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The song under discussion is from “Sampoorna Devi Darshan”(1971). “Sampoorna Devi Darshan”(1971) was produced by S J Rajdev and directed by Shantilal Soni for ‘Sargam Chitra, Bombay’. The movie had Sushma, Ashish Kumar, B.M. Vyas, Padma Rani, Shabana, Uma Dutt, Azad, Shery Mohan, Arvind Pandya, Johny Whisky, Dilip Dutt, Shri Bhagwan, Bhagwan Sinha, Maya, Shobha, Suman, Prem Lata, Daya Devi, Rajeshwari Rao, Haroon, Prince Arjun, Kiran Kumar, Dalpat Bhai etc in it.

Screenplay and dialogues of this movie were written by R. Priyadarashi. Editing of this movie was done by I.M. Kunnu. Lyrics of this movie were written by B.D. Mishra and music was composed by S.N. Tripathi.

Lyrics of the song as well as details of the movie were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala, with the request that- “Kindly introduce the movie with your writeup please, as I am not good when it comes to writing about mythology. Please.

While making the above request, he assumed that I can write about mythology. In reality, I know even less about this topic. Whatever litle I knew about this topic was from my voracious reading of children’s magazines like Chandamama, and also reading of Geeta Press Gorakhpur religious publications during my younger days. I have already forgotten most of that.

I in fact, learnt something new from the email of Avinash Scrapwala. I realised that there is a Navratri during Durga puja of october November and also another navratri in the summer season. The summer season navratri is called Chaitra navratri and it marks the beginning of the Hindu calendar year.

Today marks the beginning of Hindu calendar year Samvat 2078. This is Vikram Samvat (Vikram calendar), which, we can see is 57 years ahead of Gregorian calendar (the one that is commonly followed by most people). However India adopted Shak Samwat (Shak Calendar) as Indian calendar which has the same months as Vikram calendar but it started in 78 AD, unlike Vikram Samwat which started in 57 BC. Official Shak calendar is tied to the Gregorian calendar. It begins on 22 march, and on Gregorian leap year it begins on 21 march.

Chaitra is the first month of Hindu Vikram Samvat calendar year. This year this day falls on 13 April. Chaitra navratri begins from this day. This time it is from 13 april to 22 april.

Like during the october-november Navratri, the chaitra navratri too is observed by praying to different avatars of Goddess Durga during the nine days of the festival. These avataras, that are worshipped on the nine days are:-from day one to day nine-Maa Shailputri, Maa Brahmcharini, Maa Chandraghanta,Maa Kushmaanda,Skandmata, Maa Katyayani, Maa Kaalraatri, Maa Mahagauri and Maa Sidhhidaatri.

The festival marks the beginning of the spring season and it ends with Ram Navami or the birthday of Lord Rama.

This new year day is celebrated in different parts of the country by different names viz. Gudi Padwa (Maharashra, MP,Chattisgarh), Ugadi (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka), Puthandu (Tamilnadu), Vishu (Kerala), Bihu (Assam), Poila Baisaakh (Bangal), Baisaakhi (Punjab) etc.

Just imagine for a second. All these regions of India, located far far away from each other, have been celebrating their new year on this same day for many centuries! It means that all these diverse places, separated by vast distances have been culturally integrated for many many centuries ago ! How else do you explain the fact that all these regions celebrate their new years on the same day ! I notice that I have stayed in almost all the above mentioned regions of India and I have observed this new year celebrated in almost all its different forms. 🙂

Religious minded people use this occasion for pooja, archana, aradhana etc, whereas cultural minded people celebrate it through songs and dances. Vigorous Punjabi dance on this occasion is well known to most people. Personally I am a big fan of Bihu dance that I saw getting performed on this occasion, during my stay in Assam two decades ago. These festivals also have much to offer to those who look forward to sweets and pakwaans. 🙂

As per HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980) this movie had six songs (including one five-part song). All the songs of this movie were written by B.D. Mishra and music was composed by S.N. Tripathi.

