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“Kahaani Ek Chor Ki”(1981) was produced by Balubhai Shah and directed by S Ramnathan for Deepak International, Bombay. This obscure “social” movie had Jeetendra, Vinod Mehra, Mausami Chatterji, Laxmi, Nirupa Roy, Aruna Irani, Asrani, Madan Puri, A K Hangal, Ranjan, Master Titu, Ranjeet, Bhagwan, Chaandrashekhar, Sundar, Jairaj, Shukla, Major Anand, Mukri, Viju Khote, Yusuf, Raju, Ratna, Madhumati Sharma, Uma Khosla, Manik Chaudhary, Master Laddoo, Chiku etc in it.

This movie, which I had never heard of, despite being in the midst of movie watching spree, had four songs in it.

Here is the first song from the movie to appear in the blog. The song is sung mainly by Kishore Kumar, with a few words by Hemlata. Hasrat Jaipuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ravindra Jain.

The song is ip synced by Vinod Mehra (disguised as a bearded old man) and Laxmi (I hope I have identified her correctly. This song , picturised in a public garden,is apparently a ruse meant to sow seeds of doubt in the mind of Asrani, who is also visible in the songs towards the end.

With this song, “Kahaani Ek Chor Ki”(1981) makes its debut in the blog.

Video – Part I

Video – Part II

Song-Karishma ye kya meri jaan ho gaya (Kahaani Ek Chor Ki)(1981) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Hemlata, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Ravindra Jain


karishma ye kya meri jaan ho gaya
karishma ye kya meri jaan ho gaya
tujhse nazren milin
main jawaan ho gaya
tujhse nazren milin
main jawaan ho gaya
ae buddhe chal hatt
karishma ye kya meri jaan ho gaya
karishma ye kya meri jaan ho gaya

aisi bijli hai tu
aisi bijli hai tu
jo bhi chhoo le jhatka khaaye
main bhi jhatka kha gaya
aisi titli hai tu
are aisi titli hai tu
tere peechhe main jo bhaaga
barson peechhe aa gaya
aaya thha kis kaam se
kar baitha kya kaam
raam naam ki umar mein
tera hua ghulaam
haaye haaye
budhaape mein bhi imtahaa ho gaya
arre arre arre arre
budhaape mein bhi imtahaa ho gaya
ho ho ho

ghar ka de de pata
ae jaani ghar ka de de pata
yoon raste mein chhed khaani karte
aaye hai sharam
meri jaan maaf karna khaata
maaf karna khata
dhandha khota sahi
lekin banda dil ka hai naram
main logon ki mushqilen
karta hoon aasaan
dhan ke haathon bik gaya
na bechoon imaan
dekho jabhi to khuda
meharbaan ho gaya
waah bade miyaan

dekho khuda meharban ho gaya
tujhse nazren milin
main jawaan ho gaya
tujhse nazren milin
main jawaan ho gaya

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