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Songs Repeated in Hindi Films – 10
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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2009-19) – Song No. 43

As Gajendra ji had commented, couple of episodes ago – I am quite sure the readers are now beyond getting surprised by the songs posted in this series. Yes, some very interesting repeats, but oh well. . .

The interesting thing about today’s post is, well, two things. It is the singer’s Remembrance Day today, as well as, we also are showcasing the song as part of the 10 year challenge series.

10 years ago, this day, six songs were posted. Those were the days, when Atul ji was at his prolific best, and six new songs on the blog was quite the norm. And he followed an interesting convention. The songs he posted on one day, used to be in the incremental chronological order, as you can notice in the short table below.

Chup Hojaa Ameeron Ke Ye Sone Ki Ghadi Hai Bandi 1957 1814
O Pawan Veg Se Udne Waale Ghode Jai Chittod 1961 1815
More Ang Lag Jaa Baalmaa Mera Naam Joker 1970 1816
Gore Gore Gaalon Waale…Kahte Hain Mujhko Haseenon Ka Devtaa Haseenon Ka Devta 1971 1817
Mile Mile Do Badan Khile Khile Do Chaman Blackmail 1973 1818
Pahraa Hai Yahaan Pahraa Badnaam 1975 1819

There were two debut films that day – ‘Jai Chittod’ and ‘Haseenon Ka Devta’. And quite interestingly, both the films are at present miles away from being yippeee’d. Since that day, only one song has been added for ‘Jai Chittod’ (12 songs listed in Geet Kosh), and none for ‘Haseenon Ka Devta’ (6 songs listed in Geet Kosh). The remaining 4 films, ‘Bandi’ (1957), ‘Blackmail’ (1973), ‘Badnaam’ (1975) and ‘Mera Naam Joker’, the magnum opus by Raj Kapoor, have completed their account on the blog.

And yet, today, “Mera Naam Joker’ makes another appearance here, on account of an unlisted song. In that, it is a repeat song from RK’s own film from 1951 – ‘Awaara’. Being his own film, of course it would have been a simple thing to reuse the earlier song.

In the iconic song “Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Ke Chalo”, the poet Neeraj declares,

haan babu ye circus hai
aur ye circus hai show teen ghante ka

pehla ghanta bachpan hai
doosra jawaani hai
teesra buddhaapa hai

The entire film was presented as three chapters, with two intermissions. And quite literally, RK has presented three phases of life in these three segments – childhood, youth, and old age. And in each of these phases, there is a different lady with whom the Joker’s heart gets entangled. And every time, his emotions and timid overtures are eventually disregarded – in face of certain compulsions of life that each one of those lady characters struggle with, in their own lives. In the first phase, there is a mismatch of age. In the second, there is a mismatch of location / language / societal background. And in the third, there is a mismatch of aspirations in life versus the values of life.

The reprisal of this song occurs close to the end of the second segment. The Joker has lost his heart to a circus artist visiting from Russia. And as their visit and stay comes to a close, the lady has to leave, and go back to her own country with her group. The circus manager (role played by Dharmendra), in an earlier conversation, has already cautioned him against getting too friendly with the visitors. That caution has now become a prophesy realized. Marina (role played by Russian actress Kseniya Ryabinkina) has to leave. The Joker is at the airport, with Sher Singh (role played by Dara Singh), his partner in crime, or let’s say, his ustaad in the art of romance. The Joker has come to bid farewell to the departing Russian troupe, and his lady love, who cannot stay. There is a brief exchange between the two lovers, and the lady leaves, planting a kiss on the Joker’s lips, and waving a good bye. Sher Singh asks the Joker as to what the lady has said in her native language. The Joker replies forlornly, that her words reminded him of an old song.

And then this song from two decades earlier is played once again, as a background piece. Marina walks to the plane, and the plane departs. And the verses penned by Shailendra are re-told yet once again in the life of the Joker –

duniya mein tere teer ka
ya taqdeer ka maara hoon. . .

