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I have listened to this song in the past, but that was when I was not paying attention and when I was unaware about the details of this song.
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Some two years back, I had collected a list of songs picturised on Railways and I thought that I had covered almost all the songs that were there on this topic. By now, I have discovered several more Rail songs.
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I had posted one song from “Basant” (1942) where nine year old Madhubala (then known as Baby Mumtaz) is shown singing a song. What a rare find that was for Bollywood movie buffs !
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Here is another song which is “new” for me. I had neither heard about this song or about this movie called “Zindagi Aur Ham” (1962). This movie had Dinesh (?), Nalini Jaywant, Chand Usmani, David, Mukri etc. The fact that I have not heard about the movie could mean that the movie was a failure at the box office.
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I have posted a couple of lovely songs from “Akashdeep” (1965) already. This movie clearly has other nice songs too, even if they are not as well known as the two songs that I have already posted.
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I had neither heard the name of the movie nor this song, but this song appears a good one to listen to. This song is from “Juaari” (1968). 1968 was a yera that I regard as the plainum year for Bollywood music, and this yera saw many great songs ending up being forgotten just because there were far too many great songs jostling up for limited spaces this year. The songs from “Juaari” were certainly such songs. The fact that this movie did not do well at the box office must have been a factor too. But then what can one do when the hero of the movie is Shashi Kapoor ? 😉
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In Bollywood, if a child has to sing, then most of the time it is a female singer who gives playback for the child.I thought that a child singing for a child actor in Bollywood movies is a phenomenon that started in “Masoom” (1960) and later in “Andaz” (1971), but I find that I was wrong.
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I had never heard of this movie called “Pehli Jhalak”, but there was one movie by this name in 1954. And now that I have stumbled upon the songs of this movie, I have realised that this movie has some lovely songs in it.
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I have mentioned earlier that the original “Parineeta”, viz “Parineeta”(1953) had some lovely songs in it, though they have been forgotten by now.
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In this blog, I post gems from the golden era of Bollywood movie music, which happened to be roughly from 1950 to 1980, though I have posted songs that are from the times falling outside this era as well. Many of the songs that I have posted are well known even today, while many other songs that I have posted have become forgotten. I particularly love to post those songs which were very popular during their time but which may not be known to too many people today.
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