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Tum shyaam badariya main hoon mor

Posted on: May 8, 2021

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During 1966-72, I used to watch one Hindi film almost every week-end. I had only two main criteria for selecting a film. First, I should be able to procure a ticket without a long queue either in advance or current booking. Second, the film should be from a good banner which meant that ‘B’ and ‘C’ grade films were out of my reckoning.

‘Aradhana’ (1969) was one such films which fitted my criteria. I watchedit in a theatre during the first week of its release. There was no problem in booking the ticket as Rajesh Khanna had not become a ‘phenomenon’ at that time, a term which one of the film magazines had used for him after the success of this film. While I was acquainted with the names of most of the main actors, the actor who had done the role of Sharmila Tagore’s father was a new face for me. His performance as a distressed father whose daughter has become a widow, carrying her fiancé’s child before formally getting married, had remained embedded in my mind with the song, safal hogi teri araadhana playing in the background. It was after a few months that I came to know that the actor in that role was Pahadi Sanyal, a name that I heard for the first time. Now this sounds surprising for me.

It was a sort of paradox that while I was not aware of Pahadi Sanyal as an actor in 1969, I was acquainted with his daughter, Luku Sanyal who was a lecturer in English literature in my college (K C College, Churchgate) during my college days in 1966-69. It was only when she started reading news in English on Doordarshan, Mumbai in 1972 that I came to know that she was the daughter of Pahadi Sanyal.

It took me another four decades to know that Pahadi Sanyal was also a good singer. That was after I joined the Blog sometime in 2011.

Pahadi Sanyal (22/02/1906 – 10/02/1974) and K L Saigal were contemporaries in New Theatres, both of them starting their filmy career almost the same year (1932). Apart from Bengali, Pahadi Sanyal was fluent in Hindi, Urdu and English. This qualified him to work as a singer-actor in most of the bilingual films (Bangla and Hindi) produced by New Theatres during 1933-40. The bilingual films included ‘Rajrani Meera’ (1933), ‘Chandidas’ (1934), Dhoop Chhaaon’ (1935), ‘Devdas’ (1935), ‘Karorepati’ (1936), ‘Vidyapati’ (1937), ‘Adhikar’ (1938), ‘Sapera’ (1939), ‘Haar-Jeet’ (1940). He also acted and rendered songs in ‘Yahudi Ki Ladki’ (1933) and ‘Kaarwaan-E-Hayat’ (1935). In some of these films, Pahari Sanyal worked with K L Saigal and also rendered songs with him.

Despite being a trained musician and singer in Hindustani classical music from the prestigious Marris College of Music, Lucknow, Pahadi Sanyal had to work under the shadow of K L Saigal whose songs were very popular and thus sure shots for the box office success of the films. I have seen many films of Pahadi Sanyal and K L Saigal working together and there is no doubt that K L Saigal was a better singer than Pahadi Sanyal. But when it comes to acting I felt that latter’s acting calibre was higher than that of K L Saigal.

After completing ‘Saugandh’ (1942), Pahadi Sanyal shifted his base to Mumbai in 1942. During his Mumbai stint, he acted in ‘Saheli’ (1942), ‘Sharaafat’ (1943), ‘Inkaar’ (1943), Mohabbat’ (1943), ‘Anban’ (1944), ‘Paristan’ (1944), ‘Kadambari’ (1944), ‘Preet’ (1945), ‘Malan’ (1946), ‘Milan’ (1946) among others. He was a lead actor in many of the films in the 1940s in Mumbai and he sang for himself in all these films.

Some time in the late 1940s, Pahadi Sanyal went back to Kolkata and worked in Bangla films but often visited Mumbai to work in Hindi films in the 1950s and 60s. By early 1950s, Pahadi Sanyal had started doing character roles.

While writing articles under the series ‘Hindi Songs in Bangla Films’ for the Blog, I had occasion to watch many Bangla films and Pahadi Sanyal had acted in some of these films. His role as a Psychiatrist in ‘Deep Jeley Jai’ (1959) was noteworthy for his long monologues with few dialogues delivered in chaste English. I have also seen its Hindi remake, ‘Khamoshi’ (1969) in which Nazir Hussain played the role of Psychiatrist but in my view, he was a shade lower in performance than the one by Pahari Sanyal.

