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Today (6 december 2014) is the 39th death anniversary of Atma H Chainani, better known as C H Atma (10 december 1923- 6 december 1975). C H Atma is known for singing in K L Saigal style in 1950s after the K L Saigal era had come to an end.
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“Aasmaan” (1952) was a Pancholi Production movie. It was produced and directed by Dalsukh M Pancholi. The movie had Nasir Khan, Veera, Badri Prasad, David Abraham, Asha Parekh, Lalita Pawar, Shyam, Anwar etc in it.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

And so, yesterday as I was conversing back and forth with Harish ji Raghuvanshi (resident of Surat, compiler of the ‘Mukesh Geet Kosh’) regarding information on the lyricist SH Behari, we started to discuss the general topic of hugely talented lyricists that spent a very small time in the industry, contributed a small number of very wonderful songs and then somehow did not work anymore for Hindi films. Their filmi careers are lost under obscurity.
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This article is written by Khyati Bhatt, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Ramlal Chaudhary, known as a Ramlal in hindi film industry was a composer who is famous for composing songs of two films, Sehra-63 and Geet Gaaya Pattharon Ne-64. Both were produced and directed by V Shantaram.
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“Bhai Sahab”(1954) was a Pancholi Art Production. It was directed by Ravindra Dave and the star cast included C H Atma, Smriti Biswas, Purnima,Ratan Kumar, Jagdeep etc.
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“Bhai Sahab” (1954) is a movie I know well from my days of listening to “Puraani Filmon ke geet” on Radio Ceylon. The songs of this movie sounded like they were sung by K L Saigal but in reality they were sung by C H Atma, a K L Saigal devotee. The most well known song from this movie, viz Nazar ne keh diya afsaana mere pyaar ka has already been discussed in the blog.
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In 1970s, kids of my age (and for that matter much of the Indian population) who were used to movie songs of the kind popular in 1970s, found the singing style of old songs quite amusing. And Saigal’s singing style was the source of big mirth among people. There were people who would sing in Saigal style for the purpose of amusing themselves and others. Songs like “jab dil hi toot gaya” were “popular” for this purpose.
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“Bilwamangal” (1954) is a movie which was a Minar Movie productions and it was directed by D N Madhok. I have already discussed as many as seven songs from this movie.
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Regulars of this blog may have noticed that I tend to discuss the songs of a few artists regularly and then after some time, I stop discussing that artist and begin to discuss the songs of some other artist.
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“Bilwamangal” (1954) is a movie that was based on the life of the blind poet Surdas. K C Dey, a blind artist of Hindi movies had played the title role.
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