The list of the songs given in HFGK is as follows;

SNo Song Title Singer/s
01 Jai devi maata, jai nau durgaa maata Manna Dey, Chandrani Mukherji, chorus
02 Sansaar ki kaisi reet hai …sachchaayi roye duniya mein Asha Bhonsle
03 O raaja aa jaa na mere paas Asha Bhonsle
04 Aao suhaag ki raat manaa le… tumhaare sang jeenaa thha Asha Bhonsle
05 (a) Nij janm bhoomi dharti maa ko naman-part-1
(b) Hari bhari brajbhoomi seenchti sadaa
(c) Kaam krodh mad lobh moh kitnaa hi zor lagaaye
(d) Paap taap santaap jhoothh ki ek na chalegi
(e) Teerath teerath mandir mandir jo ghoome din raat
Manna Dey, Chandrani Mukherjee, chorus
06 Maa Paava gadh thhi ootaryaa mahaakaali re (garbaa)

When I first looked at the name of the movie and the lyrics of the song, and looked at the request of Avinash scrapwala regarding this being a song for the occasion, my first impression was, how can it be. It is a song fit for Durga puja. Then, on doing some research, that I have presented above, I found out that there is something known as Chaitra Navratri and that it is a festival like the Navratri of Dashara, and that this song is actually tailormade for the occasion. Now I have realised that the world “Nav Durga” that we often come across is not “nav Durga” but “nau Durga” viz. “nine Durga”, and it refers to the nine forms of Durga.

The song plays in the background at the credits appear on the screen. The lyrics of this song mentions all the nine forms of Durga.

This shows that the makers of movies like this were very well versed with Indian mythology and they could make movies on such topics. The lyricists of the songs of such movies had indepth knowledge about the subject as we can see from the lyrics of this song, which comes from the pen of B D Mishra. Music is composed by S N Tripathi.

With this song, “Sampoorna Devi Darshan”(1971) makes its debut in the blog. 1971 saw 115 movies getting released. This movie is the 106th movie of 1971 to find representation in the blog.

We this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year and chaitr navraatr.

Let us now listen to song devoted to Maa Durga, the Goddess who is worshipped during this Chaitr Navraatr.


Song-Jai devi maataa Jai Nau Durga Maataa (Sampoorna Devi Darshan)(1971) Singer- Manna Dey, Chandrani Mukherjee, Lyrics – B D Mishra, Music – S N Tripathi

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

jai devi maata aa
jai nau durga maata aa
janani jai ho teri
amar tera naata aa
jayo jayo maa jagdambe ae

pehla hai swaroop
shail putri maata
hai shail putri maata
jo inke gun gaataa
sukh sampatti paataa
jayo jayo maa jagdambe ae

dooja hai swaroop
bramhchaarini maa aa
hai bramhchaarini maa
bramhroopini tu hi
paap haarini maa aa
jayo jayo maa jagdambe

teeja hai swaroop
chandraghanta maata
hai chandraghanta maata
tujhko paa ke man ka
andhiyaara jaataa aa
jayo jayo maa jagdambe

chautha hai swaroop
kushmaandaa maayi
hai kushmaanda maayi
inse hi ban jaata
jeewan sukhdaayi
jayo jayo maa jagdambe

pancham roop anoop
devi skandmaata
hai devi skandmaata
trigun tritaap vinaashini
tribhuvan ki praata
jayo jayo maa jagdambe

chhanthvi katyaayani
maayi taaran haari
maayi taaran haari
poojen brahma vishnu
poojen tripuraari
jayo jayo maa jagdambe

saantvin ye mahagauri
aathvin kaalraatri
hai aathvin kaalraatri
nauvvaan roop hai tera
maayi siddhidhaatri
jayo jayo maa jagdambe

nau durga ki aarti
jo koyi gaave
ye jo koyi gaave
kahe shivanand swami
jag mein sukh paaye
jayo jayo maa jagdambe

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