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Tere shabaab husn ki taaseer dekh kar

Posted on: April 29, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film ‘Kaun Pardesi’-1947. As per HFGK this film was a ‘ Social Film’, but the makers of this film gave a different description of their film. In one of the posters of this film, it is announced that this film was ” A Stunt cum Magic and Music cum Dance Social film”. Possibly this was an ” all inclusive” film and what remained was to include ‘ Mythological’ and ‘ Historical’ words in its description !

Filmmakers try every trick in their bag to make their films successful, but alas ! No one has got the formula for a film to become successful. There are films which give tremendous satisfaction to the filmmaker, but these films fail at the Box office. An example is, when C Ramchandra and Lata made the film Jhanjhar-53, CR put all his skill into the composing of its music and he was very happy with it. At that time, he was working with Filmistan for the film Anarkali-53. Irked by the extra attention CR was giving to his own film Jhanjhar, Filmistan had even served a legal notice to CR for alleged neglect for Anarkali music. The result ? Anarkali music became a Hit and Jhanjhar music failed !

There is an opposite case to prove that no one knows how and where Luck will show up. Producer Sitaram Rohera was already in heavy debts and could not spend much on his film ‘ Jai Santoshi Maa”-75. He employed Director and Composer who were available for modest fees and opted for second and third level artistes for the film. The result ? The film was a tremendous success and it grossed 5 Crores for an investment of only a few lakhs. Can you imagine, it gave a fight to a film like ” Sholey” in 1975 !

Well,well,well ! Nothing of this sort happened and the film Kaun Pardesi remained a failed film. Take a look at the people who worked for this film. The director was J U Trivedi, who was an assistant Cinematographer earlier. This was his first film as a director. After this film, Trivedi directed one more film – jasoos-47, with the same fate. Then he ended his directorship. The Lyricist was Muztar Behzadi who wrote only 9 songs in 3 films, namey Kaun Pardesi-47, 7 songs, Soorat-47, 1 song and Flying Man-47, 1 song. His name disappeared after this. Possibly he migrated to Pakistan. Similarly, the composer was Ali Hussain Muradabadi who gave music to only 2 more films…Panihari-46 and O janewale-48. In all he composed 22 songs in these 3 films.

The cast of the film was essentially like any other stunt or costume film. The Hero was Yashwant Dave, Heroine was Khurshid Jr.( elder sister of Meena kumari), Mumtaz Begum (who was Dave’s Heroine in his first silent film Diler Daku-1931), Samson, Rampyari, Flora etc etc. It was not uncommon during the days of early cinema for people to hang around studios and filming locations in the hopes of being discovered. One such intrepid soul was Yeshwant Dave (or Yashwant Dave), who was at Kohinoor Studios observing a picture being made by producer J.B.H. Wadia. The handsome and athletic Yeshwant cornered Wadia, insisting that he would make a fine hero for an action film.

Wadia agreed to test Yeshwant by having him jump from the roof of one set piece to another. He did so successfully, and J.B.H. decided to cast him in a film that he was to direct for Young United Players, the 1931 silent THUNDERBOLT (aka DILER DAKU) featuring Mumtaz as the heroine.

Yashwant was again directed by Wadia in TOOFAN MAIL (1932) and there after became a sought after action star appearing in the stunt films of other directors like Aspi, Dhirubhai Desai, Nari Ghadiali, Chunilal Parekh, and Harshadrai Mehta. Some of his films include BHARAT VEER (1932), JADUI JUNG (1934), BOMBSHELL (1935), VASANTBENGALI (1937), FLYING RANEE (1939), MAGIC CITY (1940), TORPEDO (1941), ROYAL MAIL (1946), and KAUN PARDESI (1947).

Growing out of the stunt hero persona, he turned to character parts and made infrequent onscreen appearances throughout the 1950s, including in SHEIKH CHILLI and MAKKHEE CHOOS both released in 1956 and starring comedian Bhagwan. What became of Yeshwant Dave afterwards is anybody’s guess, as the once popular action star faded into obscurity and, sadly, is barely remembered today.

