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Hullo Atuldom

“Bond 303” (1985) was produced B.C. Devra and directed by Ravi Tandon. It was one of those movies that was in the making for a long time.

It was one of the three movies that had Jeetendra play a Spy- an Indian James Bond. His James Bond act began with his ‘mast bahaaron ka main aashiq’ in “Farz” (1967) continued with “Raksha” (1981) {in both these movies Jeetendra was Agent 116}. “Bond 303” was the third in that list.

This spy-movie had all the ingredients, a movie of this genre, required viz: a hero who looks handsome, can shake a leg, do action sequences with ease, and a bevy of lovely ladies. The lovely ladies of ‘Bond 303’ were headed Parveen Babi (in a double role), Jayshree T. and Helen. The list of supporting actors had Prem Chopra, Deven Verma, Tom Alter, Iftikhar, Satyen Kappu, Shreeram Lagoo, Dev Kumar, Yusuf Khan (a.k.a Zebisco of Amar Akbar Anthony).

The story was very simple:

There are terrorist attacks all over the world. Planes, trains, houses are blown to smithereens by unknown rockets! The one to call is India’s super agent Bond 303! When we first meet him he’s preoccupied with a dozen ladies and they all burst out in an intensive song-and-dance number! Bond 303 befriends a young smart scientist, played by the cool Parveen Babi and they start to gather information about the evil organization behind it all. But someone wants to stop them and sooner than you can say “curry” they are in gravy, oops they are in danger!

This Indian spy movie had five songs that were written by Gulshan Bawra and composed by R D Burman. Amit Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar, Suresh Wadkar, R D Burman, were the playback singers used. Today’s song is in the voices of Amit Kumar, Suresh Wadkar and Kalyani Mitra.

(The blog’s statistics page shows a name Kalyani Das Mitra whose 11 songs are there on the blog. I would like some knowledgeable follower to confirm if Kalyani Mitra and Kalyani Das Mitra are one and the same. The title song of ‘Saawan Ko Aane do’, posted on the blog, has Kalyani Mitra listed as playback singer.)
The song is a typical ‘roothna-manana’ song where Jeetendra and Deven Verma are seen trying to appease Parveen Babi and her companion. (I think that is Meenakshi Thakur, but I am not sure. Prakashchandraji, please help) The ladies are of course putting on an act of being upset with the boys.
We are wishing Suresh Wadkar on his 66th birthday. And remembering Gulshan Bawra on his 12th anniversary.



Song-Arre main tera deewaana (Bond 303)(1985) Singers-Amit Kumar, Suresh Wadkar, Kalyani Mitra, Lyrics-Gulshan Baawra, MD-R D Burman


ae ae ae he he he
ae he he he

chal yahaan se
yeh toh deewaane lagte hain

arre main tera deewaana
yeh kaise tune jaana
zara meri jaan yeh bata
suno dil waali
chaahe de tu gaali
chhodoon na peechha tera
ho ho ho
main tera deewaana
yeh kaise tune jaana
zara meri jaan ye bata
suno dil waali
chaahe de tu gaali
chhodoon na peechha tera
ha ha

he he heee
he he heee
awaara loafer
arre dabe dabe honthon mein chhupaati hai hansi
arre phansegi
hansegi phansegi
haan dekho toh deewaanon ki udaati hai hansi
ai phansegi
arre hansegi phansegi
dabe dabe honthon mein chhupaati hai hansi
arre dekho toh deewaanon ki udaati hai hansi
aise na dil jalaao
o ho ho
main tera deewaana
ye kaise tune jaana
jara meri jaan ye bata
suno dilwaali
chaahe de tu gali
chhodoon na peechha tera

yeh toh gunde hain

he he
kisi ko toh degi dil kabhi na kabhi
ai haseen
arre dilnasheen
ai haseen dilnasheen
haan kabhi wali baat kyun na ho jaaye abhi
ai haseen
ai dilnasheen
arre ai haseen
ai dilnasheen
kisi ko to degi dil kabhi na kabhi
kabhi waali baat kyun na ho jaaye abhi
dil hai aashiq tera
o ho ho
main tera deewaana
yeh kaise tune jaana
zara meri jaan yeh bata
suno dil waali
chaahe de tu gali
chhodoon na peechha tera
la la la la
la la la la la
la la la la la
la la la la la
la la la la la

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