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“Toote Khilaune” (1978) was a flop movie and rightly so. Who in his right minds would like to go and buy tickets to watch nobodies like Shekhar Kapoor and Shabana Azmi in lead roles ? Neither I nor anybody else, of course.
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“Sholay” was the biggest blockbuster hit of Bollywood when it was released in 1975 ? It was produced by G P Sippy.
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Rajesh Khanna made his debut in “Aakhri Khat” (1966). This was a black and white movie, and this movie could well be described as a classic. This must be one of the few movies that could be called a movie with an original and different plot. At least I hope that this movie is an original and not inspired by some other movie.
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“Chaubees Ghante” (1958) is a very old movie. This is a movie of that era when villains like Premnath, Ajit etc used to be heroes. Premnath in fact is the hero of this movie.
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Bappi Lahiri is today remembered as the person who triggered degradation of Bollywood music with his “disco” music. But that is not how he began his career. Bappi Lahiri began his career by composing some outstanding music in his initial movies, viz “Zakhmee” (1975), “Chalte Chalte” (1976) etc.
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“Aakhri Khat” (1966) has the distinction of being Rajesh Khanna’s debut movie. It was truly a different kind of a movie, not the usual mainstream Bollywood movie.
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I have no idea when the three letter abbreviation (TLA) called CID came into existence. But this TLA certainly caught the fancy of the public. In the mind of the aam janta, CID means something mysterious, bordering on almost supernatural. As a kid, when I asked my elders what was CID, I was given a highly flattering idea of what a CID was. A CID is a master of disguise. “He could be with you, looking like a normal person, but you would not be able to guess that he is CID”- I was told. I would look around me. Finding no one else with me, I would suspect that elder to be CID. But then I was told that CID are there to investigate crimes. Since I was not a criminal, so I would give that elder a clean chit.
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Bollywood music touched its nadir in 1980s when “Disco” music took over the music scene. The fact that Bappi Lahiri and Mithun da were the biggest beneficiary of that era says it all. Bappi Lahiri (though capable of creating great music) preferred to create forgettable music. Mithun da indulded in so called disco “densing”, which, if you watched closely, bore little resemblence to actual “densing”. “Densing”, incidentally was how Mithun da pronounced “dancing”.
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When we look back at the past, we tend to wear rosy glasses and look back into the past only selectively. The past is not always all that glorious, as we tend to believe.
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“Muqaddar Ka Sikandar” (1978) was one movie which was a very popular movie of its time. It was one of the biggest hits of Amitabh Bachchan post “Sholay” and its music was ofcourse one of the biggest attractions.
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