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I knew nothing about this movie and about this song. It is just that my dear internet friend Raja knew about this song. He in fact is so impressed with this song that he has posted this song in his blog and even provided a translation of the song. He had requested me to post this song here. I told him that I was going to shamelessly copy his translation, and he readily permitted me to plagiarise. 🙂
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Few people, including me have heard of this movie called “Apna Ghar Apni Kahani” (1968). This movie had come in an era when we had a glut of classy songs, and I do not recall ever listening to songs of this movie. Not that I could have been able to identify the songs as belonging to this movie, had I heard the songs then.
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I have posted two memorable songs from “Shart” (1954) in the past namely Na ye chaand hogaa na taare rahenge (Shart) and Dekho wo chaand chhupke kartaa hai kyaa ishaare (Shart) . This movie had another nice song in it which is not known to many people (including me) because that song is not available in the movie’s VCD. I became aware of this song only because of farmaish for this song by one of the visitors of this blog, viz. anverali valli.
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Rafi-Shammi Kapoor songs are some of the most loved songs in Bollywood movies. Sometime ago, I had wondered what I was going to do if I run out of these Rafi-Shammi Kapoor songs to post. Well, I have posted over 2500 songs in this blog, and I find that I still have many Rafi-Shammi Kapoor songs not yet posted. So I still have lots of ground to cover.
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I have mentioned this fact time and again that old Bollywood movies could be categorised as A grade, B grade etc based on its budget, but one could not categorise the music of these Bollywood movies likewise. The musical talent available to the B ,C and lower grade movies was just as great as those available to the A grade movies.
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Yesterday I stumbled upon a very old song. This song is a qawwaali and I was pleasantly surprised by it. This qawwali is from a movie called “Beqasoor” (1950).
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I have been blogging about Bollywood songs for some 22 months now. All these days, I have been given farmaishes to post certain songs. Then on some occasions, I have been sent clips of songs to identify. And luckily I was able to identify those songs with their movies, singers etc.
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I am aware of at least three movies called “Faraar”. These movies were released at a gap of 10 years beginning from 1955. In other words we had three movies by the same name, viz Faraar (1955), Faraar (1965) and Faraar (1975). In this blog, I have posted songs from all these movies.
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I have posted a song from “Aaraam” (1951) in the past. This movie may not ring any bells with most fans, but this was a movie starring Dev Anand and Madhubala. And this movie had some nice songs in it.
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This is one of those songs that I loved listening to in my formative years without having much clue about it and then I forgot all about the song once this song stopped playing on radio and loudspeakers.
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