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This song is one of those songs that had a tremendous influence on me as a young teenager kid. I had no idea what movie this song was from, but I would have dearly loved to watch this movie.
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“Ek ke baad ek” (1960) is a movie which was produced by Raj Kala and directed by Raj Rishi. The star cast of the movie included names like Dev Anand, Tarla, S. K. Prem, Radhakrishan, Hiralal, Ravikant, Sharda, Prabhu Dayal, Madhu Apte etc.
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S D Burman, a highly influential music director during the golden era of Hindi movie music was around for nearly the entire duration of the golden era. Born on 1 october 1906, S D Burman began his career as a Hindi movie music director in 1946 and he continued to enthrall music lovers with his compositions till 1975. He breathed his last on 31st october 1975. So today is his death anniversary.
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“Rasiya” (1950) is a movie that never saw the light of the day as it was shelved midway. A few songs of this movie were already recorded by them and they had become popular as well.
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“Daroga jee” (1949) was a one woman show all the way. This movie, produced by Nargis Arts (Nargis’ home production) was meant to show Nargis’ ability to sing all kinds of songs. So far as many as seven songs picturised on Nargis have been discussed in this blog, in which she was shown singing romantic song, broken heart song, bullying shopkeepers song, etc etc.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

About six weeks ago, the request for this song appeared on the Reader’s Farmaishes page. The request has been put in by Dr. Mona Shah. And the song itself I believe does not need any introductions. An iconic song that hit the radiowaves in 1981, was a rage with teenagers and young people of that era and beyond. The film Kalyug (1981) has just this one song, and this song has become a cult icon all by itself. But there is also a tribulation that is attached with this song. It is rare.
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“Shehnaai” (1964) is a New Oriental Pictures presentation. This movie is directed by S D Narang. The sat cast of the movie included names like Vishwajeet,Rajshree, Veena, Johnny Walker,Chaand usmani, Asit Sen, Leela Chitnis, Parveen Chaudhary, Nirupa Roy, D.K.Sapru, Rehman, Ifthekar etc.
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Sudha Malhotra, mostly known as a singer and an occasional music director was born on 30th october 1936, which means that today is her birthday. She was active in playback singing from 1954 to 1982 and during this period he has sung some well knows as well as some by now forgotten song.
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“Oomar Qaid” (1961) was a B grade movie produced by Super pictures and directed by Aspi Irani. This movie had Sheikh Mukhtar, Sudhir, Nazima, Helen, Mukri, Hiralal, Sulochana, Mohan Choti, Jeevankala etc in it.
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“Miss Bombay” (1957) was not about a female beauty queen, but about a bus called “Miss Bombay”, which is driven by Ajit in the movie. This movie was produced by N C films and it was directed by Kedar Kapoor. The movie had Ajit, Nalini Jaiwant, Bhagwan,Tiwari,Rehman,Vijaylaxmi,Bhudo Adwani,Pravin Pal etc in it. This movie may have led to some fan following among other B grade movie makers, because movies with similar titles, viz. Miss Punjab Mail, Miss Toofaan Mail etc. were produced the next year.
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