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Today’s song is from an obscure, unknown film, Bhagya Laxmi-1944.

The film had a good star cast like, Shanta Apte, Prem Adib,Vasanti, Rajkumari Shukla, Jagdish Sethi, Moni Chaterjee etc. The few songs of this film, which I have heard make me feel that music too was good. ‘Proof of the Pudding is in its eating’-listen to today’s song and you too will like this very melodious song. Shanta Apte can not be called a very good singer- she was OK. But the Lyrics and the tune of the song has taken her voice to a new height. It is genuinely an excellent song indeed.

Both the lead actors had tremendous track record of successful films. Additionally, the film was directed by Sarvottam Badami, a real quality Director, who rose from being an ordinary Motor mechanic to a person whom Vallabh Bhai Patel-India’s Home Minister requested for help in setting up a News Reel and Documentary section,in 1948. The songs and music was good, better than many other films of 1944. Even then, the film did not become a Hit. It is one of those films which did not become well known for whatever reasons.

Now, this is the LUCK factor in film industry. There is no fixed formula to make a film Hit. It is the very strong good luck of one of the members of the film, which makes it a successful film. This was the first film in which two successful artistes Shanta Apte and Prem Adib were acting together. After this film, they worked in film ” Subhadra”-46 again and it was the last time that the two were together in a movie. In this film Shanta was Subhadra and Prem was her brother Krishna.

When I heard Prem Adib’s name first time in my younger days, I thought that he was a Muslim, because Adib sounded like Abid. However, when I saw film Ram Rajya-43, I was impressed with his good looks and personality. Generally, most Kashmiri actors are good looking( except Jeevan, but his son Kiran Kumar was good looking). After film Ramrajya-43, his name and fame spread wide unbelievably. I remember, somewhere in 1948 or 49, we had received a Calender, with Prem Adib and Shobhana Samarth as Ram and Seeta, in multicolour photograph. Even after the year was over, that calender remained on the wall, till it got torn.

Prem Adib was one of those actors who leave an indelible mark on their generation due to an extraordinary portrayal of a film character. Prem and Shobhana ruled the hearts of their generation in the roles of Ram and Seeta. They worked together in 12 films, in all but they played Ram and Seeta only in 4 of these films. Just one Ram Rajya would have been enough, actually ! One may feel that Prem Adib specialised in Mythological films, but just about 30% of his films were religious. The rest were social, Historical and other genres.

Famous as Cine world’s Ram, Shiv Prasad Adib was born on 10th August, 1916 in a Kashmiri Brahmin family in Sultanpur (Audh, Uttar Pradesh). His father Pandit Ramprasad Dhar was a lawyer. Ramprasad’s forefathers were known in the field of Literature. Impressed by his Litterateur personality, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah had conferred him with the title of ‘Adib’ (meaning Pandit-Vidwaan). In future, this title became their family name (surname).

At the age of 13 years, after watching a silent film ANAARBALA, Prem decided to join films. After matriculating from Jodhpur in 1932, he studied for 2 years in college, but the passion for films had not reduced. So in 1934 he gave up studies and headed straight to Calcutta. For 8 months he went to different studios there, but with no luck. From there he went to Lahore. After failing to get work in Lahore also, he arrived in Mumbai. Finally his wish was fulfilled and he got a job in Rajputana Films.

Director Mohan Sinha (Grandfather of Vidya Sinha) gave Shiv Prasad a small role in the film ROMANTIC INDIA and gave him his film-name: Prem Adib. Prem also got some small roles in Dariani Productions films like: PRATIMA (Premmurti), FIDA-E-VATAN (Tasveer-e-wafa) and INSAAF (1937). He also acted in Minerva Movietone’s social films like KHAN BAHADUR (1937) and TALAAQ (1938).

His first film as a hero opposite Shobhana Samarth was NIRALA HINDUSTAN (Industrial India). This film had 3 music directors. Naushad was an assistant to one of those three, Mushtaq Hussain. He appeared once again as a hero in GHUNGHATWAALI, Sagar Movietone’s BHOLBHOLE and SADHANA (1939). In SAUBHAGYA (1940), again as a hero with Shobhana Samarth, Prem Adib also sang the songs. In this way, from 1936 to 1940, there were 11 films released with acting by Prem Adib.

In terms of popularity, the decade of the 1940s was his career’s best phase. In that decade, besides acting in 28 films, he also produced 3 films. These were: DEHAATI, KASAM (1947) and RAM VIVAH (1949). He was also the director of RAM VIVAH. In the early 40s, Prem Adib joined the prestigious organization Prakash Pictures. Prem Adib’s starting salary was fixed at Rs. 700 per month. Prakash Pictures films in which Prem Adib acted were: DARSHAN, BHARAT MILAP, CHUDIYAAN, STATION MASTER, RAMRAJYA, POLICE, VIKRAMADITYA and RAM-BAAN. Pleased with Prem Adib’s performance in BHARAT MILAP (BHARAT-BHET in Marathi), his salary per month was increased by Rs. 300.

When the film was awarded gold medal in Calcutta, Kanhaiyalal Munshi was also present at the ceremony. He suggested Vijay Bhatt to make LUV KUSH. Gandhiji was heading the independence struggle for the country and he repeatedly said that the independent India of his dream would be like Ram-Rajya. Keeping in mind Kanhaiyalal Munshi’s suggestion, Vijay Bhatt did make the movie about Luv Kush but instead of calling it LUV KUSH, he named it RAM RAJYA. Released at Super Cinema in Mumbai this film scaled the peaks of popularity. It ran continuously for 108 weeks.

