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It is generally believed that songs become rare and obscure due to ravages of time. And the process is speeded up if the song is from an obscure movie.
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It is a song that I have heard many a times right from my younger days, and I in fact had noted down the lyrics of this song in a diary that I used to maintain in 1970s. This diary had lyrics of songs noted down by me from radio as well as scorecards of test matches (noted down through radio commentary) that India played those days. 🙂
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“Do Gunde” (1959) is a movie where Raj Kumar and Ajit play the two Gunde (ruffians) and their love interests are played by Kumkum and Jayshree Gadkar respectively.
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“Jal Tarang” (1949) is an obscure movie starring Rehman,Geeta Bali,Shashikala,Ram Singh,Rajan Haksar,Shyama etc.
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“Shakuntala” (1943) is easily a milestone movie in the annals of Hindi movies. It was the very first movie of Rajkamal Chitramandir that V Shantaram had founded. This was the first time that V Shantaram collaborated with Vasant Desai as music director and Jayshree as the leading lady. He in fact fell in love with Jayshree and married her during that time. This movie was a big success and our resident expert Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh informs us that this movie had run for 104 weeks (viz two years) in a single movie hall namely Swastik Cinema of Bombay.
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“Pooran Bhagat” (1933) came just two years after the first Hindi talkie came up in 1931, and it is one of the oldest movie whose songs have been discussed in this movie.
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When one listens to the songs of the golden era, one realises that the overall quality of the songs was quite high. Not just the big name music directors, even small time music directors were creating quality stuff. The only difference between big names and small names was marketability, otherwise qualitywise, even music directors confined to B and C grade movies were just as good as the A grade music directors.
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This evergreen song from “Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai”(1961) wears multiple hats. The song is a multiple version song in the sense that this song is sung independently by two singer, viz Rafi in one version and Lata in another version. The song can be called the title song as well as theme song. The male version of the song is rail song as well.
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These are are days of consumerism where people have mind boggling variety of materials to choose from. It is difficult to imagine today that Indian shops till 1970s wore spartan looks and they hardly had anything to offer. People got “phoren” goods from abroad and flaunted them proudly. And smuggling (bringing items without paying the exorbitant taxes) was a flourishing business.
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When I was growing up in late 1960s and early 1970s, I was upset with oldtimer movie makers of earlier decades. Why did the oldtimers create such “boring” songs. And secondly, why would they give their movies the same titles as the movies of 1970s. 🙂 Yes, I blamed old movie makers for their titles like Dushman(1938),Jugnu (1947), Anokhi Ada(1948), Andaaz(1949), Samadhi (1950), Aankhen(1951) etc which were the same titles vis a vis titles of new movies released in late 1960s and early 1970s. Whenever I heard an announcement in Akashwani that a song of the abovementioned movies was going to be played, I eagerly looked forward to listening to a new song, but I felt badly let down on finding that the song played was from an old movie of the same name.
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