentally, Basu Chatterjee’s ‘Rajnigandha’ (1974) was also based on Mannu Bhandari’s short story, ‘Yahi Sach Hai’. She has also written screen-play of the film ‘Swaami’ (1977), directed by Basu Chatterjee. Incidentally, Basu Chatterjee’s maiden directorial venture, ‘Saara Aakash’ (1969) was based on the first part of Rajendra Yadav’s novel of the same name. Rajendra Yadav is the husband of Mannu Bhandari.

Mannu Bhandari is one of the pioneers of Hindi literary movement called ‘Nayi Kahaani’ (New Story). Under this movement, stories are written based on the real-life experiences. She generally writes short stories on middle class women who is financially independent and intellectually capable to share the responsibilities on equal footing with men. Most of the character in her short stories are woman-centric. I have given story-writer’s background just to give an idea as to how the story in the film unfolds.

Shekhar (Shekhar Kapoor) and Lekha (Shabana Azmi) are from small towns who had made Mumbai their work place. Both are in love with each other and wants to get married. But their families are against this marriage because both belong to different castes. One day, both of them get married under Special Marriage Act, without the knowledge of their respective parents and start living in a small rented tenement. In the evening they spend time with their theatre friends with Sushma (Zarina Wahab) and Dinesh (Amol Palekar) being part of their friend circle, among others.

Sushma and Dinesh love each other but Sushma’s father is against this marriage. The real cause for the opposition to the marriage is that Sushma is the only bread-winner for the family, her father being unemployed for months. Both of them are encouraged by Shekhar and Lekha to get registered marriage which they follow and a date is decided for the registered marriage. In the group, there is Sipra (Vidya Sinha) who has lost her husband at a very young age with a small kid to look after. Lekha encourages her to start a play school for the small children and arranges the students and a place to start the play school. She is helped by her theater friends. (I think, the characters of Sushma, Dinesh and Sipra have been introduced just to jextapose the problems which have been faced by Shekhar and Lekha).

In all these efforts and also due to change of climate from town to Mumbai, Lekha is not keeping good health. Shekhar advises her to visit his parent’s house in a small town for few days for a change which she reluctantly agrees. Earlier, she had visited the place with Shekhar after the marriage for a very short stay. This time, Lekha stays for a longer period and during the initial period, she is quite happy with open sky, greenery all around and more importantly, the easy life away from the hustle bustle of Mumbai.

Within a few days of her stay, Lekha realises that all is not well in the house. The house has been divided into two parts with one part being occupied by Shekhar’s uncle and his family. Shekhar’s house is run by his mother (Dina Pathak) and Lekha’s mother-in-law (here after I will call her as ‘matriarch’) who is the final decision-maker in the house. Her father-in-law (Arvind Deshpande) has no say in the running of the house.

Shekhar’s younger brother, Shanker who is studying for BA wants to change his spectacles as his number has changed and he is getting head-ache. But his mother is not prepared to spend money for a new spectacles. On the other hand, she is prepared to spend money for some rituals to be conducted by a swami. Lekha tries to convince the matriarch by saying that Shankar’s study will be affected but it is of no use as she thinks that Shanker wanted to change the spectacle for more fashionable frame. (This shows the misplaced priorities for spending money in a rural/semi-urban setting).

In the house, the elder daughter-in-law who has become widow is looked down by the mother-in-law. Her younger brother, Diwakar (Devendra Khandelwal) occasionally visit her widow sister in the pretext of enquiring her well-being. But the real reason for this visit is to meet Gauri (Kiran Vairale), the younger sister of Shekhar. Both like each other but the matriarch is against Gauri meeting him since he happens to be the brother of her elder daughter-in-law whom she hates. With all these problems, Lekha feels suffocated even under the vast open place and a leisure life. She thinks of returning to Mumbai.

The matriarch finally decides to get Gauri married to a widower who is almost double the age of Gauri. Lekha tries to convince the matriarch that Gauri should get married to Diwakar who not only loves Gauri, but is also educated. Again, the matriarch has her own way and fix the date for Gauri’s marriage with a widower. Lekha is frustrated. She has to stop this marriage. Since Lekha has already decided to return to Mumbai, she tells both Gauri and Diwakar to run away from the town and board the same train in which she is returning to Mumbai. While Gauri agrees, Diwakar develops cold feet and politely refuse to become the part of the escape to Mumbai with Gauri. Lekha has no option but to take Gauri with her to Mumbai to stop her forcible marriage to a aged widower. In this plan, she takes into confidence, the matriarch’s sister-in-law and her elder daughter-in-law.

In Mumbai, Sushma and Dinesh have got married and are staying in Shekhar’s house while Lekha was out of Mumbai. They are happy as their parent have reconciled to the marriage. Shekhar and Lekha offer Dinesh and Sushma to continue to stay in their house until they find a house for themselves. She consoles Gauri that they will look for a suitable bridegroom for her in Mumbai. The film ends with Lekha’s dialogues as under:

‘Hum log yahin achche hain.
Ye muthi bhar aasmaan, ye chhoti si jagah
Lekin yahaan din mein hosla to hai’

[We are happy here (in Mumbai).
A fistful of sky, a small room.
But here there is an encouragement to survive].

