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Taaron ka mela bhara hai gagan mein

Posted on: February 16, 2021

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Today’s song or rather poem recitation is from the 1971 movie ‘Badnaam Basti’.

‘Badnaam Basti-1971’ was directed by Prem Kapoor for his home productions i.e., ‘Prem Kapoor Films, Bombay’. It had Nandita Thakur, Nitin Sethi, Nandlal Sharma, Amar Kakkar, Vinod Sharma, Niranjan Mathur, O.P. Kohli, Satya Kumar Patil, Ravi Jhingran, Amrut Patel, Aarti Chokhani, Vikram Mehrotra and others.

As mentioned in HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980) this movie was based on Kamleshwar’s novel ‘Badnaam Gali’.
This movie highlights the issues of ‘homosexualty’ and was passed by Censor Board on 11.06.1971. The Censor Board passed this movie with ‘restricted viewing certificate (A).

The first time I became aware of this movie’s name was when I browse through HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980) in 2015. Thereafter I was looking for its songs and later I noticed two songs in a clip were available, but the audio quality was not good.
After that in between I keep searching for more information about this movie and in 2016 I came across an article published on internet. I was staying at Nagpur then and I had contacted the author of this article to know more about this movie’s songs but he was not aware of that. He only highlighted the subject of this movie of ‘1971’ because movie with the same subject titled ‘Aligarh-2016’ was in the news then for dealing with a subject of ‘gay relationship’. The movie ‘Aligarh-2016’ did get ‘critical acclaim’, but it was not the case when forty-five years ago (in 1971) Prem Kapoor made the movie ‘Badnaam Basti’.
Interested readers can refer the article here.

HFGK lists five songs in this movie as per details given below. Two lyricists viz. Virendra Mishra and Harivansh Rai Bachchan wrote the lyrics for this movie. Music was composed by Vijay Raghav Rao.

SNO. Song Title Singer Lyricist
01 Mele mein khoyi gujariya Harivansh Rai Bachchan Harivansh Rai Bachchan
02 Sajnaa kaahe naahi aaye Ghulam Mustafa Khan Virendra Mishra
03 Akela akela … taaron bharaa melaa… Satish Bhutani Virendra Mishra
04 Godniya gudwaay le
05 Sun lo katha Seeta ki

Today’s song is in the voice of Satish Bhutani and music is composed by Vijay Raghav Rao. Lyrics are by Virendra Mishra.
Let us listen to the today’s song now…

with today’s song the movie ‘Badnaam Basti’ makes its debut on the blog. The singer Satish Bhutani also makes a debut on the blog.

I would request knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie and its songs please.


Song-Taaron ka mela bhara hai gagan mein(Badnaam Basti)(1971) Singer-Satish Bhutani, Lyrics-Virendra Mishra, MD-Vijay Raghav Rao


taaron ka melaa bharaa hai
gagan mein
tu hai akelaa

kaagaz ka sapnaa
khilaa hai chaman mein
koi na apnaa
na apnaa
na apnaa

peena hai aansoo
jeena hai aansoo
soone nayan mein
nayan mein
nayan mein

sooni dagar par
ab reh gayaa hai
aansoo bharaa man
bharaa man
bharaa man

beete hain din bhi
beeti hai raatein
kab tak chalegaa
chalegaa aa

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Music Director Vijay Raghava Rao also gave music for Amitabh Bachchan/Jaya Bhaduri flop movie Bansi Birju(1972)




in this video you can view some still photographs of movie cast, nadita takur and Nitin Sethi I have seen them many movies………Amrit Patel also I have seen him in Doordarshan serials


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