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From the details furnished by Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, our inhouse walking encyclopaedia, it was seen that “Gambler” (1970) had five songs and as many as four songs from the movie had already been discussed.
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Most nation building songs in Hindi movies tend to be jingoistic songs. But there are songs which take a long hard hitting looks at the weaknesses of the nation.
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K L Saigal had less than thirty songs in the blog two months ago. Thanks to the conscious decision to discuss one K L Saigal song a day, we now have as many as 82 K L Saigal songs in this blog. And hopefully we will have a century of K L Saigal songs by the next month.
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“Vachan” (1955) was the first movie of Ravi as an independent music director, and this movie saw Ravi’s career getting launched in a grand way. In this movie, Ravi composed an iconic song viz “Chandaa mama door ke”.
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If you are in an introspective mood, then there is nothing like a song sung by Pradeep. Pradeep, who wrote his songs with feeling, sung his songs with feeling too whenever he was called upon to sing songs. I have posted many immortal songs written and sung by Pradeep in this blog.
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Here is a much loved song from “Anaadi” which is sung by Mukesh and picturised on Raj Kumar. This song is a standard Raj Kapoor production, in the sense that this song is created by the standard Raj Kapoor team. The song is penned by Shailendra and the music is composed by Shankar Jaikishan.
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I have mentioned earlier theat there are bollywood songs for different peiods of the day. I have mostly dwelt upon late night songs which I call “chaayaget” songs in honour of Vividh Bharati programme of that name. But what about evening songs ?
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1970s saw the emergence of small budget family entertainers sans fights and violence. Amol Palekar and Vidhya Sinha were two of the leading “stars” of such movies. Two of their most memorable movies together were “Rajnigandha” and “Chhoti si baat”. These two movies can infact be treated as extensions of each other, that is how much these two movies had in common.
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It is one Bollywood movie that is inspired from a western movie and novel. But unlike most such inspired movies, this movie improves and enhances the original and comes up with a memorable tale that has the ability to move just about any person who has watched it.
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I grew in that era when masses would run away a mile from classical songs or classical dances. There were few takers for such kind of art.

Those days, some bollywood makers on a shoe string budget would make movies different from mainstream movies. Such movies earned rave reviews and critical praise, but these movies were rejected by masses. Film festivals were often the only place one could watch such movies.
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