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“Baaghi Shahzaada”(1964) was directed by Maruti for G P Films, Bombay. The movie had Kishore Kumar, Kumkum, Anwar, maruti, B M Vyas, Wazir Mubhammad Khan, Madhumati, Bela Bose, Indira, Altaf, Shyam Kumar, Khursheed, Jamal, Paro, Ridku, Uma Khosla etc in it.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

As with many movies of that era, I saw Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahaani (1946) on Doordarshan as a child. Sometimes, I am thankful for the times and the circumstances I grew up in. As teenagers, we did never have enough pocket money to spend on visits to the cinema halls. Our cinematic excursions were limited to view the weekly movie on DD, that too at a friend’s home. There was a time, many others would also remember, the weekly movie was actually shown partly on Saturday and partly on Sunday. I can recall a long list of movies from the 30s to the 50s thus viewed. This was before the time cable took over, and a black and white showing on the TV screen became a rarity. And the movies watched then, had a lasting impression and influence on my mind. The life and times were simpler; the movies and its people meant a value in social and traditional terms, and money was not the name of the game.
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This is a song that I have heard in the past, but my recollections of this song has been vague. In other words, I had little idea about the details of this song.
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“Udan Khatola” (1955) is a movie that had some nice songs in it. As many as three songs from this movie had figured in the list of top 16 songs of the year 1955 in the Binaca geetmala annual list of 1955.
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“Akeli Mat Jaiyyo” (1963) was one of those movies that failed at the box office despite boasting of names like Rajendra “Jubilee” Kumar and Meena Kumari. Madan Mohan yet again had the mortification of watching his music go down the drain because his songs from this movie failed to take off as a result of the failure of this movie.
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These days, when people go on a long drive in cars, they switch on their car music system and enjoy listeneing to music. But that was not always the case. In olden days, when mp3 players and cassette players were not invented, keeping a record player in the car was not a viable option.
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“Suraj”(1966) was the biggest musical blockbuster of the year and its song “bahaaron” phool barsaao” went on to become the most popular song of the year in Binaca geetmala finals.
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