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Video link and lyrics of this song are provided by Atif M, a new reader of this blog and a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movies songs.

I have not seen “Wo Kaun Thhi” (1964) but I know that Manoj Kumar and Sadhana were the lead actors in this movie. Knowing Hindi movies, the lead duo in Hindi movies must fall in love and sing romantic duets. I have posted as many as five songs from this movie and I just realised that none of these songs were romantic duets picturised on the lead pair. There were songs picturised on them, but those songs were solo songs sung by Lata (and lip synced by Sadhana). In other words, Manoj Kumar did not get to lip sync in the songs picturised on Manoj Kumar and Sadhana.
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“Usne Kahaa Thhaa” (1960) is a critically acclaimed movie starring Sunil Dutt and Nanda. And importantly for this blog, the movie has some nice songs in it as well. I have discussed as many as three songs from this movie already. here is the fourth song from this movie.
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Here is another rare gem that I discovered hours ago. This song is from “Jawaahar” (1960). Like the song, I had never heard of this movie before.
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Stumbling upon unheard of musical gems has become almost a daily routine with me. Today is no exception.
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“Husn Ka Chor”(1953) was a Wadia movietone movie, starring Mahipal and Usha Kiran. The movie as well as its music have become too obscure to find with time.
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“Nastik” (1954) is a poignant and hard hitting movie about the aftermath of partition and the hypocrisy of organised religion. The effect of this movie is enhanced by the songs of this movie which are truly timeless and iconic.
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“Half Ticket” (1962) is a much loved comedy movie starring Kishore Kumar, Madhubala and Pran.
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“Taj”(1956) had virtually the same team as “Naagin” (1954). The makers of “Taj” (1956) obviously hoped to replicate the commercial success of “Naagin” 91954) by doing that. I am not sure how much of a commercial success “Taj” (1956) was. It was certainly nowhere close to “Naagin” (1954), that is for sure.
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Here is a lovely song from an obscure B grade movie. Only the audio of this song is available so it is not possible to tell about the artist on whom this song is picturised.
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I keep stumbling against rare and unheard of musical gems almost on a regular basis, and here is the gem of the day.
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