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This is a very melodious song from film, RAMBHAKTA BIBHISHAN-1958,sung by Kavi Pradeep ji, who was an expert in singing such songs.
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“Shankar Seeta Anusuya”(1965) was a B grade mythological movie produced by Madhur Pictures and directed by Manibhai Vyas. The movie had Mahipal, Manhar Desai, Nirupa Roy, B M Vyas, anita Guha, Helen, Sulochana, Shahu Modak, Dev Kumar etc in it.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Kavi Pradeep, the famous poet and lyricist, has been a well known figure both in the film industry and in the field of Hindi literature. He is one of the few poets who have sung their own writings in the films. Going by the numbers, probably Pradeep ji is a leader in this category of lyricist-singer. He has a fairly large number of songs to his credit, that he has sung himself.
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Hindi movies often have background songs in them, which gets played at a critical juncture in the movie. Such songs may get played either at the beginning of the song, end of the song, or at some other important occasion.
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Listening to Pradeep’s songs is always a divine experience. Pradeep wrote with his heart and sang with his heart too, and the message contained in the song went straight to the listeners’s hearts.
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If you want to calm your nerves by listening to music then it is often a good idea to listen to a song sung by Kavi Pradeep. He was mainly a poet, but he also sang a few songs and most of these songs went on to become immortal songs.
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If you are in an introspective mood, then there is nothing like a song sung by Pradeep. Pradeep, who wrote his songs with feeling, sung his songs with feeling too whenever he was called upon to sing songs. I have posted many immortal songs written and sung by Pradeep in this blog.
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Pradeep wrote his songs with passion, and when given to sing, would sing with passion too. I have already posted a couple of superb song where Pradeep wrote the lyrics and sang them too.
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Kavi Pradeep was a lyricist cum singer who wrote with passion and sang with passion. And nowhere is this passion more evident than in this song from “Jaagriti” (1954).
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Pradeep, the lyricist of 1940s and 50s ( he in fact was active till 1970s and 80s too) has written some immortal songs in Bollywood movies. Be it religious songs or patriotic songs, his songs often became iconic songs.
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