People started worshipping Prem Adib as Ram after BHARAT MILAAP and RAM RAJYA. Even though Prem Adib used to smoke cigarettes and eat non-vegetarian food in real life, he gave them up while filming RAM RAJYA. During the shooting he also read Ramayan every day.

Gandhiji, who had talked about Ram Rajya, had never ever watched even one movie. Since the Art Director of Vijay Bhatt’s films, Kanu Desai was a Gandhian and as a result of his efforts Gandhiji agreed to see RAM RAJYA. Once when Gandhiji had come to Bombay to rest because of illness, his Doctor Sushila Nair gave him permission to watch the film for only 40 min. After this time was over, when the doctor asked that the film be stopped, Gandhiji signaled that the film be continued and saw the whole film.

During that time, Prem Adib got married to Krishnakumari (alias Pratima), the daughter of a leading citizen Rai Saheb Rajeshwarnath Kaul, on 26th February, 1943 in Lahore.

In the 1950s, Prem Adib had 28 film releases. Most of them were religious films. ANGULIMAL in 1960 was his last film. His film RAM BHAKTI (1958) was censored again as BHAKT RAAJ and released in 1960. Prakash Pictures also compiled (put together) scenes from its own earlier films BHARAT MILAAP, RAMRAAJYA and RAM BAAN and made a film RAMAYAN in 1954.

Prem Adib died in 1959 following a protracted illness which began in a car accident and a botched kidney surgery. On 25th December, 1959 Prem Adib had gone to a party with his wife Pratima. During the day he was healthy and fine, but after coming back he had an attack of brain hemorrhage due to high blood pressure. His wife fainted at his untimely and unexpected death. His last rites were taken over and completed by his relatives present at that time. When his fans came to know they complained that if they had been informed they would have given him a farewell befitting Ram.

Prem Adib did Ram’s role in 8 films- Bharat Milap-42, Ram Rajya-43, Raam Baan-48, Ram Vivah-49, Ram Navmi-56, Ram Hanuman Yudha-57, Ram Laxman-57 and Ram Bhakta Bibhishan-58. He worked in about 75 films, directed 1 film and sang 26 songs in 9 films.

Another interesting actor in this star cast was Vasanti.In Hindi films, male child actors rarely made it to adult Hero roles, with few exceptions. But many of the female child artistes became Heroines in their adulthood. Examples are Meena kumari, Nargis, Madhubala etc etc. Even Nanda and Shakuntala became adult Heroines, though, for a long time the prefix ‘Baby’ stuck to them.

One such child artiste was Vasanti- who was good in acting and singing. She was in great demand too.However, after 15 films and 56 songs in 14 films, she left film world, at the age of just 19 years, to settle as a housewife after her marriage. Had she continued, I am sure, she would have been a successful Heroine also.

Vasanti Vinayakrao Ghorpade,was born on 23-3-1925 in Kolhapur. her father’s sister Tanibai was a famous classical singer. Married to Bapusaheb Kagalkar,she was active in films till 1931 in Kolhapur.

Vasanti was trained by Pt. Vamanrao Sadolikar and Ustad Bamman Khan. She first acted in Dharmatma-35 as a child artist. Then came Amarjyoti-36 and Duniya na maane-37. Her songs in these films were popular. She left Prabhat in 1939 and joined Ranjit.

She did Sant Tulsidas-39, Aapki Marzi-39, Musafir-40, Diwali-40, Achoot-40, Beti-41, Sukh Dukh-42, Bhaktaraj-43, Kurbani-43, Meena-44, Bhagya laxmi-44 also. She sang 56 songs in 14 films. She did not sing in Bhagya Laxmi-44 and Meena-44, but sang in Holi-40.

In 1944, during the shooting of film Bhagya Laxmi-44, she married Indubhai Patel and settled in Bangalore. Her last film was Bachhon ka khel-46,which was the first film of Meena Kumari, as an adult.

Enjoy this melodious song in the voice of Shanta Apte. With this song, film Bhagya Laxmi makes its Debut on this Blog.

( Information for this post has been used from Harish Raghuwanshi ji’s Gujarati book ‘ Inhe na bhulana’ Screen play by Isak Mujawar, Cinema Diary by Padmakar Pathakji,, Vidur Suri ji with thanks and my notes).

Song- Khaali hai Daaman-e-Muraad(Bhaagya Laxmi)(1944) Singer- Shanta Apte, Lyricist- Not known, MD- G M Durani


Khaali hai Daaman-e-Muraad
Khaali hai Daaman-e-Muraad
umr tamaam ho gayi
umr tamaam ho gayi

mujhko to ek haal mein
mujhko to ek haal mein
subah se shaam ho gayi
subah se shaam ho gayi

lab pe hua hai aah hai
lab pe hua hai aah hai
hasti e dil tabaah hai
raaz mein thhi jo daastaan
raaz mein thhi jo daastaan
aaj se aam ho gayi
aaj se aam ho gayi

aah se mujh ko kaam hai
aah se mujh ko kaam hai
mujhko ?? hai ??

meri tamaam zindagi
meri tamaam zindagi
dard ke naam ho gayi
dard ke naam ho gayi

gham ne bada maza diya
gham ke nisaar jaaun main
gham ne bada maza diya
gham ke nisaar jaaun main
hans ke jo do chapat pade
hans ke jo do chapat pade
rone pe shaam ho gayi
rone pe shaam ho gayi

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