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Musaafir mujhko tu pehchaan

Posted on: January 23, 2023

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Today 23rd January (2023) is the 126th birth anniversary of one of the greatest ‘sons of this soil’, a great visionary, courageous and brave leader Subhash Chandra Bose.

He was born on 23rd January’1897.

This grateful nation pays tributes to him on his birth anniversary today.

This blog in turn pays tributes to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose by bringing here songs from such movies which are based on the life of Subhash Chandra Bose.

I had in one of my earlier posts here noted such movies which have been represented on the blog. Two movies more have been added to this list later and I am now presenting below the updated list of such movies on the blog.

Here is the list of movies made on the life of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose that have been represented on the blog till now.

SNo Movie Year of the movie
01 Pehla Aadmi 1950
02 Netaji Subhashchandra Bose 1966
03 Subhash Chandra 1978
04 Subhash Chandra (Bangla) 1978
05 Bose- The forgotten hero 2004
06 Gumnaami (Bangla) 2019

Other films inspired by Subhash Bose and INA are,

1. ’Samadhi’ (1950) was inspired from Indian National Army and it had couple of patriotic songs too).

2. ‘Ami Subhash Bolchi’ (2011) (Bangla) – a film about a social movement in Bengal inspired by the vision of Subhash Bose (something akin to ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’ (2006)).

3. ‘Raag Desh’ (2017) – a film about the famous Red Fort trials in which the leading soldiers of INA, Colonel Prem Sahgal, Colonel Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon, and Major General Shah Nawaz Khan, were tried by the British Govt. for sedition and waging war against the British Empire. They were sentenced to deportation for life, but the public outcry in favour of these soldiers was so great that the British were forced to release all the defendants. The protest slogan of ‘Sehgal-Dhillon-Shah Nawaz’ became very popular amongst the masses.

Today I am presenting a song from the ‘1978’ movie ‘Subhaash Chandra’.

‘Subhash Chandra-1978’ was directed by Piyush Bose.

It was an ‘A.K.B. Films, Calcutta’ presentation and passed by Censor Board on 06.02.1978.

It had Ashish Ghosh, Amar Dutt, Samar Kumar, Ajit Prakash, N. Vishwanathan, Lamsden, Bown, Smith, Reba Devi, and Rama Das.
This movie was passed by Censor Board on 06.02.1978.

This movie has six songs written by Kaifi Azmi and Saraswati Kumar ‘Deepak’.

Bansari Lahiri, Mukesh, Manna Dey, Mohd Rafi, Hemant Kumar, and Usha Mangeshkar had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

Music of this film was composed by Aparesh Lahiri.

Here is the list of songs in this movi. (HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980) does not mention the name of the lyricist for individual songs except for one song.

SNo Song Title Lyricist Singer/s Posted On
01 Nahin maane jiyaraa Not mentioned Bansari Lahiri
02 Yahaan raadha kund hai ‘Deepak’ Mukesh 27.08.2018
03 Neer na bahaa Not mentioned Manna Dey
04 Hamaara bharat hamaari janani Not mentioned Mohd Rafi 23.01.2016
05 Musaafir mujhko Not mentioned Hemant Kumar Song under discussion in this post
06 Desh hamaara Not mentioned Usha Mangeshkar 26.01.2019

Today I present a song from this movie ‘Subhaash Chandra-1978’ which is sung by Hemant Kumar and composed by Aparesh Lahiri. It is the fourth songs from this movie to be posted on the blog.

I guess that in the movie this songs happens showing the journey of Subhash Chandra Bose when he escaped from Calcutta to Afghanistan and travels further to Russia and Germany.

I have not been able to note correct words at few places. I would request knowledgeable readers to kindly provide the correct words.

Let us listen to this poignant song sung by Hemant Kumar. Only the audio of this song is available.

Song-Musaafir mujhko tu pehchaan (Subhash Chandra)(1978) Singer-Hemant Kumar, MD-Aparesh Lahiri


musaafir rrr
are ho o o o
o o o
mujhko tu pehchaan

mujhe na chhoo sakti hai maaya
mujhe na chhoo sakti hai chhaaya (?)
mere kuchh bhi nahin hai kaaya
mujhko tu pehchaan
musaafir rrr
mujhko tu pehchaan

mukti nahin main
gyaan nahin main ae
mukti nahin main
gyaan nahin main
swaarth nahin
abhimaan nahin main
aas lagaa phal(?) praan nahin main
aas lagaa phal(?) praan nahin main
jeewan ka maidaan (?)
musaafir rrr
mujhko tu pehchaan

yahaan nahin main
wahaan nahin main
yahaan nahin main
wahaan nahin main
is dharti par kahaan nahin main
dagar kaun si jahaan nahin main
dagar kaun si jahaan nahin main
sabko de(?) vardaan
musaafir rrr
mujhko tu pehchaan
mujhko tu pehchaan
mujhko tu pehchaan

3 Responses to "Musaafir mujhko tu pehchaan"

Lovely post
Jai Hind!!!


Dear Avinash ji,

Not many would know that Netaji had pre-empted the selection of JANA GANA MANA as the National Anthem of India, long before the Constituent Assembly put its official stamp of Approval.

In 1942, during an Official visit to Germany, Netaji had selected this Song as the Anthem of India during the founding of the German-Indian Society and it was played by the Hamburg Radio Symphony Orchestra at the Meeting held in Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg on 11th September 1942.

It just so happened that during the UN General Assembly in New York in October 1947, one of the Members of the Indian Delegation had a copy of the recording of that performance in Hamburg in 1942 and it was handed over to the UN Authorities who arranged to have it played before the August Assembly as the National Anthem of India.

The rest, as they say is History.

Here is a Song that served as inspiration to a young Subhash Bose

The Song was written by noted Bengali Poet ATUL PRASAD SEN (1871-1934) and the story goes that Atul Prasad had been moved by a Boatman’s Song during a visit to Venice and based his Patriotic Song on that tune.

With warm regards



Thank you Sir ji.
Thanks for sharing the information about the selection of JANA GANA MANA and source of inspiration behind that.


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