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Today’s song is from film Hawai Khatola-46.

Whenever I come across a film starting with the word ‘Hawai’, I always remember film Hawai Daaku aka Bandit of the Air-1936, in which K N Singh was the Hero. His heroine was Ram Pyari and villain in the film was Mazhar khan. See the fate – in later years, Mazhar Khan became a Hero and K N Singh made his indelible mark as a sophisticated villain ! Incidentally, there were 7 films, starting with the word ‘Hawai’, if you are wondering about it. There were 2 films with the same Title ” Hawai Insaan “(The flying man), made in 1947 and 1965.

I have been writing on old films, their songs and about the people in those films,like actors, directors,producers,composers,lyricists, film story, studios, as well as the times in which these films were made etc, since about last 7 years – from 1-10-2012 to be precise. Many of my relatives and friends ask me how do I spend my time these days as they know that I do not work anywhere now. I tell them that I study and write on old films. Their immediate response is, “yes, old music was great” and they would spell out few old songs.

The words, old films, old music and old songs are highly relative terms. An young teenager might feel that films before 2000 are old. A man in his 30’s may feel that songs before 90s are old. Similarly, a man in his 40s feels that songs before 70 are old songs. Likewise a man in his 70s and above may feel that songs from the 30s and 40s are old songs. For a teenager songs of 30s and 40s are ‘ Antiques’ and ‘ Heritage ‘ songs !

In general Old Films have become synonymous with old songs. But it is NOT so. There is a world beyond old songs. Like English Literature, you can divide old films in 2 parts – Prose and Poetry. While poetry part will include songs, music, musicians,Lyricists, choreographers and allied matters, the Prose section will include information about actors, actresses, directors, producers and the allied specialists etc.

Writing on songs is different and writing Prose side is altogether different. With the kind of poor documentation and preservation of information in our country ( not only films but any other field too), it is extremely difficult to gather genuine, credible information on old actors etc. Old Magazines, Old Newspapers, Diaries, Letters and such other matters are difficult to trace. Those who have this treasure, rarely share it with others. Luckily, not all are like that.Thanks to generous Historians, and book writers, nowadays information is getting available to a small extent, but it is still a long way to go. There is more information available on the Poetry side than the Prose side. Most Bloggers prefer writing on Poetry side of films. Very few Bloggers write on Prose side.

My comfort zone is writing on Prose side. Not that I can not or do not write on songs or music, because these two are interlinked. All these thoughts came to my mind, when I took a look at the cast of film Hawai Khatola-46. The cast shows Devraj,Gohar karnataki,Ameena Begum, Sarla Devi, M.Beg, Raja Chatterjee, Fazal Khan, G H Chishti, M.Basheer, Gopinath etc. HFGK does not mention the name of Shanta Kumari, but she was in this film. Film India magazine carried her photo from this film,in one of its issues in 1946. So her name is confirmed. Barring Gohar Karnataki, I was unable to get any information on any of the star cast members. This is the position, about information on old time actors.

Shanta Kumari was very beautiful. She started her career from a silent film-‘ Bhai ya Kasai’-1928. Her first Talkie film was Heer Ranjha-1931. Then came many films, including 4 parts of film Hatimtai-33, in which she was Heroine Husnbanu. In film Sant Tulsidas-34, she sang along with even G N Joshi, famous classical singer of those times and later on an officer in H.M.V. Recording section. Due to her good singing, till 1936 she sang on A.I.R. Bombay. In 1940, she got married to Sound Recordist Kothari. In the later period, she acted in som6e famous films like Bharat Milap-42, Ramrajya-43, Prithvi Vallabh-43, Gwalan-46, Ram Vivah-49 and Grih Laxmi-49. After a gap, she came in Toofan aur Diya-56. She acted in few C grade films and her last film was Toofani Tarzan-62. She acted in 27 films and sang 21 songs in 8 films. She died on 18-1-2006 ( information adapted from Beete kal ke sitare by Shriram Tamrakar, and MuvYz with thanks).

Film Hawai khatola-46 was made by A M Khan Productions. It was directed by A M Khan himself, along with Sultan Alam – for whom it was the only film he directed. A M Khan began as director with film Voh Kaun-35. He directed 37 films in his career, with last film, Jadui Angoothi-65. he also acted in 2 films (Dil-46 and Bigde dil-49) and wrote Lyrics in 3 films (Cyclewali-38, Ran sangram-39 and Bahana-42).

As far as the Hero Devraj is concerned, I do not have much information about him except what is in HFGK. His name first appears in film ‘Bahadur Kisan’-38. This was Master Bhagwan’s first film as a director. The MD for this film was Meer Saheb, with whom the young C.Ramchandra worked as his assistant. This is where Bhagwan and C Ramchandra met first time and became fast friends. Name of Devraj comes up in 9 films – last film being ‘Khaufnak aankhen-47. All his films were C grade action films.

Film Hawai Khatola-46 ( by the way Hawai khatola means Aeroplane aka Udan Khatola) had music by Basheer khan Dehlavi. His first film as MD was Kala Jigar-39. He gave music to 12 films – all C grade action/stunt films. His last film seems to be Hawai Khatola. After this his name does not appear anywhere. Possibly, after Partition he must have migrated to Pakistan. He also wrote Lyrics for 2 films – Saheli-42 and Khooni-46.

Today’s song tune is similar to the famous Noorjehan song ” Baithi hoon teri yaad mein lekar ke sahara” from film Gaon ki Gori aka Village Girl-45. The song is sung by Amirbai Karnataki and Premlata, according to the uploader,Girdharilal Vishwakarma ji.

Song-Toote huye is dil ko diya kisne sahaara (Hawaai Khatola)(1946) Singers- Ameerbai Karnataki, Premlata, Lyrics-Unknown, MD-Bashir Dehalvi


Dheere se mere man mein bataa kaun pukaara
dheere se mere man mein bataa kaun pukaara
toote huye is dil ko diya kisne sahaara
tere prem ke aakaash pe chamka hai sitaara
toote huye is dil ko

tu roop ki devi hai to main tera
haan haan main tera pujaari ee
main tera pujaari
tu roop ki devi hai to main tera
haan haan main tera pujaari ee
main tera pujaari
hoga nahin ab door kabhi chaand sitaara
tere prem ke aakaash pe chamka hai sitaara
toote huye is dil ko

reh reh ke ye kehti hai mere hriday ki dhadkan
mere hriday ki dhadkan
reh reh ke ye kehti hai mere hriday ki dhadkan
mere hriday ki dhadkan
ye dor bhi jeewan ki bani prem ka bandhan
ab swarg se badh kar hai ye sansaar hamaara
toote huye is dil ko diya kisne sahaara aa
tere prem ke aakaash pe chamka hai sitaara
toote huye is dil ko
toote huye is dil ko diya kisne sahaara aa

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