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Morey man mitwaa

Posted on: August 27, 2021

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Mukesh and his Composers – 22

We pay tributes to legendary singer Mukesh on his Remembrance Day today (22 July 1923 – 27 August 1976). His voice, songs, and the rich legacy left behind continues to be remembered and cherished by fans across the globe.

February 12, 1982, Music Director’s Association had organized a programme at Mumbai’s Shanmukhananda Auditorium to celebrate 50 years of sound in Indian Cinema. Off course, the mega event is now also fondly remembered for Noor Jahan’s only travel from across the border after partition and her active participation in it.

In the programme, anchor Shabana Azmi, while introducing the life and singing career of Mukesh says that for having such pathos and honestly in the voice, it is necessary that apart from being a good singer, the person himself has to be a noble soul. I liked her description of Mukesh immensely and hence including it in his special post for the day. This nobility of Mukesh and his good deeds for society and his co-workers, has been mentioned in quite a few of my previous posts.
For adherent Mukesh fans, it very easy to pick a sample of their most favorite songs for the simple reason that there exists no sample and his entire body of thousand odd songs can be counted as best loved.

Continuing the series on Mukesh and his composers, I take up his association with composer Dattaram.
We all know that Dattaram was one of the main pillars on which the empire of Shanker Jaikishen stood and flourished. He worked for SJ camp almost all of his career but also had several opportunities to compose on his own name in many of the films. It is now an established fact that he could not come out of the shadows of SJ completely in spite of being immensely talented and hard working.

The curious cases of Dattaram and another favourite of mine Ghulam Mohammed intrigues me to no end. They had everything in them to create name and fame for themselves, but it appears they were too reluctant to venture out on their own to a far extent.

There are many videos, interviews, articles and blogs available on the web for the works of Datttaram and I am skipping referring the same.
Below is the table of collaboration of works of Mukesh with the composer.

An interesting fact on initial glance reveals that two prominent names of SJ camp are missing. Lyricist Shailendra and singer Lata. Off course, both have worked for Dattaram but when we filter Mukesh songs, we find them missing.

Again, what should I write about the songs enlisted below. Its signature Mukesh all the way starting with the immortal “aansoo bhari hain”. This song will forever remain an indisputable proof of the wonders the voice could create in lower tones of pathos songs with or without instruments. It was 1958 and Mukesh had just come out the clutches of his failed experiments and he grasped the year with all his might and went on to become Mighty Mukesh.

A cursory glance through the second column in the table below brings to the mind several memories of humming these songs. And, for obvious reasons, I again skip describing each of the songs.

Needless to say, I have again relied on the highly reliable Mukesh Geetkosh by Shri Harish Raghuvanshi ji and thank him for the same.

S.No Name of the song Movie (Year of release) Co-singer if any Lyricist
1 Aansoo bhari hain Parwarish (1958) Hasrat Jaipuri
2 Dil ne usey maan liya (Happy and Sad version) Santaan (1959) Hasrat Jaipuri
3 Dil dhoondhtaa hai Kaala Aadmi (1960) Hasrat Jaipuri
4 Ae dil dekhe hain humne Shreemaan Satyawaadi (1960) Hasrat Jaipuri
5 Ik baat kahoon wallaah Shreemaan Satyawaadi (1960) Mahendra Kapoor, Suman Kalyanpur Gulzar
6 Haal e dil hamaara Shreemaan Satyawaadi (1960) Hasrat Jaipuri
7 Rut albeli mast samaan Shreemaan Satyawaadi (1960) Gulzar
8 Maano ya na maano First Love (1961) Suman Kalyanpur Gulshan Baawra
9 Mere pyaar mein ya wafa First Love (1961) Gulshan Baawra
10 Mujhe mil gayi hai First Love (1961) Gulshan Baawra
11 Kabhi kisi ki khushiyaan Zindagi aur Khwaab (1961) Kavi Pradeep
12 Ae meri jaane wafaa Neeli Aankhen (1962) Gulshan Baawra
13 More Mann Mitwa Suna Morey Man Mitwaa (1965) Suman Kalyanpur Harishchandra Priyadarshi
14 Dekhi teri duniyaa arre Farishta (1968) Asad Bhopali

The duo worked together for 14 songs of which 13 are already represented on the blog and is yet another proof regarding their popularity. One duet with Suman Kalyanpur remains to be covered and is the song under consideration for the post. This duet is from a 1965 movie, Morey Man Mitwa, a Magadhi language film. The producer and director of the film are R. D. Bansal and Girish Ranjan respectively.

A chirpy and hummable love song, I am sure readers will like it on first listening.

Song-Morey man mitwa (Morey man mitwa)(Magadhi)(1965) Singers-Suman Kalyanpur, Mukesh, Lyrics-Harishchandra Priyadarshi, MD-Dattaram


morey man mitwa
suna de o geetwa
suna de o geetwa
balam ho
balam ho
geetwa jagaawe more man maa
balam ho
geetwa jagaawe more man maa

sun goriya kaise sunaiha o geetwaa
sun gori kaise sunaiha o geetwaa
sajaniya hey
sajaniya hey
geetwa jagawai tor man maa
sajaniya hey
geetwa jagawai tor man maa

man ma ??
milan ma ke galema
milan ma ke galma
nainwa ke korwa sajaawaa na sapan maa
sajaawaa na sapan maa

man ma ??
milan ma ke galma
milan ma ke galma
lalki ?? kiraniya aitai
hamre anganma
hamre singaar toohi
hamre sajanma
hamre sajanma
balam ho
balam ho
chhun chhun boley kanganwa
balam ho
chhun chhun boley kanganwa

ban ke baawariya
rachaawa na laganma
rachaawa na laganma

torey bin chain naahin
paawe more man maa
na paawe more manwaa
ban ke baawariya
rachaawa na laganma
rachaawa na laganma
dilwa se door karde
man ke bharam ma
na ham singaar tohre
na hi sajanma
ho na hi sajanma
sajaniya hey
sajaniya hey
jud le judaito na paranma
sajaniya hey
jud le judaito na paranma

more man mitwa
suna de o geetwaa
suna de o geetwaa
balam ho
balam ho
geetwa jagaawe more man maa
balam ho
geetwa jagaawe more man maa

4 Responses to "Morey man mitwaa"

Our tributes to Singer Mukesh on his Remembrance Day today !!!

Nice post Mahesh ji. Thanks for the post and the song. I liked the song too.


Mahesh ji,

Honestly, I didn’t know there were movies in Magdhi!
Ardha Magdhi, I read in School History books, was a widely used language during the times of Budha.

Nice song.


Mahesh ji,
Thanks for the interesting post. I have neither heard this song before nor have I heard of the movie. If in all Mukesh-Dattaram songs Shailendra is missing, it may be a chance happening. There may not be a story behind it, IMHO 🙂


Avinash ji,

Many Thanks for your comment and liking the duet.

Dr. Pradeep,

Thanks for your “off-line” corrections. 🙂 I admit my silly mistake.

Shenoy ji,

Thanks for liking the song and your comment. I think for all the films that Mukesh sang for Dattaram, Shailendra never wrote any song. I have not researched much into this as it will not prove anything.

I am not creating any story here and just mentioned it as a matter of fact. As you have rightly said its just a chance happening. I prefer to call such instances as “happenstance” and have used the term in my earlier posts on Mukesh.

Atul ji,

Could you please take the trouble of knocking off one “f” in the two places (2nd and 9th para wherein I have used “off” instead of “of”.

Secondly song no 04, has an unidentified voice and chorus too please.

Many Thanks.



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