The case of Khurshid Jr. is pathetic. Khurshid Jr. – the film Heroine – was the eldest daughter of Master Ali Baksh, Music Director and Iqbal Begum, film artiste and one time a famous and popular stage artist of Madon, Alfred and other Drama companies in the Eastern India. The family actually belonged to Sargodha in Punjab, but Khurshid was born in Bombay on 10-4-1930. Being born in a filmi family, the atmosphere was very conducive for Khurshid to join films.

After getting school education upto 12 years of age, she entered films. Her first film was Zameen-43 as a side Heroine. Then came Minerva’s Dr. Kumar-44 and Naghma E Sehra-45 – in which she was the Heroine of Master Vithal. Due to her good acting skill, there was no shortage of film offers. She had to add Jr. to her name , as there was a more famous actress singer Khurshid Bano, already in the film line, in the same period.

Khurshid’s younger sisters Baby Meena (later Meena kumari) and Baby Madhuri Later actress Madhu- Mehmood’s wife) were also working in films. Khurshid Jr. married her handsome co-star Altaf. who did few films as a Hero but then shifted to side roles soon. After Partition, the couple considered shifting to Pakistan, but decided to stay here as her both sisters were here and doing better.

As long as Meena kumari was alive, they were comfortable, but after her demise, they became helpless and went down financially. They had to live in smaller tenement and roles also dwindled. Khurshid Jr. acted in 65 films. Her last film was Oh Bewafa-80. Altaf acted in just 21 films from Sipahi-41 to Pakiza-71. Even Khurshid had also acted in it.

Today’s song is sung by A R Oza. Amritlal R. Oza was a Nagar Bramhin from Gujarat. He joined Ranjit when Khemchand Prakash, Gyan Dutt and Bulo C Rani were paid musicians there. His first song came in Pujari-46.

He was very friendly with Bulo C Rai and Hansraj Behl. He sang maximum songs for them only. At the same time he sang in Gujarati films and he became very famous and popular there.

Some Hindi films in which he sang are, Lakhon mein ek-47, Nanad Bhojai-48, Bichhade Balam-49( he sang with Meenakumari also), Bhool Bhulaiyan-49, Nili-50 etc. He sang 39 songs in 23 Hindi films,but sang much and many more in Gujarati. After retirement he settled in Ahmedabad, where he died on 13-5-1985.

This is the second song from “Kaun pardesi”(1947) to appear in the blog.

Song –Tere shabaab husn ki taaseer dekh kar (Kaun Pardesi)(1947) Singer – A R Oza, Lyricist – Mujtar Behzadi, MD – Ali Hussain Moradabadi


Tere shabaab husn ki taaseer dekh kar
tere shabaab husn ki taaseer dekh kar
tasveer ban gaya hoon main tasveer dekh kar
tasveer ban gaya hoon main tasveer dekh kar
tere shabaab husn ki taaseer dekh kar

jee chaahta hai rukh ki tamhaare balaayen loon
jee chaahta hai rukh ki tamhaare balaayen loon
dil keh raha hai zulf ki zanjeer khench kar
dil keh raha hai zulf ki zanjeer khench kar
tere shabaab husn ki taaseer dekh kar

ab gaur kar raha hoon ke ae ae ae ae
ab gaur kar raha hoon ke dil mujhse khil gaya
dil mujhse khil gaya aa
ab gaur kar raha hoon ke dil mujhse khil gaya
dil mujhse khil gaya aa
hairaan hoon tere husn ki taaseer dekh kar
hairaan hoon tere husn ki taaseer dekh kar
tere shabaab husn ki taaseer dekh kar

kadmon mein aake tere guzaaroon main zindagi ee
kadmon mein aake tere guzaaroon main zindagi ee
be ?? ho gaya teri tasveer dekh kar
be ?? ho gaya teri tasveer dekh kar
tere shabaab husn ki taaseer dekh kar
tere shabaab husn ki taaseer dekh kar

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Very nice information!

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Umesh ji,
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