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“Aalingan” (1974) was directed by C L Dheer for Jasmine Films. The movie had Romesh Sharma, Zaheera, Anjana Mumtaz, Satyen Kappu, Suresh Chatwal, Aashu, Jugnu, Achla Sachdev, Nitin Sethi, Raji Sethi, Chanda, Poonam, Vinod Sharma, Raj Verma, Nagar, Chandu, Pampi etc in it.
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This article is written by Pamir Harvey, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Mukti (1977) is Bindiya Goswami‘s debut film. From the looks of it this song most probably heralds her arrival on the screen. This also seems to be a song, which shows how the once small daughter has grown up and has stepped into her youth.
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This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

So here I am again with another Jodi.

This Jodi gave us such a lovely time at the movies that our generation must be blessed to have been there then. And by a Jodi it need not necessarily mean a girl and a boy. It could be two girls as in Shabana Azmi –Rekha or Rekha- Moushmi Chaterjee or Shabana Azmi – Neetu Singh. Oh the list is endless or is there a definite number to such Jodis. There are also jodis of Males like Sanjeev Kumar- Shatrughan Sinha, Amitabh with Vinod Khanna as well as Mehra. Amitabh Bachchan must be one of the few actors who jelled with any hero he worked with viz. Shashi Kapoor, Dharamendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Rishi Kapoor, and with the later generation as well be it Govinda, Akshay Kumar, ShahRukh Khan , Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt etc. Ab in saari jodiyon ki baat hi kuch aur hai! What say?
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Today (29 september) is the birth anniversary of Ravi Baswani (September 29, 1946 – July 27, 2010). Ravi Baswani made his debut as a comedian in 1980s and he acted in some lovely comedy movies of that era, viz “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron”, “Peechha Karo” etc.
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Some newspapers tend to have columns called “This day that year” or similar. In that column, they discuss the important events that happened on that day in the past.

Today is 29th of december 2011. If I am asked to describe what I did in the past years on this day then I will draw a blank for most of the years, including years as recent as one or two years back. But ironically there is one year on this date that is as fresh in my mind as if it happened just yesterday. In reality, it happened exactly 40 years back. Yes, I remember the day of 29th december 1971 very well. It was a day that did not begin all that well but became memorable as the day wore on.
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When Bappi Lahiri began his career as a music director in mid 1970s, I thought that he was a music director in the sameleague as R D Burman. Considering that I, as well as the rest of India was totally in love with R D Burman’s music, that was high praise indeed.
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This post is written by Santosh Ojha, a regular contributor of posts to this blog and a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movies and its songs

It has been one of those big mysteries of Bollywood which I have not been able to fathom yet. Just why did Kala Patthar not become one of the biggest block-busters of all times! Heck, it is not even among the top 50 grossers of 1970’s (it was released in 1979)
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In the golden era of Hindi movie music, songs played a very important role in the success of the movies. In fact, many of the actors, especially male actors owe their success to the singing of the leading male singer of the time.
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This review is written by Santosh Ojha, a relatively new visitor of this blog and a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music

Two songs from this movie have already been posted on this blog, and Atul has gone public with his negative views on the movie. He found the movie too contrived, too silly even. Maybe he has a point of view, but may I present the alternate view.
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