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Forgotten Melodies of the 1940s – 21

Do Music Directors direct the music?

This is the title of an article appeared about 72 years ago in June 1943 issue of FILMINDIA magazine. I had read the title of the article more than a year back but did not go through it at that time thinking that it must have been written by some staff of the magazine. Recently, when I came across the same article, I was surprised to find that the article was written by Ramchandra Pal, the music director who has composed music for Bombay Talkies films like ‘Kangan’ (1939), ‘Bandhan’ (1940), ‘Punar Milan’ (1940), ‘Naya Sansar’ (1941) and many more films in other banners mainly in the 40s. The article is well written.
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“Amar” (1954) was a Mehboob Productions movie. It was directed by Mehboob Khan. The movie had Dilip Kumar, Nimmi, Madhubala, Jayant, Ulhas, Mukri, Amar, Shakeel Nomani, Husn Banu, Murad etc in it.
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“Darbaar” (1955) is a B grade movie produced by Golden Movies and directed by N Vakil. This movie had such B grade big names as Mahipal,Chitra,Kammo, Tiwari,Sundar etc. in it😀
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“Madhur Milan”(1955) is an obscure B grade movie and little is known about this movie. This movie apparently had Nigar Sultana and Mahipal in lead roles.
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“Pugree” (1948) is a movie that had Amar, Wasti, Kamini Kaushal, Dikshit,Shashikala, Gope, Pratima Devi, Ram Avtaar etc in it.

This movie had some nice songs in it which were sung by Mukesh, Sitara Kanpuri and Shamshad Begam. I have so far discussed three songs from this movie.
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I have often mentioned that the Hindi that one got to listen to in Hindi movies is not the same that I studied in my Hindi classes during my school days. The Hindi taught in the school was chaste Hindi whose vocabulary was mainly derived from Sanskrit. The Hindi, as used by Government of India is also of the same nature. On the other hand, the Hindi spoken in Hindi movies contained words that were not familiar to Hindi speakers. For instance, the language used in expressing the feelings of heart in Hindi movies is different from the language used in textbook Hindi.
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Hindi movies have several songs of the genre where the hero has a broken heart aften being betrayed in love. This genre of songs often tend to become repetitive after a while as far as their lyrics are concerned. The phrase “Toota huaa dil” viz “broken heart” often figures mandatorily in these songs.If one has heard one broken heart song, one may have heard them all- that is what often appears to music lovers.
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“Goonj” (1952) is a forgotten movie about which little details are available now. This movie had Suraiyya and Suresh in it.
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Most people are aware of the movie called “Nadiya Ke Paar” (1982) which was a Rajshree Productions movie. There was another movie of the same name that was released as far back as in 1948. This movie “Nadiya Ke Paar” (1948) was in fact a bigger budget movie and a mainstream movie unlike “Nadiya Ke Paar” (1982). “Nadiya Ke Paar” (1948) starred Dilip Kumar and Kamini Kaushal and by most indications, it was a commercial success.
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Not too many people are aware of this movie called “Jalpari” (1952). But I have found that this movie has some superb songs in it.
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