This verse segment is the one that I never seem to have been able to get over all my life.  “That, in this life of mine, I have been vanquished either by my own destiny, or the glance arrows coming from your eyes – I do not know which one.” Such a powerful assertion in just ten words, ensconcing within itself a myriad philosophies of life, in a moment narrating and laying bare everything that can and could have gone wrong in an overwhelmed life. The emotions these ten words evoke inside, lie crumpled, tightly wound like a giant ball of thread, with no end visible – not enough words to unravel it and express it.

This song is probably one of the most recognizable songs ever in the ocean of Hindi film music – not only here in India, but also in many parts of this world, where RK’s films are loved as part of their own cultures. The first few bars of the prelude music start to play, and practically every one can recognize which song is coming up. And so, I remember, the first time I saw ‘Mera Naam Joker’, and this scene played out on the screen, and the Joker tells about being reminded of an old favorite song, and the prelude music begins to play – it was quite a shock of recognition that overpowered the heart. Yes, RK presenting this song at this juncture, makes all the sense, rounds up everything that he has been wanting to say through this film – ‘Mera Naam Joker’ – a wayward truant clown I am in this life.

An interesting throwback on this song – it was also repeated within the original film itself. Regular folks would remember, the closing scene – Nargis and Prithviraj Kapoor are visiting RK in the prison, after he has been incarcerated post his trial. It is a brief meeting – about two minutes or so. And as Nargis is asked to take leave, there is this standard dialogue that RK utters – “. . . meri soorat hi aisi hai”. Overcome by the understated innocence and simplicity, plus the unpretentious hangdog look on his face, Nargis once again rushes back into his arms, and exactly the same stanza starts to play in the background.

A few interesting observations about these two reprisals. Take the music and rendition. The song that plays in ‘Mera Naam Joker’ is very nearly the original, but as one listens carefully, one can make out small pieces of extra orchestral music that S-J have weaved in, merging it with the overall background score of the scene. And in the original film ‘Awaara’, the rendition has a small variation at the end. The words of the last line that Mukesh has sung include a very delicate and lovable “हाय” ~ “haaye” –

haaye. . .
awaara hoon..oon..oon. . .

This addition has made this line oh so much more endearing and adorable. Listening to this last one snippet made my day – more than all the pleasure and emotions that are flowing with the original complete version of the song. So surely, this segment, or at least this last line has been re-recorded, even then back in 1951, and presented separately as the end piece.

Next, in both these reprisals, there is a close, very close proximity of the lady love. In ‘Awaara’, the kiss almost happens – just short of the waving scissors of the censor board. And in ‘Mera Naam Joker’, the kiss does happen, with Marina forcefully planting it on the lips of the Joker. Oh well, I don’t know – should we expect a kiss, whenever this part of the song is played ??  Ha, ha, I am sure you will tell me – it happens only in the reel world. 🙂 🙂

Another cute co-incidence I discovered in the last scene of ‘Awaara’. RK and Nargis are in each others arms, and a loud voice calls out in the background, probably the prison warden or constable – “ओ क़ैदी नंबर 308, चलो” (“O prisoner no. 308, come on move.”). I made a little connect in my mind – I don’t know whether that was the intention of the director and dialogue writer. The number 308 – it rang a bell. 308 –> 30-8 –> 30th August –> Shailendra’s birthday. 🙂 🙂

Back to ‘Mera Naam Joker’, I might as well document it here, for possibly no more posts of this film could be forthcoming in the future. The three ladies who appear in each of the three chapters of this film, just examine the screen names – Mary, Marina, Meena. Sound quite connected, flowing right into each other. You combine Mary and Meena – becomes Marina. Just some musings of the wandering mind. Just like the three magazines that RK, Rajendra Kumar and Padmini are seen browsing through on the flight – Time (Padmini), Fortune (Rajendra Kumar) and Life (RK). 🙂 🙂