I liked two aspects of the film. First, the director has refrained from showing the usual quarrelsome relationship between mother-in-law (Dina Pathak) and the daughter-in-law, Lekha (Shabana Azmi). The villainous elements in mother-in-law is visible but these do not turn into conflicts as Lekha treats her mother-in-law as a product of a small town and understands her psychology. Mother-in-law on the other hand restrains herself while dealing with Lekha as she realises that Lekha is not only financially independent but she is also educated to deal with such situations.

The second aspect of the film which I like is that there is element of realism when Lekha plans the escapes of Gauri and Diwakar to get married in Mumbai by registered marriage. That Diwakar develops cold feet to this plan is in keeping with the psychology of the small town where societal pressure can make the life of his parents miserable if he runs away with a bride to be. Whether Diwakar would eventually comes to Mumbai to get married to Gauri or not has been kept open in the film with a dialogue that if Diwakar does not turn up, Lekha and her friends would arrange for a suitable bridegroom for her.

The entire film is centered around the character of Shabana Azmi with Dina Pathak getting a fairly good exposure in the film. Shekhar Kapoor has early presence in the film. But during Lekha’s visit to town, he is no whre to be seen in the film. Finally, he comes back in the frame only towards the end of the film. The performance of Kiran Vairale as Gauri is very good despite this being her maiden film as per the credit titles. Rest of the cast like Amol Palekar, Zarina Wahab, Vidya Sinha, are guest artists in the film.

This film reminded me that there was an adorable actress, Kiran Vairale who has left her mark in the films like ‘Naram Garam’ (1981), ‘Saath-Saath’ (1982), ‘Namkeen’ (1982), ‘Lorie’ (1984), ‘Saagar’ (1985) etc, suddenly vanished from the Hindi films. I checked her filmography and came to know that she has not been seen in films after 1986.

The only personal information I knew about Kiran Vairale at the time of her entry into films was that she was the daughter of Madhusudan Vairale, who was a cabinet minister in Government of Maharashtra and later a Member of Parliament of Indian National Congress from Akola. I found an interview of her, published in E-Times of India, January 28, 2017 which gave me some idea about her filmy career and why she left the films sometime in mid-1980s.

Kiran Vairale was exposed to acting for the first time in 1972 when she was in class XI at St. Anns High School, in Fort, Mumbai. Farooque Shaikh who was to direct a short play for the school, came to her class and out of of those called for audition, she was selected for the lead role in a 45-minute play, ‘Mirza Sahibaan’. After her matriculation, Kiran Vairale joined St Xavier’s College where Farooque Shaikh had studied and had formed Hindi drama/music group. She participated in inter-college dramas.

It was her association with IPTA from 1975 to 1984 which gave Kiran Vairale to brush up her acting. In IPTA, she did four plays with Farooque Shaikh, one among them was ‘Doosra Aadmi’ by Sagar Sarhadi. Later, the play was made into a film by Yashraj Films in 1977 in which she had a side role. Due to her IPTA connection, she got roles in many films during 1977-84, most of which were from top banners.

During her short tenure in Hindi films (1977-86), Kiran Vairale acted in 19 films some of which I have already mentioned above. In addition, she worked in one Kannada film ‘Pallavi Anu Pallavi’ (1983). In most of the films, she got the side roles like hero’s sister or heroine’s friend.

Sometime in the middle of 1980s, Kiran Vairale got married to Syed Fahd Asad Mumtaz, a nephew of Dilip Kumar (his sister, Taj Mumtaz’s son) and migrated to USA. Presently, Kiran Vairale (now Kiran Mumtaz) owns and runs one of the largest immigrant-based recruitment advertising agencies in New York.

Since I have also discussed Kiran Vairale in the article, I am presenting the song, ‘o shaam aayi rango mein rangi huyi’ from ‘Jeena Yahaan’ (1979), sung by Lata Mangeshkar which is picturised on Kiran Vairale. The song is written by Yogesh which is set to music by Salil Chowdhury.

It is a boat song in which Shabana Azmi is seen along with Devendra Khandelwal (Kiran Vairale’s love interest in the film) and Desh Maheshwari in the role of Kiran Vairale’s brother.

This is the second song of the film (out of 3 songs) to appear on the Blog. The video clip has got full song but sound quality is not so good while audio clip does not have 3rd antara of the song but sound quality is good.

