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Yahan badla wafa ka bewafai ke siwa kya hai

Posted on: September 26, 2008

This song is one of the oldest in this blog, and one of the most cherished one. Noorjahan makes her debut in my blog with this song. Rafi figures in this song too. This was one of the earliest hit filmy song of Rafi.

Except this song and singers, most other things about this song have been largely forgotten. This movie was called Jugnu ( I only knew a Dharmendra- Hema Malini movie of this name in 1970s). The lyricist is someone called Tanvir Naqvi, a namesake of the current Pakistani new ball bowler. Music director was someone called Feroz Nizami.

Unknown they may be to present day music lovers, but the lyricist and music director of this song helped create an unforgettable song on two singers who would go on to become legends.

There is no doubt that this song is a gem.

Song- Yahan badla wafa ka bewafai ke siwa kya hai (Jugnu) (1947) Singers-Rafi, Noorjahan, Lyrics-Tanvir Naqvi, MD-Feroz Nizami


yahaan badlaa wafaa kaa bewafaai ke siwaa kyaa hai
yahaan badlaa wafaa kaa bewafaai ke siwaa kyaa hai
mohabbat karke bhi dekhaa, mohabbat mein bhi dhokhaa hai

kabhi sukh hai, kabhi dukh hai, abhi kyaa thaa, abhi kyaa hai
yoon hi duniyaa badalti hai, isi kaa naam duniyaa hai
kabhi sukh hai, kabhi dukh hai, abhi kyaa thaa, abhi kyaa hai
tadapne bhi nahin deti, hamein majbooriyaan apni
tadapne bhi nahin deti, hamein majbooriyaan apni

mohabbat karne waalon kaa tadapnaa kisne dekhaa hai
mohabbat karke bhi dekha mohabbat me bhi dhokha hai

bade armaan se waadon ne dil me ghar basaaya tha
wo din jab yaad aate hain kaleza munh ko aata hai
yahan badla wafa ka bewafai ke siwa kya hai
bhula do wo jamaana jab mujhe apna banaya tha
bhulaa do munh mein ulfat jab tumhaare lab pe aayaa thaa
bhula do o bhula do
bhula do wo qasam jo dilayi thi kabhi tumne
bhula do wo qasam jo ke khai thi kabhi tumne
bhulaa do dil se tum guzare hue rangeen zamaane ko
bhulaa do, haan bhulaa do ishq ke sazaa fasaane ko
tamannaaon ki basti mein, andheraa hi andheraa hai
kise apnaa kahen koi jo apnaa thaa paraayaa hai
yoon hi duniyaa badalti hai, isi kaa naam duniyaa hai
kabhi sukh hai, kabhi dukh hai, abhi kyaa thaa, abhi kyaa hai
muhabbat karke bhi dekha muhabbat mein bhi dhokha hai


19 Responses to "Yahan badla wafa ka bewafai ke siwa kya hai"

I could not listen to this song as it brought back memories of mum! She loved it, as well as udan khatolay pay ud jaaon, and songs from naya daur etc! Will gather the courage to see it later!

Indeed, this song is a treasure trove for nostalgia buffs.

A real Blast from the past 🙂 Very nice Atul.

Thanks, Shalini.

Gem this song is.

Indeed the longevity of this song is just amazing.

its divine.
unexplainable experience hearing these god’s voices.
i was hearing a noor jahan ghazal ‘aashiyane ki baat karte ho’
searching for more of her songs, got here.
thanks a lot
you made my day

I am happy that this blog could make your day.

The noted lyrcist Tanvir Naqvi wrote the songs of Anmol Ghadi (Music: Naushad) and several hit Pakistani film songs

First hit duet of Indian film industry?

May be after, Awaaz De Kahan Hai.

I am sorry Gopi, but you are wrong. “Awaaz de kahan hai” ( from the movie Anmol Ghadi) was released after an year of this movie – Jugnu. Dilip Kumar made his debut with this movie with the ruling melody queen of India Noor Jehan.

Anmol Ghadi came out in 1946.

Jugnu came out in 1947.

Dilip Kumar’s debut movie was ‘Jwaar Bhata’ (1944).

See the video link of a song from Jugnu sung by Rafi and chorus :

I have heard and viewed this song for the first time. Is the actor at 0:56 Mohammad Rafi?


I think ,your are right, He is indeed the great Mohammed rafi!!!!!

Like a number of leading lights of the Indian film industry like Noor Jahan and Zia Sarhadi, Tanveer naqvi committed a mistake and went to Pakistan, probably in 1961. He wrote lyrics in a number of Pakistani films like Mausiquar(musician)-1962 and was quite successful initially. But once work stopped coming to him, he fell on bad days. He did maintain his dignity with great difficulty but ultimately died almost a pauper on 1-11-1972. He was merely 53. Luckily, he was not a communist like Zia Sarhadi and was spared the self-exile as was in the case of Zia. With the unbound talent he had, he could have created wonders in the country where he opened his account as a lyricist with great success.

Thanks for this information.

There is some more information. Tanveer Naqvi married the elder sister of Noor Jahaan. Her name was eiden bai and prettier than Noorjahan, she was a well known stage ectress. As a matter of fact, they came together as she was the heroine in a play written by Tanveer Naqvi whose real name was Sayyad Khursheed Ali. Tanveer wrote in the first ever pakistani film Teri Yaad and is considered one of the best and much sought after lyricist in that country. Besides Urdu he also ruled supreme in Punjabi films. He wrote songs for 22 of them. His sister in law, Noor Jahan who liked him immensely, gave her voice to a large number of songs written by Naqvi. He also, wrote a non-film patriotic song ‘rang layega shaheedon ka lahu’ which was sung by Noor Jahan and became very popular. He was fond of Hindi diction and used it liberally in his lyrics while in Pakistan. This Hindi friendliness enriched the genre of geet in the film and set a trend which later, overflowed to the Urdu literature. Gentleness personified, he was widely respected. While in Bombay as a well-established lyricist, he always helped those who were yet struggling. He was always seen in a white kurta-paijama and in the last days was seen hovering around a particular tea shop in search of some one who could offer him a cup of tea, while always maintaining his dignity. A little known fact that along with his cousin Abid Hussein, he was intrumental in introducing Mohammad Rafi to the film-world in Bombay.

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