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Today’s song is from a very old film Gol Nishan aka Mark of Zero – 1936. It is sung by Gauhar Karnataki.

The title of this film resembles the Hollywood silent film of the 1920 namely, “The Mark of Zorro” and a Talkie film bearing the same title made in 1940 again. Douglas Fairbanks was the hero in the silent film and Tyrone Power in the talkie film. The Hindi film Gol Nishan aka Mark of Zero was obviously inspired by the 1920 film of Zorro – the swashbuckling swordsman. The character of Zorro was the creation of the author Johnston McCulley in his 1919 story ” The curse of Capistrano”. I have seen films of Zorro during my younger age and I remember that Zorro used to leave a mark of Z with his sword, wherever he went.

The full story of our Hindi film Gol Nishan is not known to us as it is not available anywhere. But I had found a 4-5 lines synopsis of its story a long time ago. I do not remember the source, but I found a note in my old diary.

According to it, this was a story of an adventurous Rajkumari of a kingdom, where her father was dethroned by his evil Vizier and was jailed. She was carried by her mother who went underground for safety. The grown up Rajkumari turns up into a swashbuckling swordswoman and punishes the Vavir’s armymen who torture the common citizen to get money. She leaves her mark of a Circle or Zero everytime she clashes with the army men. She falls in love with a brave handsome young man and together they win back the kingdom etc. etc. Whatever 2-3 photos I have seen of this film on the internet show a sword wielding young and hooded Rajkumari (Gauhar Karnataki), which corroborates with the story of the film I had written down.

Actually, this was a pattern of most Costume dramas of Stunt/Action films in the 1930’s and 1940’s decade. The entry of Fearless Nadia as a saviour of the common citizen, through her first film ” Hunterwali”-1935 set a pattern of such stunt films. Film Gol Nishan seems to be the first ‘True Copy’ of that film from Wadia movietone.

The film was made by navbharat Movietone and was directed by stunt film expert M.Udwadia. He was initially working with Wadia Movietone but later became an independent director. he directed only 8 films-all stunts- like, Shahu Chor-1936, Mard ka Bachha-1936, Gol Nishan-1936, Chabuk Swar-1937, Royal Commander01938, Watan ke liye-1939, Pyara Watan-1943 and Double Face-1946.

For the role of the Hero, Handsome veteran of silent stunt films- Navinchandra was brought in. Navinchandraa’s full name was Navinchandra N. Joshi. He was born in 1907 at Jambusar and belonged to a Gujarati Bramhin family. When he was studying Intermediate, his dream was to do M.Sc. and become a Professor. He was very much interested in body building and was a weight lifter.He was expert in Long jump, High jump and Malkhamb too, along with yoga asanas. This made his body solid. Fair and handsome physique was noticed by one of the seniors in his Gym and he was taken to Bombay to meet produced director Indulal Yagnik. He offered him a Hero’s role in a stunt film. Thus Navin entered the film line with first silent stunt movie ” The fall of Pawagarh”-1928. It was produced by Indulal Yagnik and directed by Nagendra Mujumdar. His first Heroine was Iris Crawford. He worked in more than 20 silent films and was famous as the Hero of Stunt and action films.

His first Talkie film was Kala Pahad-1933 in which his Heroine was Gauhar Karnataki ( sister of Amirbai karnataki and wife of Marathi stage artiste Bal Gandharv). The film was made by Sharda Movietone and directed by Baburao Apte (brother of actress Shanta Apte). Navinchandra acted in 33 talkie films, mostly stunt and action films. When the attraction of stunt films waned, he stopped getting roles, because stunt films were not being made now on roll. His last film was Jadui Putli-1946.

His age also caught up with him and he stopped getting films. He started doing small uncredited roles like an extra. The last information about him was when he was working as a Production manager in Imperial Film company, where now the studio was rented to other producers for shooting their films, by Irani’s heirs. One peculiar thing about Navinchandra was that except for the film’s required costume, he was always seen in Dhoti and Kurta only.

The heroine of the film Gol Nishan was Gauhar karnataki- sister of the famous actress singer Amirbai karnataki. Though they were sisters, their professional jealousy was well known which kept them always divided. Tabla player Hussain khan,living in a small town Belagi,near Hubli,had 6 daughters. The first was Allamma(Ahilya),then Amirbai,next was Gauhar(Born in 1908),then a series of badi Munni,Chhoti Munni and Nanhi Munni. Son was Dastgir. Being from a singing family,Amirbai and gauhar(Gauramma) worked in a drama company called Vanivilas Natak mandali. Since Hubli,Dharwad,Belgaum came under Bombay Presidency and also near Sangli/Miraj and Kolhapur,the sisters were experts in Marathi too.

Brother Dastgir went on to study B.Sc and did a job in AIR,Belgaum. From the beginning only,Amirbai and Gauhar did not get on well with each other.May be professional jealousy.Gauhar got classical music training from a blind teacher NIlkanth panchakshari Buwa. Great classical singer Mallikarjuna Mansur’s brother Basavanna wrote songs for Gauhar and also accompanied her on Harmonium.

Marathi singer actor Chaphekar took the sisters to Bombay for working in films.Gauhar and Chaphekar stayed as companions in Bombay for a few years. Meanwhile Gauhar got a daughter Ashamma. Her father’s name is not known.Ashamma remained with Gauhar till her death.

