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#The Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
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Today’s song is from the movie ‘Mehmil’. It is one of those movies from the year 1972 which is yet to be represented on the blog.

‘Mehmil’ is directed by Vibhuti Mishra for Mitra Productions, Bombay. The list of actors includes Farah, Shiv Kumar, Shatrughan Sinha, Vibhuti Mishra, Indrani Dutt, Pratima Devi, Mona, Jayant Bhatt, Pankaj, Tun Tun, Shekhar Purohit, Prem Mubarak, Prem Pujari, Yunus Bihari, Sitara, Lakshmi, Jeniffer, Shareefa, Dulari, Rajkumari and others. This movie was passed by Censor Board on 13.10.1972.

This movie has five songs – four penned by Kafil Azar and one song penned by Qamar Jalalabadi. Music for this movie is composed by Sonik-Omi. The list of songs in this movie is as given below (as provided in HFGK).

Sl. No. Song Title Singer/s
01 Kitna hai soona soona mehmil (Part-1) Asha Bhonsle
02 Hamen milnaa thhik nahin Asha Bhonsle
03 Meri jaan hai sona Asha Bhonsle, Mohd Rafi
04 Kitna hai soona soona mehmil (Part-2) Omi
05 Kaash main ladki hota Asha Bhonsle

Today’s song is sung by Omi and when I listen this song the very first time, I liked it very much. Omi’s singing in this song is something special that leaves one humming this song after it ends. And it grows as we listen to it more. I had earlier presented the title song of ‘Ek Khilaadi Baawan Pattey’ sung by him. It would be interesting to know how many songs he had sung in HFM so far.

Well, HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980) lists the today’s song in two parts. However, on all sources only this Omi version is available. Though some sources give the link with the name of singer Asha Bhonsle but have uploaded the same song sung by Omi. I tried to locate the female version but could not find it so far. Till then we will enjoy this song in the voice of Omi. We will add the female version to today’s post if it is made available later.

The videos of the songs of ‘Mehmil’ are also not available and neither is the movie available online. I would request knowledgeable readers to throw more light on the movie and its songs.

Meaning of ‘Mehmil’ as taken from

(maḥmil n. of place fr ‘to bear, carry,’ c.)

(A maḥmil (n. of place fr ‘to bear, carry,’ &c.), s.m. That by which anything is supported, that in (or on) which anything is borne; that which carries the double load of a camel, a camel’s saddle; a camel litter or dorser (in which women travel).

Let us have a look on the list of movies of 1972 after adding the today’s movie and till the today’s movie alphabetically. Today’s movie is the 76th in this alphabetical list.
Ed Note: In the interest of brevity, the list is collapsed to show the films onward from the previous episode in the series , namely ‘Maanavta’ plus the ones that are without any available information or songs. Readers may refer to previous episodes of this series for earlier details – “Tere Vishal Hriday Ne Paai, Saaton Saagar KI Gehraai“.

Sl. No. Movie Title Director Music Director Passed by Censor Board No of Songs on the Blog No of Songs as per HFGK
1 Aakraant Girish Vaidya Jagat Singh 07.12.1972 0 No Information
17 Bachche Mere Saathi TN Babu M.S. Vishwanathan 17.11.1972 Songs Not Available 6
24 Bharat Darshan Khwaja Ahmed Abbas Jaidev 04.11.1972 0 No Information
45 Fighter Sheela Vijay Not Mentioned 07.10.1972 0 No Information
50 Gunfighter Johnny KSR Das Aadi Narayan Rao 25.03.1972 Songs Not Available 5
53 Hunterwaali KS Reddi Satyam 02.09.1972 Songs Not Available 5
54 Jaadoo Nagari Vednatham Roghaviya Aadi Narayan Rao 05.06.1972 0 No Information
65 Kavi Sammelan Kedar Sharma Not Mentioned 18.02.1972 Songs Not Available 17
68 Lady James Bond KSR Das Satyam 11.07.1972 0 5
71 Maanavtaa Chanakya Kalyanji-Anandji 04.12.1972 Making its debut today


72 Maan Jaaiye BR Ishara Jaidev 15.12.1972 3 3
73 Maayaa Darpan Kumar T. Shahni Bhaskar Chandavarkar 12.12.1972 0 No Information
74 Mahaa Shivraatri Shantilal Soni S.N. Tripathi 16.08.1972 1 6
75 Mangetar Roopa Sen Sudhir Sen 20.04.1972 1 6
76 Mehmil Vibhuti Mishra Sonik-Omi 13.10.1972 Making its debut today



  1. Songs for ‘Bachche Mere Saathi’, ‘Gunfighter Johnny’ and ‘Hunterwaali’ seems to be unavailable as of now.
  2. The film ‘Kavi Sammelan’ was a presentation of poetry by selected iconic poets of our country, of that time.
  3. There is no information about the songs in HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980) for the movies – ‘Aakraant’, ‘Bharat Darshan’, ‘Fighter Sheela’, ‘Jaadoo Nagari’ and ‘Maaya Darpan’ as mentioned above.

Let us now listen to the today’s song. . .


Song – Kitna Hai Soona Soona Mehmil Hamaara Re (Mehmil) (1972) Singer – Omi, Lyrics – Kafil Azar, MD – Sonik Omi


kitna hai soona soona
mehmil hamaara re ae

kitna hai soona soona
mehmil hamaara re
aa jaaye saathi koyi ban ke sahaara re ae
aa jaaye saathi koi
ban ke sahaara re
kitna hai soona soona
mehmil hamaara re

sapnon ka dil mein mela hai ae
phir bhi ye dil akela hai
ho koi hamsafar to ho miley bhola bhaala
le le jo haath haathon mein ae
jaadu ho jiski baaton mein
ke meri nazar ko o lage wo niraala
dekhe zamaana usey itna ho pyaara re ae
aa jaaye saathi ee koi
ban ke sahaara re
kitna hai soona soona
mehmil hamaara re ae
kitna hai soona soona
mehmil hamaara re

aaya thha ban ke saathi jo o
nikla ajeeb raahi wo
ho mujhe kya samajh ke ae
milaa thha wo jhoothha
chheda jo main afsaana aa
us ko banaaya deewaana
o zara door chalke ae mujh se wo roothha
samjha na baatein meri
haaye bechaara re ae
aaya thha saathi ee koi
ban ke sahaara re ae
kitna hai soona soona
mehmil hamaara re

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

कितना है सूना सूना महमिल हमारा रे
कितना है सूना सूना महमिल हमारा रे
आ जाये साथी कोई बन के सहारा रे
आ जाये साथी कोई बन के सहारा रे
कितना है सूना सूना महमिल हमारा रे

सपनों का दिल में मेला है
फिर भी ये दिल अकेला है
हो कोई हमसफर तो हो मिले भोला भाला
ले ले जो हाथ हाथों में
जादू हो जिसकी बातों में
के मेरी नज़र को ओ लगे वो निराला
देखे ज़माना उसे इतना हो प्यारा रे
आ जाये साथी कोई बन के सहारा रे
कितना है सूना सूना महमिल हमारा रे
कितना है सूना सूना महमिल हमारा रे

आया था बनके साथी जो
निकला अजीब राही वो
हो मुझे क्या समझ के
मिला था वो झूठा
छेड़ा जो मैंने अफसाना
उसको बनाया दीवाना
ज़रा दूर चल के मुझसे वो रूठा
समझा ना बातें मेरी
हाए बेचारा रे
कितना है सूना सूना महमिल हमारा रे

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