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“Kaali Ghata” (1951) was a Hindustan Chitra Production. It was produced and directed by Kishore Sahu. The movie had Kishore Sahu, Bina Rai, Asha Mathur, Jeevan. Gope, Ulhas, Cuckoo etc in it.
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“Zalzala” (1952) was an Art Film of Asia production. This movie was directed by Paul Zils. The movie had Kishore Sahu, Dev Anand, Geeta Bali, Jagdev, Sunalini Devi, Manju, Seeta Bose etc in it.
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“Afsar” (1950) was a Navketan Films production. It was directed by Chetan Anand. The movie had Dev Anand, Suraiya, Krishan Dhawan, Rashid Khan, Ruma Guha Thakurta, Manmohan Krishna, Kanhaiyalal etc in it.
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“Meri Kahaani” (1948) was a Super Team Federal Productions movie. It was directed by Keki Mistry. The movie had Surendra, Munawwar Sultana, Pratima Devi, Ramesh Sinha, Murad, Bhudo Advani etc in it.
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“Ek Do Teen” (1953) was a Shorey Films Production. After the success of his “Ek Thhi Ladki” (1949), Roop Shorey made “Ek Do Teen” (1953) with a similar story line and similar team. He in fact would make movies on the same storyline for the rest of his movie making career till 1970s, but would never be able to replicate the success of “Ek Thhi Ladki” (1949) again.
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“Nateeja” (1947) was a Bombay Talkies movie. It was directed by Najam Naqvi. The movie had Shamim Bano, Yakub, Jillo, Radhika, Maya Devi etc in it.
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“Badi Bahu” (1951) was a Variety Pictures production. Asha Lata Biswas was the producer and Shamim Bhagat directed the movie. The movie had Shekhar, Nimmi, Raj Adib, Sulochana Chatterji, Shivraj, Chanda, etc in it.
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“Madhu” (1959) waa a Maya Art Pictures production movie. It was directed by S Bannerji and Gyan Mukherji. The movie had Karan Dewan, Meena Kumari, Kumkum, Tuntun, Jagdish Sethi, Sailen Bose etc in it.
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“Toofaan” (1954) was a Starlight Pictures Production. It was directed by Ram Prakash. The movie had Sajjan, Munawwar Sultana, Vijaylaxmi, Pran, Pratima Devi, Amarnath, Tiwari etc in it.
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The popular Arabian Nights tale of “Alibaba” have inspired the creation of several Hindi movies. Tis blog features songs from three “Alibaba” movies that were released in 1940, 1954 and 1966.
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