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Nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan

Posted on: May 24, 2011

“Paakeezah” (1971) had music by Ghulam Mohammad, but he died after recording some songs. The remaining work of music direction , viz background music was done by Naushad.

Here is a song from “Paakeezah” (1971) that plays in the background. This song is sung by Rajkumari and its music is composed by Naushad. The lyrics are traditional folk lyrics and the lyricist is not known.

Song-Nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan (Paakeezah) (1971) Singer-Rajkumari, MD-Naushad


haan haan
nazar kaa waar thaa
dil pe tadap ne chhaa (?) di
chali thi barchhi kisi par
kisi ko aan lagi

nazariyaa ki maari
nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan
nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan
nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan
nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan

nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan
nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan
nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan

koi zaraa jaa ke baidh bulaao
koi zaraa jaa ke baidh bulaao
aa ke dhare more naari
haay raam aa ke dhare mori naari
nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan
nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan

9 Responses to "Nazariyaa ki maari mari mori guyiyaan"

All songs of Pakeezah were composed by Ghulam Mohammed in early fifties.Naushad provided only background music at the time of release of Pakeezah.


Atul ji,
What Dr. Bansal has said is partly true.Naushad has given 3 classical songs in this film,after G.Mohd.died;but all these songs only play in the background throughout the film in pieces.
The above song,If I remember right,plays in the background just before the song ‘Thade rahiyo’ starts.
Naushad was an expert in using the folk songs of U.P. in many of his films,either by words or by tunes.this too is one of them.


The singer Rajkumari Dubey has put her heart n soul in the song.

I have heard the song many times. There is no use of sound “z”. It is ‘ j ‘ every where and all through the song.

And the first line is as follows:

“najar kaa waar thaa
dil ki tadap ne jaan di”

“najariya ki maari…….”

First line of stanza is :

“Koi jaraa jaa ke vaidh bulaao”


What is the meaning of guyiyaan?


Kalind ji,
The meaning of Guyiyaan is ‘female companion of a woman’ or in simple words,Sakhi.


Rajkumari Dubey was a playback singer from 30s till early 50s. She had a long dry spell until music director Naushad spotted her singing in the chorus for his background score for Pakeezah (1972). Naushad was taken aback by this, having greatly respected her in her heyday, and heartbroken to hear that she was reduced to singing in the chorus to make ends meet. As a result, he gave her an entire song to herself ….that is the above song..which unfortunately did not feature as a full song in the movie.


Yamini ji,
You are right,but this kind of neglect is suffered by many old timers.Some of them were forced to beg on the road also.
However,Raajkumari Dubey had a better treatment.Her last song was a Bhajan in Gulzar’s Kitaab-1977.Her last public appearance was in 1996,when she was awarded ASHIRWAAD NAVRATNA AWARD.Later she appeared as a judge in the TV contest Sa Re Ga Ma also.


A working link :

First line is – Najar ka vaar thha dil pe, Tadap ne Jaan di


Superbly melodious thumri/dadra. Nostalgic, excellent lyrics, composition and aptly sung.


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