Video Clip:

Audio Clip:

Song-Ho o o shaam aayi rangon mein rangi huyi (Jeena Yahaan)(1979) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-Salil Chaudhary

Lyrics(Based on Video Clip)(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Ho o o shaam aayi rangon mein rangi huyi
paayal vaayal mere paanvon mein
koyi baandho laake nayi nayi
o o shaam aayi ee
rango nmein rangi huyi
paayal vaayal mere paanvon mein
koyi baandho laake nayi nayi
o shaam aayi ee
rangon mein rangi huyi

mujhe koyi nayi chunri dila do
mere liye naya kangna koyi laa do
ye soone se maathhe pe
kare cham cham kumkum ki
tum aisi koyi bindiya laga do
ho o o shaam aayi rangon mein rangi huyi

ye jaadoo kaisa hai jaanoon na
lage mujhe ye to jeewan mera sona
ye jaadoo kaisa hai jaanoon na
lage mujhe ye to jeewan mera sona
saja le tu nainon mein
dheere dheere ore manwa mere
koyi ek sapna salona
ho o shaam aayi ee
rangon mein rangi huyi

mere mann ki aasha adhoori
hogi ik din ye to kahin poori
mere mann ki aasha adhoori
hogi ik din ye to kahin poori
kabhi na main bhooloongi
sang sang tere saathi mere
beete ye jo shaam sindoori
ho o shaam aayi ee rangon mein rangi huyi
paayal vaayal mere paanvon mein
koyi baandho laake nayi nayi
ho o shaam aayi ee rangon mein rangi huyi

10 Responses to "Ho o o shaam aayi rangon mein rangi huyi"

Sadanand ji,
I did wonder where Kiran Vairale disappeared!

She, barely 5 feet in height, danced with Amitabh Bachchan in AHSAAS, 1979.
Rootho na…
Ghadi ghadi yoon tum…
She looked comfortable in the song. AB was lifting her as if she was a small child!


I have watched this song with AB. You are correct. I also felt that AB was lifting her like a big toy.


Thanks Sadanand ji,
for so much detailed information about Kiran Virale and Jeena yahaan,
both of which are my favourite subjects,

Lost the race, 🙂

I did send Lyrics of all the songs of the movie, for many anniversaries,from many years,
like anniversaries of Basu chatterjee, Yogesh and recently when Sabita Chowdhury died, I sent Sabita Chowdhury`s s song lyrics from this movie “Yehi to hai mere khwabon ka jahaan”,………………
koi baat nahin, ……



Prakashchandra ji,

Glad to know that both the film and Kiran Vairale are your favourites.
Kiran Vairale is one of those actresses who gives a lasting impression in most of her films even in small roles.

Lost the race? Na
You have won the race 1158 times on the Blog.


Thanks for writing encouraging words to me, Sadanand ji

Kiran vairale acted opposite Anil Kapoor in Kannada movie PALLAVI ANUPALLAVI (19831)which is one of the first film of Tamil movie director MANI RATNAM, (beautiful camera work by Balu Mahendra/movie picturised around COORG)starring Julie Lakshmi, Vikram(same who acted opposite Lakshmi in Hindi movie JULIE (1975),
Kiran Vairale got very good role in that movie almost parallel to the other heroine of the movie Julie LAKSHMI,and that film has got very good compositions of music director Ilaiya Raja(Kiran Virale featured in two very memorable songs of this movie)

Just watch the song picturised on Kiran Vairale,for its melody and the old Bangalore city locations

I remember Kiran Vairale`s role in movies like

In Prem rog, she play a young wife to aged Rajinder nath
in Shubh Kaamna,(a south remake), she has got very good role with Utpal dutt,Rati Agnihotri(directed by K.Vishwanath)
in Arth, she is the girls hostel Bindaas room mate of Shabana Azmi
in Ek Baar Kaho, she acted opposite Late Dilip Dhawan,Anil Kapoor
in Bhumika she acted as Smita Patil`s young daughter
in Lorie she is the eldest daughter of Madan Puri/Shaukat azmi
in Namkeen, one of three daugters of Waheeda Rehman
in Savere wali gaadi, she is Poonam Dhillon`s friend
in Ek Jaan hain hum she is friend of Rakesh Bedi
in Jawaab she is villain Danny`s daughter, who teached him a lesson
in Saath saath, she is one amonth the lead pair`s friend circle
in Naram garam she plays Utpal Dutt`s daughter


another very good sad female solo picturised on Kiran Vairale sung by Late S.P.Balasubramaniam`s playback singer sister S.P.Shailaja

for the sake of Lyricist R.N.Jayagopal and music maestro Ilaiyaraja

Liked by 1 person

Sadanand Ji, Thanks for short info on Mannu Bhandari & Rajendra Yadav. In those days I did not take not of certain details.
As for Kiran Vairale, I have never forgotten her lively roles.

Liked by 1 person

Prakashchandra Ji,

Thanks for the additional information on Kiran Vairale.


Thank you Sadanandji for this post which gives info on the “chhota packet of talent” (not my original phrase, this is coined by Madhuri Dixit in a TV show) Kiran Vairale. I loved her in Ek Baar Kaho, Naram Garam etc.
Remember her as Utpal Dutt’s daughter singing “ek baat suni hai chachaji” to Shatrughan Sinha.
And thank you for solving the puzzle of where she has vanished


Peevesie’s Mom,

Thanks for going through the article.

It is creditable for Kiran Vairale that the directors of most of her films, whatever be her roles, thought it necessary to picturised a song on her. For example, for the song discussed in the article, even though Shabana Azmi is the lead actress, the song is picturised on Kiran Vairale. And this was her first film.


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