Gauhar started acting in Marathi and Hindi films. She acted,sang and also composed her own songs,but no records were brought out. Gauhar was mesmerised by the famous Marathi singer actor BAL GANDHARVA. She first met him in 1937,in actor Himalayawala’s flat(Amirbai karnataki’s cruel Husband). It is widely believed that Gauhar used Black magic to attract Bal Gandharva to her. As expected he fell in her love and Gauhar joined his Balgandharva Natak Mandali in 1938. After her arrival into the Mandali,all senior artistes left the company as they were afraid of Gauhar’s black magic. From 1938,Gauhar remained with Balgandharva till she died in 1964. Balgandharva’s wife died in grief in 1940 and Gauhar married Balgandharva in 1951.

She acted in films like Raas vilas-32,Kala pahad and Sohni Mahiwal-33,Kala vagh and Shak karta Shivaji(M)-34,Pyar ki Maar-35,Bansuriwala,Gol Nishan and Graduate-36,kala Bhoot and Chabuk swar-37,Vijay Danka-38,Hawaii khatola and swadesh sewa-46. chabuk swar-37 was a stunt film a-la Fearless Nadiya style wherein she did some stunts and fencing too. (Thanks to lifekidhun,warren sanders,wiki and HFGK for some information used above.)

Gauhar is mentioned as Gauhar karnataki or Gauhar from Bijapur in the HFGK. She must have sung atleast 100 songs but since there were no records,there is no information.As her many films were C grade,no records were issued even for them. However she has sung many Marathi natyageet and Bhajans.

There can not be any comparison with her sister Amirbai since Amirbai was in a higher league and her records were also made. She had many composers and singers to sing along with.

The story and the 12 songs of the film were by Dr. Dhaniram Prem. Gol Nishan was his last film, before he returned to England to continue his practice there. Dr. Dhaniram Prem – a Medical Doctor, who came into films like a Meteor for a few years in the 30’s period. Dr. DHANIRAM “Prem” (Born 26 September 1904 – Died 10 November 1979) Lyricist, Story and Dialogue Writer in Hindi Films, an extraordinary person, was born on 26-9-1904 at Dariyapur, Aligarh, UP. He completed his MBBS from Bombay and then he went to the UK for further studies under assistance from a charitable institution.

He came back, started his practice and repaid all loans first. From childhood he was fond of writing. He wrote several books and articles in National papers. From 1932 to 1936 he wrote Stories, dialogues and Lyrics for 16 films. In the first 2 years he wrote for only Ranjit studio films. Later he was a freelancer and wrote for others too. Gol Nishan aka Mark of Zoro-36 was the last film for which he wrote the Story and some songs..

He wrote songs for films…1932-Bhutiya mahal, Kala Pahad, Do Badmash. 1933- Pardesi pritam, Bhola Shikar, Bhool Bhulaiya. 1934- Veerangana panna, Mera Imaan, Kala Wagh, Indira M.A. 1935- Rangbhoomi, Preet ki reet, madan Manjiri, Aparadhi and Aladdin II. 1936- Gol Nishan

Then he went to the UK and practiced there, engaging himself in social causes. He was highly respected by the British. In 1964 he declared that he would contest the U.K. Prime Minister elections. A special pediatric ward was named after him in his honour while he was alive. He got several awards in U.K. for his excellent work. The Indian government gave him Padmashree.

On 29-10-1979 he came to India and stayed in Delhi, but in two day’s time he met with a scooter accident and he died on 10-11-1979. His specialty was that in every film lyric, he used the word ‘Prem’ as a signature word. This trait was picked up later by some more Lyricists in Hindi films. ( Thanks to information from Listeners’ Bulletin No. 145 of July 2010).

The HFGK does not mention any name as MD of this film. Today’s song is a typical drama type song, so common in films of early era films. I find many Marathi Natyageets of this type in old stage dramas.

Song-Do din ka baasa jag mein hai chain se guzar le(Gol Nishaan)(1936) Singer- Gauhar Karnataki, Lyricist- Dhaniram Prem, MD- Unknown


Do din ka baasa jag mein hai
chain se guzar le
haa aa aa
chain se guzar le

jab tak umar hai baaqi
jee bhar ke aish kar le ae ae ae
jee bhar ke aish kar le

jab tak hai waqt tera
hans bol khel khaa le
duniya ki nematon ka
kucchh faaydaa uthhaa le
tu jod jod maaya
oonche qile banaaa le
unmein sabhi padenge
bas doosron ke taale
wo din kab aata jag mein hai
chain se guzar le

kya saath apne laaaaya
duniya mein aane waala
kya saath apne laaaaya
duniya mein aane waala
jaayega tu yahaan se
kafani badan pe daale
kafani badan pe daale
jee khol ke jahaan ke
gaafil maje udaa le

do din ke chain ki
bansi zara bajaa le
do din ka baasa jag mein hai
chain se guzar le

jab tak umar hai baaqi
jee bhar ke aish kar le
jee bhar ke aish kar le
jee bhar ke aish
do din ka baasa jag mein hai
chain se guzar le
ae ae
chain se guzar le ae ae
chain se guzar le

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