In ‘Uttar Falguni’ (1963) and its Hindi remake, ‘Mamta’ (1966), Pahari Sanyal had a small role of a prosecution lawyer. Here he was pitted against the defence lawyer, Bikash Roy/Ashok Kumar. It was an interesting dual of natural actors in the court room to watch. In ‘Alor Pipasa’ (1959), Pahari Sanyal played the role of a senior doctor who tells the story of a mujra singer to his junior doctor (Asit Baran) who turns out be the mujra singer’s son. The narration of the story in a flash back mode by the senior doctor in tight to medium close-up shots shows the confidence the director of the film on the ability of Pahadi Sanyal to give effective facial expressions along with smooth dialogue delivery. In Bangla cinema, some of the character actors like Pahadi Sanyal and Chhabi Biswas, thanks to their acting prowess, commanded status almost equal to that of the lead actors. There are some more such Bangla films where Pahadi Sanyal has given memorable performance even in small roles.

During the 4 decades of his filmy career, Pahadi Sanyal worked in 56 Hindi films and almost an equal number of Bangla films. In addition, he also worked in an English film, ‘The Householder’ (1963).

As a singer in Hindi films, Pahadi Sanyal was active from 1933 to 1946 during which time, he rendered about 50 songs as an actor-singer. His last Hindi film song appears to be wo kahen aap ki do chaah ka inaam mujhe from ‘Milan’ (1946).

About a week back, I uploaded a rare song from the film ‘Mohabbat’ (1943) ‘tum shyaam badariya main hoon mor’ rendered by Pahadi Sanyal which I am presenting here. The film was directed by Phani Majumdar. Shanta Apte and Pahadi Sanyal were in the lead roles in the film with the supporting cast of Jagdish Sethi, Sunalini Devi, K C Dey, Yashodhara Katjoo, S Nazir etc.

There were 10 songs in the film which were set to music by Hari Prasanna Das. Except for Meera Bai bhajan, the lyricist/s for remaining 9 songs are unattributed.

With this song, ‘Mohabbat’ (1943) makes its debut on the Blog.

Audio Clip:

Song-Tum shyam badariya main hoon mor (Mohabbat)(1943) Singer-Pahadi Sanyal, Lyrics-Unknown, MD-Hari Prasanna Das


tum shyaam badariyaa
main hoon mo…r
tum shyaam badariyaa
main hoon mo…r
tum shyaam badariyaa
tum chaand kiran ho
tum chaand kiran ho
main hoon chakor
tum shyaam badariyaa
main hoon mor
tum shyaam badariyaa

ek praan hai do hain kaaya
ek praan hai do hain kaaya
bandhi preet ki dor
bandhi preet ki do…..r
tum shyaam badariyaa
main hoon mo….r
tum shyaam badariyaa

aa haa
tum jal ki chanchal dhaara
main uska ek kinaara
tum jal ki chanchal dhaara
main uska ek kinaara
jeewan pathh mein sang sang dolen
jeewan pathh mein sang sang dolen
chale ek hi ore
chale ek hi ore
tum shyaam badariyaa
main hoon mo….r
tum shyaam badariyaa

hum tum donon do panchhi hain aen
hum tum donon do panchhi hain
uden aen gagan ki ore
dekhen kitni door hai
apni iss duniya ka chhor
dekhen kitni door hai
apni iss duniya ka chho..r
tum shyaam badariyaa
main hoon mo…r
tum shyaam badariyaa

4 Responses to "Tum shyaam badariya main hoon mor"

@Kamath Saheb – Thanks for this informative post about Pahadi Sanyal. I read it in one go. Like the song too.
It would be interesting to know the other Hindi movies (of 60’s, 70’s) he acted, if any.
Thanks again,


Avinash ji,
Thanks for the appreciation.
Pahadi Sanyal died in 1974. He had no Hindi films in the 70s decade though he continued to act in Bangla films till his death.
In the 60s, he worked in HIndi films, ‘Mamta’ (1966), ‘Nai Roshni’ (1967), ‘Saathi’ (1968), ‘Aradhana’ (1969), ‘Raahgeer’ (1969) and ‘Dharti’ (1970). He also worked in ‘The Householder’ (1963).


Dear Sadanand ji,

Welcome back after a break! Missed your deeply informative and
educative Posts.

This one carried a lot of memorabilia. Co-incidentally, LUKU SANYAL was
our English Teacher in School (St. Xavier’s, Hazaribag) way back in 1955
or so when she had eloped after her marriage to one Mr. Dhar. They left
after a brief stint.

One correction, though it must be a Typo. It was MARRIS COLLEGE OF
MUSIC in Lucknow and not Morris. Today, it is a deemed University and
goes by the name of BHATKHANDE MUSIC INSTITUTE. Way back in 1947
or so, Composer ROSHAN was also a student at this College.

Pl keep them coming.

With warm regards



Partha Chanda ji,
Thanks for the appreciation.
And also thanks for pointing out the correction – ‘Morris’ is MARRIS.

Atul ji,
Please correct the spelling accordingly,


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