And then, back to Mukesh, after all so much wandering of the silly mind over the terrain of anecdotes and co-incidences. Even till late afternoon today, I hadn’t the faintest idea whether I would be writing post for the remembrance day today. Mahesh ji’s post, so wholesome and so satisfying, after posting that in early morning, I was not picking up new ideas to write another post on Mukesh. Later, in the afternoon, I was just browsing through the list of songs etc., and don’t know why, but I decided to check out the 10-year-challenge thing for today. Pulled out the list of songs for 27-08-2009. The title ‘Mera Naam Joker’ jumped out at me immediately, and before I could say bambi, my mind had made a few jumps around, connected other material, and brought out this well baked idea of doing a combined 10-year-challenge and repeat-songs post. Yes, I had this repeat song on my list, and had not yet planned when to post it. The mind made that decision for me today, and quite swiftly so, without taking me along on the steps of decision making.

I am glad I checked this out, and got to make this connection and getting this post out today. In the earlier post today, Mahesh ji has mentioned a figure of ~80% songs of Mukesh being hit songs. I cannot think of any other singer, at this level of prolific output, who can be associated with this high a percentage of successful and popular songs from his or her body of work. And then the second connect came when Arun ji deposited on the Whatsapp group, a reminder of the Mukesh anniversary program on Doordarshan seven years ago. I recalled that this was also the very first question that the person interviewing me and Shikha ji, put to me in this program. That question was – “Mukesh ji has about 800 songs to his credit? Why does it always seem that has sung much more?”

And my answer was exactly on these lines – in any singer’s body of work, there is a certain percentage of songs which are memorable, which became popular, and which are quite well retained in the memory. However, with all other singers, this ratio of popular and memorable songs to their total repertoire, is comparatively lower. By extrapolating this expectation, the mind always thinks that in case of Mukesh, his body of work ought to be much larger, if the number of his popular and memorable songs is so much. This is a very interesting point. After that TV program, I had this very discussion with a number of friends, and mostly we agreed to this conclusion.

No doubt the music director and the poet – they have a very significant contribution towards the creation of a song. But it is the voice of Mukesh, that makes something different out of any song. That is what has made so large a percentage of his songs popular and memorable. A soulful voice – that was my assertion on that TV program also, that – “मुकेश जी की आवाज़ में एक अनोखी आत्मीयता है, जो किसी और गायक में नहीं मिलती”.  There is this so unique a characteristic of his rendition – an effortless exposition of the emotions, expressed in a most relaxing mode.

I feel I could go on and on. But then, not now. Another song, another post – there seems to be so much more one wants to say about this soulful, mellifluous voice – almost divine.

Song Repeat – Mera Naam Joker (1970)

Song Reprised at End – Awaara (1951)

Song – Aawaara Hoon. . .  (Mera Naam Joker) (1970) Singers – Mukesh, Lyrics – Shailendra, MD – Shanker Jaikishan


aabaad nahin barbaad sahi
gaataa hoon khushi ke geet magar
gaataa hoon khushi ke geet magar
zakhmon se bharaa seena hai mera
hansti hai magar ye mast nazar
duniyaa mein tere teer kaa
ya taqdeer kaa maara hoon
aawaara hoon
aawaara hoon
ya gardish mein hoon aasmaan ka taara hoon
aawaara hoon
aawaara hoon
aawaara hoon

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

आबाद नहीं बर्बाद सही
गाता हूँ खुशी के गीत मगर
गाता हूँ खुशी के गीत मगर
ज़ख़्मों से भरा सीना है मेरा
हंसती है मगर ये मस्त नज़र
दुनिया आ॰॰आ॰॰आ॰॰ आ॰॰आ॰॰आ॰॰
दुनिया में तेरे तीर का
या तक़दीर का मारा हूँ
आवारा हूँ
आवारा हूँ
या गर्दिश में हूँ आसमान का तारा हूँ
आवारा हूँ
आवारा हूँ
आवारा हूँ

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