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Amitabh – The Later Decades – 5

The carrying capacity of this man is amazing. There is an aura about him that continues to draw the audiences. The measure of his success and popularity is pretty much sustained, as his fans continue to return to the cinema/video time after time after time. I believe that the secret behind this sustenance has been his capacity to re-invent himself, and his portrayals.

I must frankly admit that I have kept away from the mainstream cinema, mostly after the seventies faded away, and a new order both in terms of performers, as well as music, came on to the scene.  The time also coincided with the years amounting to almost two and a half decades that I was traveling, and away from India most of the time.  The viewing of current films was random and patchy at the best, and that I never went out of my way to acquire and watch a current film.  Unless it was recommended to me, and that too, by someone whose judgement I would trust.
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I realised it only just now, literally at the 11th hour that today (8 march) is the birth anniversary of Sahir Ludhianvi (8 march 1921- 25 october 1980). How could I forget the fact that Sahir Ludhianvi’s birthday falls on the International Women’s day ! This fact was mentioned by Raja while discussing Sahir Ludhianvi song (Aurat ne janam diya mardon ko (Saadhana)) this day two years ago.
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“Pyaar Ka Mausam” (1969) is a movie which was released during my pre teen years. I never saw the movie because my elders were of the type who rationalised that movies was bad for kids. And as a result I spent much of my childhood deprived of Hindi movies.
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I am aware of the better known songs of “Kismat” (1968) and I have posted those songs (four of them). But even the less known songs from movies of that era were nice songs to listen to.
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This song must be one of the very first songs of its genre namely a party/ club song, where a lady sings in a bar/ club to entertain the customers, and one of the customers is the hero.
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