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Dard ka doosraa naam hai zindagi

Posted on: February 6, 2023

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#the Decade of Eighties – 1981 – 1990 #

(The movie – ‘Saaraansh-1984’)

“Saaraansh-1984” is a landmark movie in the careers of director Mahesh Bhatt and debutant actor Anupam Kher.

The two songs in the movie were composed by Ajit Varman. A detailed writeup on him was posted in the blog, penned by Peevesie’s mom jee.

Varman, born in Calcutta in 1947, was fascinated by Music from early childhood, and had a flair for it. He ran away from home when he was sixteen. Living rough for the next few years, he learnt music (vocals, piano, harmonium, drums ) on the go. He calls piano a ‘complete musical instrument. He would loiter about while a church choir sang or would peep into Salil Chaudhary’s home when he was rehearsing a tune. Noting the boy’s interest in music Salil Da took him at musician in his orchestra. He got a chance to work with Pankaj Mullick, Satyajit Ray and Hemant Kumar too.

Varman came to Bombay (Mumbai) in 1970 to join Salil Da, who was an established composer by then. The soft bongo in Anand’s ‘kahin door jab din dhhal jaaye’ was played by Varman. A chance encounter with music arranger Sebastian D’ Souza opened the doors to the orchestra of Shankar-Jaikishan who were working on ‘Mera Naam Joker’. He later worked with Laxmikant-Pyarelal too.

The credits of low budget Muslim social ‘Noor E Ilaahi-1976’ shows Babloo-Dheeraj as music directors. Babloo actually is the nickname of Ajit Varman. The songs were well received, but, the partnership didn’t last.

(Among beautiful Sufiyana Qawwalis, romantic duets and bidai songs, there is a good rendition by Anwar of Bahadur Shah Jafar’s ‘Na kisi ki aankh ka noor hoon’, immortalized by Rafi Saab and S.N. Tripathi in Laal Quilaa-1960.).

Varman and Govind Nihalani stayed in the same lodge in Bandra (?) and Nihalani was aware of Varman’s prowess for and ability in music. ‘If ever, I become a director, you will be my composer’ the ace cinematographer had said. He kept his word when he debuted as a director with ‘Aakrosh-1980’. The gripping tale had fitting back ground music and for the song ‘kaanha re’ Varman received ‘Sur-Singaar Samsad’s’ Swami Haridas award. He recreated the magic again in Nihalani’s next movie ‘Vijeta-1982’ and ‘Ardh-Satya-1983’.

He worked with Mahesh Bhatt in ‘Saaraansh-1984’, ‘Janam-1985’ and ‘Jeewan Sandhya-1984 (Tele film). His total movies are about twenty plus. ‘Yeh Aashiqui Meri’ was his last. ‘Life is Beautiful-20212’ has his back ground score.

He took pride in being a musician, arranger, conductor and composer all himself. He scored music for several ‘tele-serials’ – Imtihaan, Agni, Apne Jaise types.

Believing firmly in work ethics and not lobbying for work, the assignments stopped coming. Married twice, both marriages ended in divorce. I think he had one son and one daughter. Poverty and ill-health led to depression. He died a lonely death in a Mumbai Hospital on 15th December’2016. The neighbors had to pool money for his treatment and funeral with zero help/attendance from the film industry.

The song under discussion is the second and final song of ‘Saaraansh’. Touching lyrics by Vasant Dev, beautifully sung by Amit Kumar (who sang the most number of Varman’s songs). The picturisation will make you emotional with ‘dard’ almost palpable on Anupam Kher’s face. Rohini Hattangadi, Soni Razdan, Madan Jain are among the others seen here.

Vasant Dev received the ‘best lyricist’ award at the 32nd National Film Awards.

With this song ‘Saaraansh-1984’ gets ‘Yippeeee’ed’ on the blog. Perhaps it is the first time when a movie with more than one song is being ‘Yippeeee’ed on the same day of its debut.

I am immensely grateful to dear Avinash ji for his technical support/assistance. He did it willingly as if it were his own post. I stand indebted Avinash ji. But, the troubles have just started for you Avinash ji!! 🙂

Let us listen to this song, “har ghadi dhhal rahi shaam hai”- just as sun is setting in the west.

Audio (longer)


song-Dard ka doosra naam hai zindagi (Saaraansh)(1984) Singer-Amit Kumar, Lyrics-Vasant Dev, MD-Ajit Verman

Lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

har ghadi
dhhal rahi
shaam hai
dard ka aa doosraa
naam hai zindagi
har ghadi ee
dhhal rahi ee
shaam hai
zindagi ee
dard ka aa doosraa
naam hai
zindagi ee

kya karen
baat jab
baat wo naa rahi
ham kahen
ham suney
baat phir kya rahi
zabaan pe aa ke ruk gayi
baat hai zindagi
dard ka aa doosraa
naam hai
zindagi ee

aasmaan aan
hai wahi
aur wahi
hai zameen
hai makaan
gair kaa aa
gair hai
yaa ham hi
ajnabi ee aas(?) si
aaj hai zindagi
dard ka aa doosraa
naam hai
zindagi ee

kyun khade
raah mein ae
raah bhi
so gayi
apni to o
chhaanh bhi
apne se
kho gayi
bhatke huye panchhi ki
raat hai zindagi
dard ka aa doosraa
naam hai
zindagi ee

4 Responses to "Dard ka doosraa naam hai zindagi"

One correction:
Piano _ he calls it a complete musical instrument. Not drums.

Life is Beautiful, 2012.
Song of ( not o ) of SARAANSH.

As with the first song, lyrics here are from the audio version with an extra stanza.

A personal anecdote:

I was at Bengaluru for my Post Graduation selection interview. After a successful interview, I had a choice of so many Hindi and Kannada movies in the Majestic area. One would have chosen a light hearted entertainer, aka commercial potboiler. But, I chose SARAANSH. Matinee at Santosh theater. So moved was I that the next day, I saw it again with a cousin of mine!! The ONLY TIME ever I have seen a movie in a theater twice ( that too, on 2 successive days!!! )


Yyiippeeee!!!! To Saraansh
Opening account and closing on same day…. rare occurrence.
The link that u have provided to a post of mine. Thank u for mentioning it but u have given more details about Ajit Verman in this post.


Nalini ji,
I stumbled upon a rare interview of A Varman and a well written article on the internet. Most of the points in my post are taken from there.

Shenoy ji,
It was heartbreaking to read about his last days. One of his former wives said he refused help from his family members!


Pradeep Ji,
Thanks for the post. I am reading in detail about Ajit Verman for the first time. Sad to know about his last days.
Among songs of Ajit Verman, I best remember him for “Mana Ananda Ananda…” from Govind Nihalanis ‘Vijeta’


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