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People these days lament about the degradation in the quality of Hindi movie music today. And as example of exemplary music, the cite the eras of 1950s to 1970s. But I tell you, when I was growing up in that era,then I felt exactly the same way- that 1970s had seen a degradation in the quality of songs vis a vis songs of late 1960s.
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Here is a song which is from 1968 when I was very much around as a keen listen of Hindi movie songs. But I never got to listen to this song. I stumbled upon this song for the first time only a few hours ago.
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This song starts with a car moving in a road, with four people sitting in it. Good, so it is a car song, I think.

But for the rest of the song, the car remains parked. The four of them have come for a picnic. We see Shashikala, holding a picnic basket in one hand, singing this song, to no one is particular. Others have assembled there for picnic, but she seems to have gone there to sing this song. 😀 I see that her colleagues include Dharmendra, but he keeps a low profile throughout this song.
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Most Hindi movie songs last for three to four minutes, but the lonngest songs often last two and even three times the durations of the normal length songs. These long songs are mostly qawwaalis. The qawwalis may last considerably, but they hold the listeners spell bound with their lyrics.
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This song from “Toofaan Aur Diyaa” (1956) was a very old farmaish. When I looked at the lyrics “Piyaa te kahaan”, I thought it was a typo. But when I listened to this song , I realised that the lyrics are in fact what I read.
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All those who are into Hindi movies are told that the romantic song in Hindi movie consists of the hero and heroine singing this song running around trees. Now, I have been a veteran movie watcher (and these days a veteran songs watcher), and I have watched thousands of romantic songs but I failed to locate even one song where the lead duo are shown running around trees.
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In this blog, most of the songs that I post are from the era prior to 1970. In reality, I grew up as a Hindi movie music listener from late 1960s and entire 1970s, and in those days I liked new songs, which meant songs from 1968 onwards.
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“Dil Ek Mandir” (1963) is a movie starring Rajendra Kumar and Meena Kumari. This movie, like most movies of those days, is full of memorable songs.
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“Sujata” (1959) had some very nice songs in it that covered various stages of lives, different kinds of feelings etc.

For instance, this movie has one of most well known luallabies of all time, viz. Nanhi kali sone chali hawa dheere aana. Picturisation of this lullaby shows Sulochana singing this lullaby to babies who grow up to become Shashikala and Nutan respectively.
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In Hindi movies, love songs are arguably the most frequent form of songs that one comes across.Even among love songs there are so many varieties. “Missing the beloved” is one of these varieties. This opens up the opportunity for creating a song sung by the person missing the beloved. Job of the lyricists to come up with lyrics for such situations must be quite a challenge, seeing that such situations arise in every movie. To the credit of the lyricists of those days, they invariably managed to come up with original songs/ concepts to describe the feelings of the actors.
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